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@@ -23,9 +23,7 @@ no special ontology interface.

## Database model creation

_Note:_ this section previously referred to creating database models
with RDB, a now obsolete Jena features. For methods of creating models
with [SDB](/documentation/sdb/index.html) and [TDB](/documentation/tdb/index.html)
For methods of creating models for [TDB](/documentation/tdb/index.html)
please see the relevant reference sections.

## Inference model creation
@@ -1913,8 +1913,7 @@ model. In this section we briefly discuss using the ontology API with
Jena's persistent database models.

For information on setting-up and accessing the persistent models
themselves, please see the
[SDB](/documentation/sdb/index.html) and [TDB](/documentation/tdb/index.html)
themselves, see the [TDB](/documentation/tdb/index.html)
reference sections.

There are two somewhat separate requirements for persistently
@@ -18,8 +18,7 @@ ARQ consists of the following parts:
- Reference engine - direct implementation of the algebra
- Quad engine - direct implementation of the algebra except
- The main engine
- SDB, a SPARQL database for large-sale persistent data (external
- TDB, a SPARQL database for large-sale persistent data

- Result set handling for the SPARQL XML results format, the
[JSON]( and text versions.
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ modify query execution within ARQ. Through these mechanisms, ARQ
can be used to query different graph implementations and to provide
different query evaluation and optimization strategies for
particular circumstances. These mechanisms are used by
[TDB](../tdb) and [SDB](../sdb/).

ARQ can be [extended in various ways](extension.html) to
incorporate custom code into a query.
@@ -190,7 +190,7 @@ extensions to query execution.

ARQ provides three query engine factories; the main query engine
factory, one for a reference query engine and one to remotely
execute a query. SDB and TDB provide their own query engine
execute a query. TDB provides its own query engine
factories which they register during sub-system initialization.
Both extend the main query engine described below.

@@ -457,7 +457,7 @@ custom query engine and overriding `QueryEngineMain.modifyOp`:

The extension may need to provide its own dataset implementation so
that it can detect when queries are directed to its named graph
storage. [TDB](../tdb/) and [SDB](../sdb/) are examples of this.
storage. [TDB](../tdb/) are examples of this.

## Mixed Graph Implementation Datasets

@@ -500,5 +500,4 @@ as the super-class of the new operator. They can be inserted into
the expression to be evaluated using a custom query engine to
intercept evaluation initialization.  When evaluation of a query
requires the evaluation of a sub-class of `OpExt`, the `eval`
method is called. SDB uses this to introduce an operator that is
implemented in SQL.
method is called.
@@ -1,12 +1,7 @@
title: explaining ARQ queries
title: Explaining ARQ queries

*This page applies to ARQ version 2.8.6 and later. In this version query
logging was consolidated and made uniform across ARQ, SDB and TDB.
Details of TDB logging changed to use this logging and explanation
framework from TDB version 0.8.8.*

Optimization in ARQ proceeds on two levels. After the query is parsed,
the SPARQL algebra for the query is generated as described in the SPARQL
specification. High-level optimization occurs by rewriting the algebra
@@ -35,7 +35,6 @@ The following topics are covered in the documentation:
* [How-To's](/documentation/notes/) - various topic-specific how-to documents
* [Ontology](/documentation/ontology/) - support for handling OWL models in Jena
* [TDB](/documentation/tdb/) - a fast persistent triple store that stores directly to disk
* [SQL DB](/documentation/sdb/) - constructing persistent Jena models using SQL databases as the storage layer
* [Tools](/documentation/tools/) - various command-line tools and utilities to help developers manage RDF data and other aspects of Jena

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