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add work on JSPWIKI-1114; clarify phrasing
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juanpablo-santos committed Oct 14, 2020
1 parent 257156d commit f224eda83dc1ab53127c028d04662d6832d3b6a9
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@@ -18,9 +18,9 @@ Community changes, past quarter:
## Project Activity:
Almost no activity this quarter
- we missed our release train stop because there wasn't any new code since
last release.
last release at that date.
- there has been a little bit of development after the release train stop
date, regarding JSPWIKI-1131 and dependency updates.
date, regarding JSPWIKI-1114, JSPWIKI-1131 and dependency updates.
- we received a security vulnerability report, but was dismissed due to issue
having been already reported.
- Infra asked us to migrate jspwiki-wiki.a.o to a newer vm image; progress

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