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2018-09-30 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.11.0-M1-git-02: minimum required Servlet / JSP is now 3.1 / 2.3
* add jspwiki-markdown to the main build
* flexmark updated to 0.34.46
2018-09-14 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.11.0-M1-git-01: minimum required to build/run is now Java 8 / Maven 3.5.0
* fix for JSPWIKI-932 - Failed to start managers. java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
2018-08-31 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* update flexmark to 0.34.22 and ASF parent pom to 21
* prepare release for 2.10.5
2018-08-31 Siegfried Goeschl (
* 2.10.5-git-09 : JSPWIKI-1073 Upgrade the jspwiki-portable build
2018-07-08 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.5-git-08 : update flexmark to 0.34.6 and slf4j to 1.7.25
2018-07-09 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.5-git-07 : fix to plain haddock editor related to the new
functionality to recover unsaved page edits.
You can test this like so:
- open a page for edit in the haddock template
- make some changes to the page
- move to another page without saving (or close the browser tab)
- click LEAVE when the popup 'changes you made may not be saved' appears.
- reopen the page for edit
- you should now receive a new popup which allows you to restore or abandon
the unsaved changes
2018-07-08 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.5-git-06 : update bundled Apache Tomcat on portable JSPWiki to 7.0.90
2018-07-01 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.5-git-05 : few more haddock template updates
* The haddock editor has now a page restore functionality to recover unsaved page
edits. When your session or login timer expires, or your accidentally close a
browser tab without saving, etc... your last changes are now preserved in the
localstorage area of your browser.
At the start of a new edit sessions, you will be presented with a modal dialog
to restore the cached page.
* The "attach" and the "info" menu are now combined into a single navigation menu.
The INFO or ATTACHMENT UPLOAD page can be accessed with an additional
click of a button. This also improves usability on touch devices.
* Small refinements of the Search and User buttons (top-right corner)
to improve support for touch devices. (issue reported by Juan Pablo)
2018-06-17 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.5-git-04 Fine-tuning Haddock for mobile devices.
* Improve accessibility on hover-menu's for touch-devices. They'll open after
a touch-down event; and will close when touching any area outside the menu.
* Fixing access to the Find and User menu's for touch devices.
* Several small style improvements on the navigation bar for mobile devices
(hiding CARET to indicate hover-menu's, ...)
* Added touch-support for %%magnify style.
* Breadcrumbs are now moved to a proper drop-down menu (...) on the navigation bar
instead of the previously not-so-obvious 'mouse-over-zone' under the pagename.
This also makes breadcrumbs accessible to the tablet & phone users.
* Fixed a display error when uploading multiple attachements in one step.
2018-06-05 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.5-git-03 JSPWIKI-1071 Ajax request header 'Connection' forbidden
impacting the DEFAULT jspwiki template.
2018-06-03 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.5-git-02
* JSPWIKI-1070: (properly) Support JDK 10 builds
* Generate sha1 and sha512 checksums for build artifacts
2018-05-27 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.5-git-01
* JSPWIKI-1070: Support JDK 10 builds
2018-04-29 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.4-git-10 Bugfix in AddCSS.JS related to url() parsing
2018-04-28 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.4-git-09 Better support for mobile devices in the Haddock Template
- Updates various styles to better fit small screens. (tabs, accordion, columns, ...)
- On small screens, the sidebar is by default closed.
On wider screens, the sidebar is open/closed based on the previous state
which is saved in a cookie.
2018-04-22 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.4-git-08 Adding support for mobile devices to the Haddock Template
Part-1 -- many style adjustment to fit smaller screens
- Sidebar now slides over the main page on mobile devices
- Header (pagename, and menu bar) are better fit for small screens
- Width of several menu's and dropdowns is restricted for small screens
- Editor toolbar resized for small screens
- JSPWIKI-1058 Editor toolbar now remains on screen, even when scrolling down
- Small tweaks of the RecentChanges output
- JSPWIKI-1068 : fixing positioning of the TitleBox
2018-04-19 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.4-git-07 Adding a favicon to the haddock template
2018-04-11 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.4-git-06 JSPWIKI-1069 i18n errors in german translation
2018-03-31 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.4-git-05 JSPWIKI-1068 TitleBox rendering on Haddock
2018-03-29 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.4-git-04
* JSPWIKI-1039/JSPWIKI-1067: ACLs are not taken into account when cache
is disabled / View-only ACLs are not enforced
2018-03-29 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.4-git-03
* Main page can be revealed when invoking some JSPs without parameters
(reported by Motohiko Matsuda, thanks!)
2018-03-25 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.4-git-02
* Further fix on JSPWIKI-1064 - Link to non-existing page doesn't change if
linked page is created, not all page caches were properly flushed.
2018-03-04 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* Fixed all javadoc errors when building using java 8 - no version bump
2018-02-25 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.4-git-01 Fixing Admin JSP Bugs
* Quick fix to admin and user management pages: adding proper tabs to
the ADMIN page, fixing javascript bugs in user management page
(reported by Harry)
2018-02-03 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-git-48
* JSPWIKI-835 - better mobile experience: move sidebar to bottom on
extra-small devices (< 768px, only on haddock template)
* Some internal refactors to
* Flexmark updated to 0.28.38.
2018-01-27 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-git-47
* Another fix on JSPWIKI-1064 - Link to non-existing page doesn't change if
linked page is created, as the page render cache must also take into account
if the plugins should be rendered or not.
* JSPWiki portable: Update bundled Apache Tomcat to latest version on 7.x branch
and launch4j to 3.11.
* JSPWiki portable: As appbundler is not longer accesible through, use
fork at instead.
* Updated maven plugins' versions to latest + use latest ASF parent pom.
2018-01-21 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* Updated <scm/> section from main pom.xml so it points to github repo
* Flexmark updated to 0.28.34 (no version bump).
2017-12-30 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* Upgraded all test from JUnit 3 to JUnit 4 (no version bump).
