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Improve james-site readme (#12)
Integrate build instructions in a more easily discoverable location
Explain the way branches are organized and the role of the 4 primary
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jeantil authored and chibenwa committed Apr 7, 2021
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= Contributing

This repository is part of[Apache James] project.

The sources are available here and mirrored to Github.

This repository contains 4 branches with specific roles:

- `asf-site` contains the files which are effectively deployed to ``
- `asf-staging` contains the files which are deployed to ``
- `live` is automatically built by a job one the [CI server](
- `staging` is automatically built by a job one the [CI server](
Content pushed to `asf-site` and `asf-staging` is automatically published by
an ASF process akin to github or gitlab pages. This process can be configured
using the [.asf.yaml](

The output of the `staging` branch build is pushed to the `asf-staging` branch,
by the CI job and thus is automatically deployed to

The output of the `live` branch build is ultimately meant to be pushed to the
`asf-site` branch by the corresponding CI job and thus will automatically be
deployed to

However at the time of this writing, the documentation website is being reorganized and
migrated to antora. Thus the link between `live` and `asf-site` is not enabled yet but it
is the target.

PRs to this repository should generally target the `staging` branch.


The website must not be published as Apache Release.
The reason is the antora ui-bundle uses MPL 2.0 license and we can't mix it with ASF 2.0 .

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