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Update Azure ARM credentials instructions
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@@ -13,24 +13,21 @@ Install and configure Azure CLI following these [steps](
Using the Azure CLI, run the following commands to create a service principal

# Set mode to ARM
azure config mode arm
# Enter your Microsoft account credentials when prompted
azure login
az login
# Set current subscription to create a service principal
azure account set <Subscription-id>
az account set --subscription <Subscription-id>
# Create an AAD application with your information.
azure ad app create --name <name> --password <password> --home-page <home-page> --identifier-uris <identifier-uris>
# Create an AD application with your information.
az ad app create --display-name <name> --password <password> --homepage <home-page> --identifier-uris <identifier-uris>
# For example: azure ad app create --name "jcloudsarm" --password abcd --home-page "https://jcloudsarm" --identifier-uris "https://jcloudsarm"
# For example: az ad app create --display-name "jcloudsarm" --password abcd --homepage "https://jcloudsarm" --identifier-uris "https://jcloudsarm"
# Output will include a value for `Application Id`, which will be used for the live tests
# Create a Service Principal
azure ad sp create <Application-id>
az ad sp create --id <Application-id>
# Output will include a value for `Object Id`, to be used in the next step
@@ -39,21 +36,21 @@ Run the following commands to assign roles to the service principal

# Assign roles for this service principal
azure role assignment create --objectId <Object-id> -o Contributor -c /subscriptions/<Subscription-id>/
az role assignment create --role Contributor --assignee <ObjectId>

Look up the the tenant Id

azure account show -s <Subscription-id> --json
az account show
# output will be a JSON which will include the `Tenant id`

Verify service principal

azure login -u <Application-id> -p <password> --service-principal --tenant <Tenant-id>
az login -u <Application-id> -p <password> --service-principal --tenant <Tenant-id>

## Run Live Tests

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