2017-12-27 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-git-46
* JSPWIKI-802 - Markdown support
* urls are not set on attribute provider derived classes, as this has some
unwanted side effects. Introduced JSPWikiLink, a wrapper around Flexmark's
links which retain the original wiki link.
* updated Flexmark to 0.28.24.
2017-12-16 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-git-45
* Fixed JSPWIKI-1064 - Link to non-existing page doesn't change if linked page
is created
* Improvement on JSPWIKI-843 - exclude tests from test-jar
2017-12-08 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-git-44
* JSPWIKI-802 - initial markdown support see
for details
2017-12-03 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-git-43
* Fixed JSPWIKI-843 - generate test-jar for jspwiki-war (wasn't being generated)
* Extract WikiLink parsing operations from JSPWikiMarkupParser, LinkParser,
VariableManager to their own class, LinkParsingOperations
* Move (private) JSPWikiMarkupParser#getLocalBooleanProperty to
(public) WikiContext#getBooleanWikiProperty
2017-11-16 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-git-42
* small refactor to move some private constants to public at MarkupParser and
WikiRenderer, so they can be reused throughout the code and custom extensions.
2017-08-22 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-git-41
* WysiwygEditingRenderer isn't hardcoded in JSPs anymore, and can be substituted
through jspwiki.renderingManager.renderer.wysiwyg property on
This allows to develop custom renderers which do not expect the same information
as the existing ones.
* Fixed DefaultFilterManager#modules not returning Collection< WikiModuleInfo >,
as it was supposed to. This method wasn't used anywhere, until now, where it
is used through FilterBean, a new JSPWiki AdminBean exposing existing filters
* FilterBean runs parallel to PluginBean, which allowed some more minor internal
refactorings and code polishing.
* Moved some constants from JSPWikiMarkupParser to MarkupParser.
2017-07-16 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-git-40
* Some small changes around JSPWikiMarkupParser, needed to develop
custom markup parsers, which do not rely on the former class or
* Some other minor internal refactorings and code polishing
2017-05-14 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.3-git-39
* JSPWIKI-1059 - ConcurrentModificationException in SessionMonitor
2017-04-22 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-git-38 Haddock Template updates
* Fixing some minor issues with the Image plugin ALIGN parameter
* %%magnify: add a magnifying glass to to reveal details of a cropped images.
Hover the mouse above the image to see the effect.
* Redesigned Header
The header (including the menu bar) now shifts up when you scroll down,
and reappears when scrolling back-up. So you can quickly have access
to all the menu's and the quick search function. Clicking the pagename
in the header get's you immediately back to the top of the page.
The menu bar has now become part of the (coloured) header section.
* Editor:
Improved the speed of the editor quick preview when editing large pages.
Updates to various editor auto-suggest dialogs.
2017-03-18 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-git-37 Haddock Template
* JSPWIKI-1055: Haddock Special Block Marker
Added a few icons to improve rendering of contextual blocks in B/W.
2017-03-14 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-git-36 Haddock Template
* Few fixes on the %%column style
2017-03-12 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-git-35 Haddock Template updates
* ImagePlugin: minor update to apply the css class and styles
parameters to the image container, not to the whole table;
escape HTML entities in captions.
* several CSS stylesheet additions
- image styles : effects, captions, frames, animation
- background styles : color, background images
* %%columns: bugfix, few more column styles
2017-03-05 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.3-git-34
* JSPWIKI-1044 - URL in password recovery mail is relative while it should be absolute
2017-03-03 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.3-git-33.
* Fixed JSPWIKI-1051 - Startup fails due to jspwiki.log (Permission denied)
2017-02-04 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-git-32
* JSPWIKI-1050 The find and replace do not seem to work (Haddock editor)
Pressing Ctrl-F has been removed as short-cut key for the wiki editor.
Ctrl-F brings you always to the standard browser dialog. (as expected)
To open JSPWiki's Find&Replace dialog, click the toolbar button.
The Find&Replace dialog now also indicates if text was selected before.
If that case, the Find&Replace will run only on the selected text.
2017-01-21 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.3-git-31.
* Fixed JSPWIKI-1047 - Access Control Lists do not work if page cache is deactivated (thanks to E. Poth)
* minor bugfix in SessionsPlugin (StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when using the distinctUsers option
2017-01-21 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-git-30
[JSPWIKI-1046 ]IE11 detection fixed, txs to patch of Albrecht Striffler.
2017-01-17 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-git-29
JSPWIKI-1046 IE11 scrolling in content page blocked.
IE detection not working on IE11; ok on Edge. New detection method implemented.
2017-01-15 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-git-28
JSPWIKI-1045 IE11 rendering is broken for %%graphBars using color names.
2017-01-14 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.3-git-27.
* Fixed JSPWIKI-1042 - Impossible to change user profile loginName, fullname, password (patch by Eric Kraußer)
* Fixed JSPWIKI-1043 - Encode email subjects as UTF-8 (patch by Eric Kraußer)
2017-01-06 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-git-26
JSPWIKI-1041: fix some lines in skin.css
2017-01-03 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-git-25: few Haddock template fixes
* Remove the editor suggestion-dialogs scroll-bars (only visible on Windows)
Fix a few formatting errors in sugestion dialogs.
* Fixed the width of the table filter input field
* Added console-logs to the editor for debugging on IE/EDGE
(positioning of suggestion dialogs seems to be broken)
* Update JSON XmlHttpRequest header to avoid IE/EDGE XML5619 Document Syntax errors
2016-12-31 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.3-git-24.
* Fixed JSPWIKI-1035 - merged branch JSPWIKI-1035 back to master
2016-12-27 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-svn-23.
* Fix nesting of ul/li in RefferedPAgesPlugin.
2016-12-26 Harry Metske (
* Fixed JSPWIKI-1035 - Get rid of jspwiki.baseURL
fixed remaining unit tests
* changed Release postfix from "svn" to "git"
2016-12-19 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-svn-22 Various HADDOCK updates & fixes.
