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draft board report for 2020-07
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## Description:
The mission of JSPWiki is the creation and maintenance of software related to
Leading open source WikiWiki engine, feature-rich and built around standard
JEE components (Java, servlets, JSP).

## Issues:
There are no issues requiring board attention.

## Membership Data:
Apache JSPWiki was founded 2013-07-17 (7 years ago)
There are currently 16 committers and 11 PMC members in this project.
The Committer-to-PMC ratio is roughly 4:3.

Community changes, past quarter:
- No new PMC members. Last addition was Dave Koelmeyer on 2016-04-06.
- No new committers. Last addition was Dave Koelmeyer on 2016-04-06.
Glen Mazza requested to step down as a committer, due to
inactivity last past years

## Project Activity:
2.11.0.M7 was released on 2020-05-28, featuring a public API while mantaining
backwards compatibility with current 3rd party extensions, and workflows'
state saved between restarts. After that we've had a very quiet quarter, with
almost no questions on MLs, and no further commits.

## Community Health:
There is enough oversight, with questions getting answered on MLs and enough
people to vote on releases. Decline on MLs activity probably related to the
absence of development post 2.11.0.M7, but it is not unusual for the project
to have these kind of periods once in a while.

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