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An implementation of GeoSPARQL 1.0 standard for SPARQL query or API.

An [integration with Fuseki](geosparql-fuseki) is available.
An [integration with Fuseki](geosparql-fuseki) is available but attention should be paid to the contents of this page to understand supported features.

## Features
This implementation follows the 11-052r4 OGC GeoSPARQL standard (
This implementation follows the 11-052r4 OGC GeoSPARQL standard (
The implementation is pure Java and does not require any set-up or configuration of any third party relational databases and geospatial extensions.

It implements the six Conformance Classes described in the GeoSPARQL document:
@@ -28,11 +28,10 @@ and registering with Jena's `org.apache.jena.datatypes.TypeMapper`.
All three spatial relation families are supported: _Simple Feature_, _Egenhofer_ and _RCC8_.

Indexing and caching of spatial objects and relations is performed _on-demand_ during query execution.
Therefore, set-up delays should be minimal.
Therefore, set-up delays should be minimal. Spatial indexing is available based on the _STRtree_ from the JTS library. The _STRtree_ is readonly once built and contributions of a _QuadTree_ implementation are welcome.

Benchmarking of the implementation against Strabon and Parliament has found it to be comparable or quicker.
The benchmarking used was the Geographical query and dataset (
Publication of the benchmarking results are forthcoming.

## Additional Features
The following additional features are also provided:

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