* [JSPWIKI-1038]: Fix allowing flexbox in Edge. (but not in IE)
2016-12-18 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-svn-21 Various HADDOCK updates & fixes.
* [JSPWIKI-1038]: IE's flexbox implementation is broken,
no workaround for now.
2016-12-17 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* Fixing RSSGenerator test with latest WeblogPlugin changes
2016-12-17 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-svn-20 Various HADDOCK updates & fixes.
Final update of the styling of JSPWiki's BLOGs.
Also the fancy weblog calendar is now back in the sidebar
when viewing a blog post.
* Add-Comment JSP refactored:
When adding a comment to a wiki-page, you will see the content of the main page
at the top of the editing screen, so you know what your are commenting on.
Improved hover menu on the SAVE/POST button for entering the change-note and
comment-signature fields.
* Plain Editor:
Many JS improvements related to the handling of text snippets.
Several style updates to the editor and the auto-suggest dialogs.
* Small refactoring of the Install.jsp to fit the bootstrap framework.
* %%columns-<width>: fix the broken width parameter
* %%graphbars: fix support for HTML-color-names (chrome, FF)
* [JSPWIKI-979]: fix support for %%small {{{ preformatted text blocks }}}
* [JSPWIKI-937]: fix handling of broken image links (also for FF)
Fix for rendering of the attachement icon, e.g. in RecentChanges page.
* Improved visualisation of interwiki links for Edit, Raw, Reader and Groups.
* The Delete group command now gets you back to the Group view pages, so it is
easier for issuing subsequent group commands. (create,edit,delete)
* Added %%maps to generate google maps viewer by simply including the address.
* Few html5 FORM improvements: required fields, email input type, ...
* Updated to bootstrap 3.3.7.
2016-12-13 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-svn-19
* JSPWIKI-1032 : Use image "src" attribute instead of "href"
2016-12-13 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-svn-18
* [JSPWIKI-1037] UI will not display with IE 9 or IE10.
Issue with Flexbox implementation in IE. (also applies to IE11)
* Small style update on %%categories dropdown
2016-12-11 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-svn-17
* Allow concatenation of css-styles (classes) by using a "." separator,
which is useful when adopting styles from the bootstrap framework
EG. %%btn.btn-primary.btn-xs This looks like a small Button /%
2016-12-03 Harry Metske (
* Fixed JSPWIKI-1036 - Search for non-Latin characters fails (reported by Peter Paessler)
2016-09-16 Harry Metske (
* Fixed JSPWIKI-1033 - Incorrect relative navigations (reported by Niklas Polke)
2016-09-16 David Vittor (
* Test commit to our new git repo.
2016-09-16 Harry Metske (
* Test commit to see how our new git repo works.
2016-08-25 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.3-svn-14
* Fixed JSPWIKI-1031 provide stacktrace when throwing InternalWikiException, fix by Jürgen Weber.
2016-08-18 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.3-svn-13
* Fixed JSPWIKI-1029 WebLogic does not find the properties file, fix by Jürgen Weber.
2016-08-18 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.3-svn-12
* Fixed JSPWIKI-396 UTF-8 characters in wiki pages incorrectly rendered if served by Weblogic
A rigorous fix by Jürgen Weber, ditched UtilJ2eeCompat, introduced new property "jspwiki.nofilterencoding".
2016-04-17 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.3-svn-11
* Fixed JSPWIKI-936 error when remove page with link (Fix by Andrew Krasnoff)
2016-04-17 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.3-svn-10
* Fixed JSPWIKI-935 RenderingManager uses ehcache if "jspwiki.usePageCache = false"
2016-04-06 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-svn-9 Few fixes on the HADDOCK template
* improved styling of broken image links
* [JSPWIKI-934] Haddock: "page modified" markup differs to the original edits
Improved styling of the PageModified/Conflict jsp's
* Allow google-fonts in %%add-css
2016-04-03 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-svn-8 Few more fixes on the HADDOCK template
* Reorganize the attachment detail view, changing the
order of columns to a more logical format.
* Improve the rendering of the RecentChanges page
* Fix the font for text in buttons with an icon
* Fix the popup dialog position in the plain editor
in case the textarea contains '<', '>' or '&' characters.
* Hide the section-editlinks for weblog comments.
* Fix the handling of the editor-type switch in the editor.
2016-03-27 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-svn-7 Few more small fixes on the HADDOCK template
* [JSPWIKI-918] HADDOCK: the "view" menu is back as a better way
to navigate back to the main page from "Attach" or "Info" views.
(also removed the ugly "Back to Parent Page" button)
* [JSPWIKI-901] : Undo/Redo doesn't work in HADDOCK editor
* [WeblogPlugin] : added support for filtering weblog entries according to weblog
start-date and number of days. Now you can select weblog entries
from a link from the WeblogArchive plugin.
* [JSPWIKI-897] : Long page names in Haddock don't wrap gracefully
Fixing printing issues with long page names.
* Replace the attachment info icon, for not-inlined attachments
* [JSPWIKI-904]: HADDOCK – the display status of the LeftMenu is retained,
also after a page refresh. (by means of a new "Sidebar" user-pref cookie)
The "Hide-Sidebar" option is obsolete and thus removed from the UserPreferences.
2016-03-15 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.3-svn-6
* Fixed JSPWIKI-931 VersioningFileProvider sets page author to "unknown" when it should be an authenticated user
2016-03-12 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-svn-5
* %%ADD-CSS: fix regexp for inline images on IE.
* Fix posting of comments in the Haddock template
* Fixed some missing localization of the weblogplugin.
Few more tweaks of the styling of weblog entries & comments.
2016-03-08 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-svn-4 Few more small fixes related to the HADDOCK template
* Few fixes on well formed HTML (SearchBox.jsp, PageInfo.jsp, Nav.jsp)
* Fixed some missing localizations in Nav.jsp.
* Various improvements of the JSPWiki Weblog implementation and css styling.
