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[CHANGELOG] Track changes prior 0.8.5
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## [Unreleased]

Changes included in this release:

Performance enhancements:

- MIME4J-303 Base64OutputStream should be based on faster Java8 iplementation
- MIME4J-298 Convert DateTimeFieldLenientImpl to DateTimeFormatter
- MIME4J-301 ContentTypeFieldImpl do fill a stacktrace when ended by a semicolon
- MIME4J-302 Reduce calls to toLowerCase upon parsing
- Pre-compile ContentLocationFieldImpl REGEX
- Pre-compile EncoderUtil::quote REGEX
- Remove redundant string operations


- MessageBuilder::getReadDate infinitely recurse


- MIME4J-300 Set up an automated build for Apache MIME4J
- Various small refactorings including:
- Remove unnecessary toString calls
- Group: iterations can be replaced by Collection::addAll
- Manual calls to Math.max
- Unneeded array boxing
- Remove unneeded redundant interface qualifiers
- Remove unused import


- MIME4J-299 Access to the Header map
- MIME4J-255 Add method to allow setting of "no recurse" mode to underlying mime token stream

More information on the [JIRA](

## [0.8.4] - 2021-04-21

Changes included in this release:

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