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@@ -70,6 +70,10 @@ Feature of ARQ that go beyond SPARQL syntax. The default query
language is standard SPARQL. These features require the query to be
parsed with an explicit declaration of `Syntax.syntaxARQ`.

- [RDF-star](
- Operators and functions
and `[IDIV](` for modulus and integer division.
- [LET variable assignment](assignment.html)
- [Order results using a Collation](collation.html)
- [Construct Quad](construct-quad.html)
@@ -2,10 +2,12 @@
title: ARQ - Assignment

ARQ includes support for an explicit assignment of variables.
ARQ includes support for a logical assignment of variables. If the variable is
already bound, it acts like a filter, otherwise the value is assignment.
This makes it position independent.

This involves is syntactic extension and is available is the query
is parsed with language `Syntax.syntaxARQ`.
is parsed with language `Syntax.syntaxARQ` (which is the default).

See also [SELECT expressions](select_expr.html) which is also a
form of assignment.

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