* Only show scrollbars on prettified blocks when appropriate (WINDOWS issues)
2016-03-08 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.3-svn-3
* Added MaxPageNameLength support in SpamFilter
2016-02-28 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-svn-2 Few more small fixes on the HADDOCK template
* Added 2 new inter wiki references :
[Raw:MainPage] for displaying the raw wikimarkup of a page
[Reader:MainPage] to display a simplified reader view of a page
(no left menu, layout fit for printing)
* Fixing JS error on <IE11 : missing Array.from() (compatibility with mootools 1.5.1)
* Fix for flexbox feature test (IE)
2016-02-28 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.3-svn-1 Various small fixes on the HADDOCK template
* Fix %%viewer "Mixed content" error (avoid serving http content via https )
* Fix visibility if the Titlebox page has no content
* Add fallback for IE, when the browser doesn't support FLEXBOX support
* Fix scrollbars on prettified sections on windows (IE, Chrome)
* Add fallback font (SegoeUI) for windows because Helvetica Neue is not supported
* Fix consistency of the styling of the "OK" buttons in many forms.
* Fix indentation of section dropdown entries (plain editor)
* Fix sorting by dates in the Attachment and Info view
* JSPWIKI-921: increase legibility of the plain editor
* JSPWIKI-928: fix odd fonts in the user control panel pop-up window
* Add new Apache feather.png as logo background
* Upgrade to mootools 1.6.0
2016-02-05 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.2-svn-43
* Added IP ban support in SpamFilter
2016-02-06 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-42
* JSPWIKI-570: Cannot use another MarkupParser - hardcoded references to
RenderingManager and JSPWikiMarkupParser - thanks to Piotr Tarnowski for all the
analysis at JSPWIKI-570
2016-02-02 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-41
* JSPWIKI-852: JSPWikiMarkupParser should report on which page a plugin was missing
2015-12-09 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-40
* JSPWIKI-923: doreplace.png image is missing from CleanBlue skin
2015-09-19 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-39
* [JSPWIKI-916] Pre-formatted text within a list renders
to an unpleasantly small font size, due to relative font sizing.
2015-09-07 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-38
* [JSPWIKI-903] Fixed a page redirect after attachment delete.
2015-09-06 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-37 Few Attachment tweaks in the HADDOCK template
* Fixed display issue with long attachment names
* Show loading animation after pressing the upload button
* Improved display of file sizes with support for KB,MB,GB,TB.
2015-09-05 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-36 Improved Attachment upload in the HADDOCK template
* Fixed the AttachementServlet so you can now select multiple files
before pressing the upload button. You can also use
drap & drop if your browser supports it.
* [JSPWIKI-903] Fixed a page redirect issue when deleting an
attachment from the Attachment info page.
* Fixed the zebra-stripes of the FIND AJAXSearch.jsp
* Few small improvements on the plain editor suggestion dialogs.
2015-08-28 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-35
* [JSPWIKI-912] Haddock Template: fixing the position of headers
below the fixed navigation bar, when returning from a section edit.
2015-08-23 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-34 WYSIWYG improvements
* Added the wysiwyg editor to the wro4j build process
* Improved the stability of the WysiwygEditingRenderer
2015-08-22 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.2-svn-33 Fixed JSPWIKI-910 support configuring jspwiki with envvars
having dots replaced with underscores in the varnames
2015-08-16 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-32 Haddock Template updates & WYSIWYG editing
Haddock Template:
* [JSPWIKI-902] Printing improvements for the HADDOCK template,
hiding sidebar, userbox, wrapping long page-names, and a few other tweaks.
* The Page Footer now sticks to the bottom of the screen, even for short pages
* Fixed an issue with the persistence of the status of collapsible lists
* Added fixes for IE compatibility for the bootstrap css framework.
* [JSPWIKI-892] Haddock editor should put the cursor at the top of the textarea,
also when opening the editor with a certain section
* Improved the header layout (suggestion of Harry) moving the quick search field
into the searchbox dropdown.
* [JSPWIKI-908] The basic editor toolbar icons (bold, italic, link, etc..)
are back in the plain editor of HADDOCK.
WYSIWYG further enhancements
* (experimental) Included a plain vanilla wysiwyg editor to JSPWiki.
This editor is based on mooEditable, MIT licensed.
This editor is unfortunately not compatible with the default template.
You can still add your own wysiwyg editor to JSPWiki -- hooks are provided
for TinyMCE and CKeditor.
* Added ajax-based live-preview for wysiwyg editors to the Haddock Template.
When editing in wysiwyg mode, you now get immediately a preview of the wiki markup.
(similar to the live-preview mode of the plain editor)
* The wysiwyg editors are now resizable, just like the plain editor..
2015-08-04 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-31 Haddock Template small fixes
* Loading error on hadock.js and haddock-edit.js fixed. (async attribute)
Was breaking all editing js functions !
* IEx tweaks
- remove unnecessary scrollbars
- attempt to resolve the broken icon-fonts on IE11
* %%add-css style fix to handle special html entities
2015-08-04 David Vittor (
* 2.10.2-svn-30
* [JSPWIKI-900]: Fixed Problem with the WikiFormsPlugin Text Area
2015-08-02 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* Fixed the unit tests for HtmlStringToWikiTranslatorTest
2015-08-02 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-29
Some more Haddock template "tweaks":
* Hide the attach & info navigation menu's for non-existing page
* Improved the Info dropdown when no Author page exists.
* Section titles remain visible, even with a sticky navigation menu.
Eg. when clicking a table of contents entry, you should end up
with a visible section header just below the sticky menu line.
* Fixed: the top border of a TABLE was gone.
* Added a version check on the user-preference cookie to be more robust ico changes.
(hopefully no more cookie clean-up is needed when upgrading JSPWiki)
* Sidebar:
- The sidebar height now extends till the bottom of the page
- 3 Sidebar modes are now working: left(default), right and hidden
* Fixed the <wiki:Link> tag to support "cssClass" as attribute.
* [JSPWIKI-430] All confirmation dialogs are now build with regular DOM elements.
