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Release 0.4
Mime4J is a flexible MIME parsing library written in Java. SAX, DOM and pull parsing
styles are supported.
The 0.4 release brings a number of significant improvements in terms of
supported capabilities, flexibility and performance:
* Revised and improved public API with support for pull parsing
* Support for parsing of 'headless' messages transmitted using non SMTP
transports such as HTTP
* Reduced external dependencies. Mime4j is no longer directly dependent on log4j
and commons-io
* Improved parsing performance (up to 10x for large messages)
* More comprehensive header parsing including support for RFC1864, RFC2045,
RFC2183, RFC2557 and RFC3066
* Revised packaging and exception hierarchy. MimeException now extends
Detailed change log can be found here:
* 0.4 contains numerous API improvements and is not binary compatible with 0.3
* Mime4j API is still considered unstable and is likely to change in future releases
* DOM support has known limitations and some roundtrip issues remain to be resolved
* Some low level functions are available only in the pull parser (recommended for
advanced users)
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