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JAMES-2909 Use Architecture Decision Record
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@@ -55,6 +55,7 @@ There is many other ways one can help us: packaging, communication, etc ...
**[How to retrieve users and password from my previous container?]
**[How to run deployment Tests]
*[Generating a package for James]
*[Know more about James]

== How to try James

@@ -563,3 +564,6 @@ Once installed, try:

By default James is configured without LDAP support.

= Know more about James

James comes with a[Documentation] and[Architectural Decision Records].
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# 1. [JAMES-2909] Record architecture decisions

Date: 2019-10-02

## Status


## Context

In order to be more community-oriented, we should adopt a process to have a structured way to have open architectural decisions.

Using an Architectural Decision Records-based process as a support of discussion on the developers mailing-lists.

## Decision

We will use Architecture Decision Records, as [described by Michael Nygard](

Each ADR will be discussed on the Apache James' developers mailing-list before being accepted.

Following [Apache Decision Making process](, we provide the following possible status, with their associated meaning:
- `Proposed`: The decision is being discussed on the mailing list.
- `Accepted (lazy consensus)` : the architecture decision was proposed on the mailing list, and a consensus emerged from people involved in the discussion on the mailing list.
- `Accepted (voted)` : the architecture undergo a voting process.
- `Rejected` : Consensus built up against that proposal.

## Consequences

See Michael Nygard's article, linked above. For a lightweight ADR toolset, see Nat Pryce's [adr-tools](

We should provide in a mutable `References` section links to related JIRA meta-ticket (not necessarily to all related sub-tickets) as well as a link to the mail archive discussion thread.

JIRA tickets implementing that architecture decision should also link the related Architecture Decision Record.

## References

* [JAMES-2909](

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