(check out the Log-out or Delete confirmation dialogs to see the improvement)
WYSIWYG editors:
* Added support for the WYSIWYG editor TinyMCE.jsp
* Improved server side handling of HtmlStringToWiki translation
* [JSPWIKI-622] Added an editor selection switch to the editor toolbar.
It is now possible to switch between editors (plain, or other installed
wysiwyg editors) while in Edit. (no need to go first via the Preferences screen)
2015-07-26 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-28
Haddock Template commit of the remaining JSP's: UI for handling groups,
workflow UI, and refactored JSP's for Login/Lostpw/Register.
This concludes the re-design of all the haddock template JSP's.
Other changes:
* Fixed page redirections and improved the back button handling.
Eg. Attachment DELETE will get you now back to the ATTACH view,
not the INFO view. See also [JSPWIKI-867]
* Tabs & Accordion toggles can now include other markup, rather than only text.
* Added CSS3-based automatic text hyphenation for browsers who support this.
(also works with none justified text)
* Attachment Upload UI improved: attachment types are represented by icons
from the icon-font.
* Attachment Info page to access version information on attachments
should now be more user-friendly, with an extra INFO action button.
(iso a hidden link via the version number)
2015-07-16 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-27
More Haddock Template tweaks:
* Removed annoying scroll-bars from the dropdown menu's which appeared in some browsers
* Improved rendering of inserted dropdown's like the MoreMenu and HomeMenu,
to make them better fit with bootstrap dropdown menu's.
* Few fixes of the layout of the UserPreferences menu, and some refactoring
of the UserPreferences.jsp and the Login.jsp.
* Fixed an editor bug causing the Live Preview to slow down after some time.
WYSIWYG editor in JSPWiki
* Refreshed the WYSIWIG editor with the latest stable version of the
CKeditor v4.5.1. (replacement of FCK) Standard version, with BootstrapCK4 skin.
The update was done for both for the default and the Haddock template.
FFS: server side translation from wiki-markup to HTML needs more work.
( WysiwygEditingRenderer.getString() often crashes )
2015-07-13 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-26
* JSPWIKI-899: Russian set of wiki pages, contributed by Victor Fedorov, thanks!
2015-07-12 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-25
* [JSPWIKI-896] Haddock template – user preferences are not saved.
haddock-pref.js was not properly included into the build, due to lowercase
issue in wro-haddock.xml.
* [JSPWIKI-518] Saving after editing a section will return you to that section.
Fixed missing commits on wiki.js. Should work now.
* Fixed issue with Accesskey
* [JSPWIKI-433] Allow back button for TAB keys.
It is now also possible to click a link to a hidden pane of a tabbed section
(eg from the Table Of Contents) to automatically open that TAB pane.
* Added a "title" attribute to the pagename in the header. In case a very long
pagename is truncated (with ellipsis ...) you can still see the full
pagename when you hover the mouse over the pagename.
2015-07-09 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-24
* Minor improvements:
** Use of StringBuilder over StringBuffer whenever possible.
** SLF4J upgraded to 1.7.12
** JUnit upgraded to 4.12, Jetty upgraded to 8.1.15
2015-07-05 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-23
* [JSPWIKI-895] Haddock template links contain raw URL information when printed
including a few tweaks on the print css
* [JSPWIKI-518] Saving after editing a section will return you to that section
* Improved formatting of the Quick Navigation drop-down to show the text and the
search score on a single line. (Firefox)
2015-06-30 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-22
* [JSPWIKI-894] Section editing using Haddock template appears broken.
Fixed. Also fixed for the default template.
2015-06-30 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-21
HADDOCK Template fixes:
* JSPWIKI-892 Haddock editor when launched is always at bottom of window in Firefox
* Fixing latest update of Icon Styles
2015-06-28 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-20
* JSPWIKI-891: Fixed annoying jumping behaviour in Firefox of the Haddock editor
* JSPWIKI-885: LivePreview doesn't work
The HADDOCK template has refresh mechanism based on "change events".
(no periodic refreshes, like the default template)
Improved trigger mechanism to catch all keystrokes; and at the same time
reducing the debounce period (read - refresh time-out) to 1sec.
2015-06-28 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-19
More Haddock template fixes
* JSPWIKI-890 (Haddock template) popups dissappear when trying to get
your mouse to it. Removed the space between the menu and the dropdown.
* JSPWIKI-887 Slimbox image style for embedded images fixed to show
readable link description even in case of missing *title* or *alt* attributes.
* Updated JSPWikiFont, fixing display issues in FireFox.
2015-06-27 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-18
Small fixes and tweaks on haddock template
* Few improvements of the Reader template
* SLIMBOX support for interwiki links
* Small style tweaks
* Fix UserBox issue in non-default language
2015-06-26 Siegfried Goeschl (
* Fixed JSPWIKI-888 Enable cache timeouts for Portable JSPWiki.
2015-06-22 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-17
This is the third major check-in of the HADDOCK template, with mainly
stabilization fixes related for the plain editor, and many UI improvements.
The HADDOCK template is close to completion - go ahead and play with it.
(group related JSPs still to be done)
Summary of main changes:
* Many Suggestion dialogs are added to the plain editor:
links, link-options, images, acls, plugins, variables, %%styles,
hexadecimal colors, fonts, symbols, %%icons, ...
You can create new suggestion dialogs via json snippets in Wiki.Snips.js
* Fixed [JSPWIKI-482] Wrong insert from the suggestion box
* The editor toolbar is simplified, as most functions are reachable via the
suggestion dialogs. The find & replace UI can be repositioned on the screen.
* Sticky menu bar, which stays on top of the screen when scrolling down.
* The Quick Navigation menu is redesigned to improve usability for creating
and cloning new pages.
[JSPWIKI-531] usability: hints on or mechanism for creating a page
* New %%styles added: %%dropcaps, %%flip, %%flop, %%addcss, %%progress,
%%scrollable-250 (limit the height of a code-block, so it becomes scrollable )
* Show READER view (also great for printing) has been added to the More menu.
