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Correct wording in JMESPath JSON extractor
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FSchumacher committed Mar 14, 2022
1 parent 1efebb7 commit 53a992c8179f0f64fe1993df34bda6594856cf5e
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@@ -6169,8 +6169,7 @@ where "<code>uri-for-namespace</code>" is the uri for the "<code>mynamespace</co

<component name="JSON JMESPath Extractor" index="&sect-num;.8.4" anchor="JSON_JMESPath_Extractor" width="896" height="205" screenshot="extractor/jmespath_extractor.png">
<description>This test element allows the user to extract value(s) from
structured response - XML or (X)HTML - using JMESPath
query language.
JSON response using JMESPath query language.
<note>In the XPATH Extractor we support to extract multiple xpaths at the same time, but in JMES Extractor only
one JMES Expression can be entered at a time.

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