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Gradle Command-Line

Useful commands (gw comes from, otherwise ./gradlew can be used instead):

Build and run

  # Build and start JMeter GUI
  gw runGui

  # Build project and copy relevant jars to rootDir/lib, and start JMeter
  gw createDist; ./bin/jmeter

  # Build all distributions (source, binary)
  gw :src:dist:assemble

Base project info

  # Display all submodules
  gw projects

  # Different tasks for current module
  gw tasks

Cleaning build directories

Technically clean should not be required, every time it is required it might be a bug. However, it might be useful to perform a "clean" build:

  # Cleans current project (submodule)
  gw clean

  # Cleans the specified project
  gw :src:core:clean


  # Displays dependencies. Gradle's "configurations" are something like different classpaths.
  gw dependencies

  # Displays dependencies for all projects
  gw allDependencies

  # Analyze why the project depends on `org.ow2.asm:asm`
  gw dependencyInsight --dependency org.ow2.asm:asm

  # Verify checksums of dependencies
  # Checksum verification is done by default
  # Expected checksums are stored in / file
  # Actual checksums are stored in /build/checksum/

  # Update expected dependencies after updating a dependency version
  gw -PupdateExpectedJars check

Static checks

Release Audit Tool

  # Run RAT
  gw rat

Code Formatting

  # Run spotlessApply and checkstyleAll
  gw style

  # Run checkstlye for all
  gw checkstyleAll

Fine Grained Formatting Commands

  # Run checkstyle for main (non-test) code
  gw checkstyleMain

  # Run checkstyle for test code
  gw checkstyleTest

  # Run Spotless checks
  gw spotlessCheck

  # Fix any issues found by Spotless
  gw spotlessApply

Compiling Code

  gw compileJava
  gw compileTestJava

Build Project

  # Just build jar (see build/libs/*.jar)
  gw jar

  # "build" is a default task to "execute all the actions"
  gw build

  # Test might be skipped by `-x test` (Gradle's default way to skip task by name)
  gw -x test build

  # Build project in parallel
  gw build --parallel


Gradle automatically tracks task dependencies, so if you modify a file in /src/jorphan/*, then you can invoke gw check at project level or in core, and Gradle will automatically build only the required jars and files.

  # Runs all the tests (unit tests, checkstyle, etc)
  gw check

  # Runs just unit tests
  gw test

  # Runs just core tests
  gw :src:core:test


  # Generates code coverage report for the test task to build/reports/jacoco/test/html
  gw jacocoTestReport

  # Generate combined coverage report
  gw jacocoReport

Generate Javadocs

  # Builds javadoc to build/docs/javadoc subfolder
  gw javadoc

  # Builds javadoc jar to build/libs/jorphan-javadoc.jar
  gw javadocJar


  # Creates preview of a site to src/dist/build/site
  gw :src:dist:previewSite

  # Builds and publishes site preview to a Git repository
  gw :src:dist:pushPreviewSite


  # publishes Maven artifact to local repository
  gw publishToMavenLocal

  # Generate all pom files (pom-default.xml)
  # The files are placed under the individual src/**/build/publications folders
  gw generatePom

Release Artifacts

  # Builds ZIP and TGZ artifacts for the release
  gw :src:dist:assemble


It is implemented via gradle signing plugin, so it is done automatically provided credentials are specified via signatory credentials

  # Signs all the artifacts of the current module
  # see results in build/**/*.asc
  gw sign

Note: signing is performed as a part of release artifact build, so it will be performed with gw :src:dist:assemble


  # Builds the project, pushes artifacts to svn://.../dev,
  # stages artifacts to Nexus staging repository
  gw prepareVote -Prc=1

Note: The above step uses an asf-like release environment, so it does not alter public repositories

  # Prepare another release candidate
  gw prepareVote -Prc=2 -Pasf

  # Release staged artifacts to SVN and Nexus
  gw publishDist -Prc=2 -Pasf