* [JSPWIKI-788] TabbedSection - support multiple tabbedSections in single
document with same tab-identifiers
* Updated to the latest mootools v1.5.1
* Updated to wro4j 1.7.8
* Some additional i18n properties added -- but translation still to be done.
2015-05-31 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.2-svn-16
* Fixed JSPWIKI-882 test-failure when using existing localized locale in OutComeTest (thanks to Marco Roeland)
2015-04-18 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.2-svn-15
* Fixed JSPWIKI-880 Glassfish 4 Wrong Chars Solution - Brasil PT, thanks to Renato Grosz
2015-03-06 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.2-svn-14
* Fixed JSPWIKI-878 (following up JSPWIKI-660) you can now also use environment variables to configure JSPWiki
2015-02-12 David Vittor (
* 2.10.2-svn-13
* Fixed JSPWIKI-867 - Deleting attachments should retain focus on the Attach tab
* JSPWIKI-566 - problem with Cookie set preferences and the GSon.fromJson() parser
* Fixed search icon in Smart Template "search.gif" instead of "search.png"
2015-01-30 David Vittor (
* 2.10.2-svn-12
* Fixed JSPWIKI-566 - Complete rewrite of AJAX functionality for JSPWiki
* Fixed JSPWIKI-502 & JSPWIKI-760 - Show Wikipages in Search without Authorization
* Fixed JSPWIKI-859 - Expose the WikiModuleInfo to the plugins and filters
* Fixed JSPWIKI-866 - Additional parameters (url,version,desc,htmltemplate,authorurl) to jspwiki_module.xml WikiModuleInfo
2015-01-25 David Vittor (
* 2.10.2-svn-11
* Fixed JSPWIKI-876 - NotePlugin does not work on wiki without context
* Fixed JSPWIKI-869 - JSPWiki Maven project cannot be imported into Eclipse
* Updated JSPWIKI-867 - Deleting attachments should retain focus on the Attach tab
* Updated JSPWIKI-566 - Some Ajax functionality added - not complete re-write yet
2014-12-08 Siegfried Goeschl (
* Fixed JSPWIKI-829 - [Portable] Integrate jspwiki-portable into the jspwiki maven build
2014-11-04 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.2-svn-10
* Fixed JSPWIKI-874 - IllegalStateException running JSPWiki in Oracle Glassfish Server
2014-11-04 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.2-svn-9
* Fixed JSPWIKI-871 - upgraded nekohtml (0.9.5 => 1.9.21) and xercesImpl (2.4 => 2.10.0)
2014-11-04 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.2-svn-8
* Fixed JSPWIKI-870 - JSPWiki does not start, if tomcat directory path contains a white space.
2014-09-21 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.2-svn-7
* Fixed JSPWIKI-856 - Enhance FileSystemProvider to be able to save page attributes as properties, provided by David Vittor
2014-08-12 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-6
* Fixed JSPWIKI-855: NullPointerException in, patch provided by Jürgen Weber - thanks!
2014-07-31 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.2-svn-5
* Fixed JSPWIKI-195 - do not allow more than one account with the same email address.
==> a new key ( was added to
* minor encoding correction for the
2014-07-07 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-4
* Dependencies' upgrade: EhCache to 2.6.9, SLF4J to 1.7.7, Selenium to 2.42.0, Stripes to 1.5.7-classloaderfix
and Jetty to 8.1.15
2014-06-23 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-3
* Fixed JSPWIKI-847 - Recent Changes Plugin breaks markup if generates an empty table, reported by Dave Koelmeyer
2014-06-05 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.2-svn-2
* Fixed JSPWIKI-843 - generate test-jars
* Fixed JSPWIKI-844 - Replace org.apache.catalina dependency by applying Ichiro's patch. Thanks!
* Fixed JSPWIKI-311 - Cannot save user profile in container managed authentication mode
* Applied patch on JSPWIKI-841, which solves part of the issue, on unsuccesful login there is no error message
with container managed authentication
2014-05-29 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.2-svn-1
* Fixed JSPWIKI-396 - by making the server signature comparison case insensitive (reported by Jürgen Weber)
2014-05-23 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.1-svn-17
* Fixed JSPWIKI-535 - direct links to sections with accents doesn't work
2014-04-20 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.1-svn-16
* First steps integrating Siegfried Goeschl's Wiki On A Stick ( -
thanks!), portable module still pending.
** Fixes JSPWIKI-826 - [Portable] PropertyReader ignores the web app class loader
* Lucene updated to 4.7.0
2014-04-20 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.1-svn-15
* Fixed JSPWIKI-822 - NPE thrown by PluginContext#getText()
* JSPWIKI-814 - VersioningFileProvider does migrate original page properties (thanks to Brian Burch)
2014-04-20 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.1-svn-14
* Fixed JSPWIKI-832 - [Portable] Problems setting up multiple wikis using a shared JSPWiki libraries
(patch by Siegfried Goeschl - thanks!)
* Upgraded selenium-*-drivers to 2.41.0
2014-04-01 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.1-svn-13
* Fixed JSPWIKI-831 - Container managed authorization does not work in tomcat
2014-03-17 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.1-svn-12
* Fixed JSPWIKI-833 - temp policy file is created with wrong content (thanks to Dietrich Schmidt)
2014-03-11 Harry Metske (
* Fixed JSPWIKI-823 - set to ${} in pom.xml
2014-03-11 Harry Metske (
* Fixed JSPWIKI-827 - Migrate the mvn_cheatsheet.txt to Markdown
2014-03-03 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.1-svn-11
* Fixed JSPWIKI-813 - ReferenceManagerTest - two cases fail (thanks to Brian Burch)
2014-03-02 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.1-svn-10
This is the second major check-in of the HADDOCK template, with
fixes and improvements mainly related to the plain editor.
* Livepreview has been fixed, with ajax based on the fly page rendering.
