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1 parent c31fbd6 commit a594128cd3736a8621bfd61760104b8d73ec8eab @sebbASF sebbASF committed Sep 9, 2007
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@@ -2,11 +2,15 @@ STATUS as at September 2007
SVN status:
-- trunk is outdated, and contains some Java 1.5+ only code
-- branches/rel-2-2 is the current development branch for 2.2.x and 2.3.x (Java 1.4+)
+- trunk is for development of 2.3.1+
+- branches/rel-2-2 is the current development branch for 2.3 final only
Branch history:
-rel-2-1:325546 was copied from trunk:325542
-rel-2-2:413997 was copied from rel-2-1:413996
+rel-2-1:325546 created from trunk:325542
+rel-2-2:413997 created from rel-2-1:413996
+trunk:574067 moved to branches/java1.5_prototype-was_trunk:574058
+trunk:574063 created from branches/rel-2-2:574062
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