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@@ -13,19 +13,18 @@ To do this you will need a Fuseki installation, the Permissions Packages and a S
This example uses Fuseki 2.3.0 or higher, Permissions 3.1.0 or higher and Apache Commons Collections v4.

Fuseki can be downloaded from:

Jena Permissions jars can be downloaded from:

1. Download and unpack Fuseki. The directory that you unpack Fuseki into will be referred to as the `Fuseki Home` directory for the remainder of this document.

2. Download the permissions jar and the associated permissions-example jar.

3. Copy the permissions jar and the permissions-example jar into the Fuseki Home directory. For the rest of this document the permissions jar will be referred to as `permissions.jar` and the permissions-example.jar as `example.jar`

4. Download the Apache Commons Collections v4
4. Download the [Apache Commons Collections v4](
Uncompress the `commons-collections*.jar` into the `Fuseki Home` directory.

5. Add security jars to the startup script/batch file.

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