The livepreview area can now also be displayed side-by-side next to the editor textarea,
so you can immediately see the rendered wiki-markup during edit.
* Suggestion dialog boxes are shown while you type to assist entrance of more advanced
wiki-markup such as links, %%styles, colors, fonts, plugins, and symbols.
(but still heavily under development)
* Section Editing has been improved: you can choose which part of the page you want to edit.
* All icons are now based on an icon Font, replacing the FamFamFam icon set.
Based on Font Awesome by Dave Gandy - http://fontawesome.io
* The find & replace UI has been enhanced, showing number of occurrences,
supporting regular expressions, and supporting replacement for the first or all matches.
* Text is automatically indented based on the indentation level of the previous line.
* Using the TAB key inside the textarea will indent a line. Use shift+TAB to un-indent.
Indentation also works when selecting multiple lines.
* You can use shift+Enter to quickly insert line-breaks. (\\)
Fixing following editor related JIRA tickets :
* [JSPWIKI-382] Remove posteditor.js
* [JSPWIKI-482] Wrong insert from the suggestion box
* [JSPWIKI-443] Full screen editor.
Added a collapsible sidebar, and a side-by-side display of the live-preview area.
* [JSPWIKI-336] section selection box not working properly. Fixed.
* Fixed the User-Preference page-unload event.
Other changes :
* New "layout" user-preference to switch between fluid or fixed-width page layout.
* Added a info drop-down menu with a summary of the page-info.
This is similar to page-footer section, but now accessible at the top of the page.
* Replacing all *.png based icons by an icon font. (eg. slimbox, filter, rss-feed )
2014-02-20 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.1-svn-9
* JS fix in haddock template : RegExp expression cause FF to crash.
2014-02-20 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.1-svn-8
* [JSPWIKI-769 related] jspwiki-portable module, right now only Windows executable is generated, cfr. with
* [JSPWIKI-817 related] Install.jsp is broken ==> Translation corrections (install.jsp.intro.[p1|p2|p3]) for ES
* [JSPWIKI-821] TestEngine sometimes creates testrepositories with double timestamps after r1567444
2014-02-18 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.1-svn-7
* Various small fixes on the HADDOCK template (jsp/css/js) :
* Fixing %%category dropdowns which were clipped when inside a %%accordion.
Replacing js based animation by2.10.1-svn-12 css3 animation to show/hide the popup.
* Fixing bug when saving the Preferences (detected by Harry)
* Changed fixed-width layout into fluid layout, occupying all screen real-estate.
(this could become a user-preference setting in the future)
Slightly decreasing the size of the sidebar.
2014-02-18 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.1-svn-6
* Fixing the JSONRPCMAnager.emitJSONCall(..) so that it now renders
the correct JSON RPC invocation javascript.
You can test the RPCSamplePlugin like this:
We are still getting error-code: 490, "No permission to access this AJAX method!"
when invoking a plugin generated json-rpc call.
2014-02-14 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.1-svn-5
Introducing the HADDOCK template, a new template/ui for Apache JSPWiki.
This template contains various UI improvements and JSP simplifications,
a major redesign of the JSPWiki CSS stylesheet based on BOOTSTRAP
(now modularly build with LESS) and a rework of the javascript routines
based on mootools v1.4.x. (also the js is now split into modular class files)
Be aware: this is a first commit -- expect things to be broken.
More work is needed on the plain editor; the Group UI is to be fixed.
Validation has been done against Safari, Chrome & FF; IE testing is left
to the adventurous user.
HADDOCK lives peacefully next to the default template. To activate the new
template, add following line to your
jspwiki.templateDir = haddock
* [JSPWIKI-504] New default look for 3.0
* [JSPWIKI-431] Attachment Upload, support upload of multiple files, drag&drop,
improved progress bars.
However the server functionality to upload multiple files is
currently broken. FFS
* [JSPWIKI-432] Simplify Tabbed Section Markup
Still maintaining backwards compatibility with the current %%tabbedSection
* [JSPWIKI-712] Entites in ChangeNote should be decoded with "keep editing"
* [JSPWIKI-797] Refactoring the JSPWiki javascript routines, upgrade js libs:
prettify (dd. 4 mar 2013)
* [JSPWIKI-798] Refactoring the JSPWiki main CSS stylesheet -
now based on the BOOTSTRAP CSS Framework
* [JSPWIKI-430] DOM based popups to replace regular js alert or prompt dialog boxes
Also the edit/clone UI has been refactored.
Some delete confirmation dialog boxes are still to be converted.
* [JSPWIKI-429] Improved SLIMBOX to support Youtube, flash and other formats.
You can now also 'slimbox' another wiki-page or an external url.
Based on this media viewer, also a %%carousel style has been added.
* [JSPWIKI-478] Remember cookies of collapsible for all contexts
Collapsible lists and boxes have been refactored, and styled with BOOTSTRAP.
In general, all %%dynamic-styles are re-styled with BOOTSTRAP css components.
* [JSPWIKI-693] style issues
* [JSPWIKI-463] display error in default template
* [JSPWIKI-449] Menuhide functionality is illogical
The sidebar (aka Favorites) can be shown/hidden via a toggle button.
By default, the sidebar is hidden in the Edit/Comment view, to give
maximum square-meters to the edit text-area.
* [JSPWIKI-512] CSS Error with Firefox 2.0.20
* Upgrade wro4j to latest version 1.7.3
2014-02-12 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.1-svn-4
* Fixed JSPWIKI-819: Consider replacing ECS with JDOM, thanks to Ichiro Furusato
* TestEngine( Properties ) uses a different directory as page repo (JSPWIKI-813 related)
2014-02-10 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-svn-72
* Fixed JSPWIKI-812 - plugin jars should be loadable from outside the war
2014-02-09 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-svn-71
* Fixed JSPWIKI-813 - ReferenceManagerTest - two cases fail, patch by Brian Burch
2014-02-08 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-svn-70
* Fixed JSPWIKI-817 - Install.jsp is broken ==> Translation corrections required (EN en NL done)
* Removed a bunch of System.out.println() statements from TestCases.
