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title: Apache Jena Shacl
title: Apache Jena SHACL
slug: index

jena-shacl is an implementation of the
`jena-shacl` is an implementation of the
W3C [Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL)](
It implements SHACL Core and SHACL SPARQL Constraints.
It also provides a reader and writer for
[SHACL Compact Syntax](

## Command line

The command `shacl` introduces shacl operations; it takes a sub-command

To validate:

<pre>shacl validate --shapes <i>SHAPES.ttl</i> --data <i>DATA.ttl</i></pre>
<pre>shacl v -s <i>SHAPES.ttl</i> -d <i>DATA.ttl</i></pre>

The shapes and data files can be the same; the `--shapes` is optional and
default to the same as `--data`. This includes running individual W3C Working
defaults to the same as `--data`. This includes running individual W3C Working
Group tests.

To parse a file
To parse a file:

<pre>shacl parse <i>FILE</i></pre>
<pre>shacl p <i>FILE</i></pre>

which writes out a text format.

<pre>shacl p <i>--out=FMT</i> <i>FILE</i></pre>

writes out in `text`(`t`), `compact`(`c`), `rdf`(`r`) formats. Multiple formats can be given,
separated by "," and format `all` outputs all 3 formats.

## Integration with Apache Jena Fuseki

Fuseki has a new service operation `fuseki:shacl`:
@@ -60,6 +67,8 @@ is the URI of a named graph, `default` for the unnamed, default graph (and
this is the assumed value of `?graph` if not present), or `union` for union of
all named graphs in the dataset.

Further, an argument <tt>target=<i>uri</i></tt> validates a specific node in the data.

Upload data in file `fu-data.ttl`:

curl -XPOST --data-binary @fu-data.ttl \
@@ -110,11 +119,22 @@ according to the shapes provided.

## SHACL Compact Syntax

Jena can read
[SHACL Compact Syntax](
The file extensions are `.shc` and `.shaclc` and there is a registered language
Apache Jena supports
[SHACL Compact Syntax (SHACL-C)](
for both reading and writing.

The file extensions for SHACL-C are `.shc` and `.shaclc` and there is a registered language
constant `Lang.SHACLC`.

RDFDataMgr.load("shapes.shc");"file:compactShapes", Lang.SHACLC);

RDFDataMgr.write(System.out, shapesGraph, Lang.SHACLC);

SHACL-C is managed by the SHACL Community Group. It does not cover all possible shapes.
When outputting SHACL-C, SHACL shapes not expressible in SHACL-C will cause an
exception and data in the RDF graph that is not relevant will not be output. In
other words, SHACL-C is a lossy format for RDF.

The Jena SHACL-C writer will output any valid SHACL-C document.

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