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JCLOUDS-660: Glacier portable container ACLs
Not implemented for Glacier.
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gaul committed Feb 13, 2015
1 parent ff93694 commit 5673880ce188df9908cbd285eed1637c46deb5da
Showing 1 changed file with 11 additions and 0 deletions.
@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@
import org.jclouds.blobstore.BlobStoreContext;
import org.jclouds.blobstore.domain.Blob;
import org.jclouds.blobstore.domain.BlobMetadata;
import org.jclouds.blobstore.domain.ContainerAccess;
import org.jclouds.blobstore.domain.MutableBlobMetadata;
import org.jclouds.blobstore.domain.PageSet;
import org.jclouds.blobstore.domain.StorageMetadata;
@@ -178,6 +179,16 @@ public boolean createContainerInLocation(@Nullable Location location, String con
return createContainerInLocation(location, container);

public ContainerAccess getContainerAccess(String container) {
throw new UnsupportedOperationException("not implemented");

public void setContainerAccess(String container, ContainerAccess access) {
throw new UnsupportedOperationException("not implemented");

* Lists the blobs in the container.
* An inventory will be retrieved to obtain the list. Note that this will take hours and the result may be

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