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@@ -253,7 +253,7 @@ production of data to run ahead of your consumption of data which may result in
The only complication is that you need to ensure that the thread feeding the `PipedRDFStream` and the consumer of the iterator are on different threads
as otherwise you can run into a deadlock situation where one is waiting on data from the other which is never started.

See [RIOT example 6](
See [RIOT example 6](
which shows an example usage including a simple way to push the parser onto a different thread to avoid the possible deadlock.

### Filter the output of parsing
@@ -262,10 +262,10 @@ When working with very large files, it can be useful to
process the stream of triples or quads produced
by the parser so as to work in a streaming fashion.

See [RIOT example 4](
See [RIOT example 4](

### Add a new language

The set of languages is not fixed. A new language,
together with a parser, can be added to RIOT as shown in
[RIOT example 5](
[RIOT example 5](

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