2014-01-13 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0
* 2.10.0-svn-69
* added new CleanBlue skin, contributed by Ichiro Furusato.
2014-01-12 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-68
* Minor nit in jspwiki.css resulted in overly-tall popup menus on Preferences page. Spotted by Ichiro Furusato.
2014-01-07 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-svn-67
* PropertyReader was using context.log for its logging. Every user changing his prefs is causing
6 lines of logging to stdout which is cumbersome to get rid of. Changing this to log4j logging
and offering a way to use an external file so PropertyReader can use log4j
right away. (The cascaded property reading mechanism does not support "suppressing" properties
from the ini/, only overriding)
2014-01-07 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-svn-66
* JSPWIKI-810 - included the ReferringUndefinedPagesPlugin
2014-01-02 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-65
* JSPWIKI-731: replaced all references with TLP homepage
2014-01-01 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-svn-64
* dropped last pieces of RCS file support including ProviderConverter
2013-12-31 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-63
* Special page reference RecentChanges giving a blank page (due to non-existent JSP) instead
of required WikiPage.
2013-12-30 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-62
* JSPWIKI-809: PageCache has hardcoded limit of 1000 and doesn't fail gracefully
* Attachment servlet would perform unsafe redirection on doGet if a nextpage param was provided
(JSPWIKI-46 related)
2013-12-28 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-svn-61
* fixed JSPWIKI-807 VersioningFileProvider pageExist failure to properly handle latest version
2013-12-27 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-svn-60
* fixed JSPWIKI-808 Refactor of o.a.w.HsqlDbUtils.stop() (simply use the Server.shutdown() cmd)
2013-12-26 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-59
* Big bunch of Sonar warnings fixed.
* o.a.w.PropertyReader moved to o.a.w.util.PropertyReader
* Workaround for testing Hsql - thanks to Marco Roeland
2013-12-22 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-58 (I think)
* Moved MassiveRepositoryTest to surefire plugin exclusion test to speed
up build.
* Moved wro4j-maven-plugin from compile to prepare-package phase so
people can run mvn test, mvn test -Dtest=xxxxTest, etc. without needing
to trigger wro4j each time. (A nice sanity saver.)
* Simpler error messages when JDBC*DatabaseTest fail due to DB being
2013-12-22 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-rc2-3
* fixed lots of EmptyStackException while checking WatchDogs' state
2013-12-22 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-rc2-2
* fixed NPE when using custom policy file
2013-12-21 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-rc2-1
* JSPWIKI-807: VersioningFileProvider pageExist failure to properly handle latest version
2013-12-17 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0 - first RC
* 2.10.0-svn-57
* JSPWIKI-758: dropped support for RCS (as per 2.9.1 notes on UPGRADING document)
* moved o.a.w.providers.ProviderException to o.a.w.api.exceptions.ProviderException
2013-12-16 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-56
* decoupled o.a.w.util from o.a.w, cfr. with $SVN/jspwiki-war/src/main/config/2.10-API.txt
for details
* wikipages for each language are zipped in their respective submodule
* removed remaining build.xml from war submodule, all artifacts are generated from maven now
2013-12-15 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-55
* JSPWIKI-155: AuthenticationManager, AuthorizationManager, DefaultFilterManager, GroupManager
and UserManager not final anymore
* Introduced utility class to parse xml files.
* DefaultFilterManager closes stream on .initialize(Properties props) if needed
2013-12-11 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-54
* retaking JSPWIKI-155, extracted interface o.a.w.api.engine.AdminBeanManager, cfr. with
$SVN/jspwiki-war/src/main/config/2.10-API.txt for details
2013-12-04 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-53
* some more refactorings before moving into JSPWIKI-155, cfr. with
$SVN/jspwiki-war/src/main/config/2.10-API.txt for details
2013-12-03 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-52
* second wave of removing deprecated classes / methods, cfr. with
$SVN/jspwiki-war/src/main/config/2.10-API.txt for details
2013-12-02 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-51
* first wave of removing deprecated classes / methods, cfr. with
$SVN/jspwiki-war/src/main/config/2.10-API.txt for details
* Brought back Installer.INSTALL_WARNING constant, got lost somewhere in time and was still
being used by Install.jsp
2013-12-01 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-50
* Broke cycle between o.a.w.parser and o.a.w.api.engine packages:
** added public Pattern getPluginPattern() to o.a.w.api.engine.PluginManager
** moved PluginContent parsePluginLine( WikiContext context, String commandline, int pos ) from
o.a.w.api.engine.PluginManager to equivalent-static method on o.a.w.parser.PluginContent
** deleted deprecated public static boolean isPluginLink( String link ) from o.a.w.api.engine.PluginManager,
consider using equivalent method on o.a.w.parser.JSPWikiMarkupParser
2013-11-30 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-svn-49
* JSPWIKI-805: more general support for X-Forwarded-For header
2013-11-28 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-48
* JSPWIKI-804: SpamFilter should support X-Forwarded-For header in the banlist
* Lucene upgraded to 4.6, minor upgrades on plugin versions
2013-11-25 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-svn-47
* fixed JSPWIKI-803 Too strict version requirement on plain editor, maxVersion set to 2.9
2013-09-28 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-svn-46
* fixed JSPWIKI-792 additional fix, ehcaches now have unlimited expiry (RecentChanges were not showing all entries)
2013-09-15 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* Removed jspwiki-site under jspwiki-trunk, now just one source of record
for the website (jspwiki/site)
2013-09-03 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-svn-45
* fixed JSPWIKI-792, replace opensymphony's oscache with ehcache
2013-08-25 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-44
* Added jspwiki.login.throttling (default true, as in Java code) to default
* Removed unnecessary config from IT test's
2013-08-24 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* No revision number (IT tests change only)
* jspwiki-it-test-container-jdbc test now working, so all five IT test submodules are working
(except for RenameProfile which fails with all tests).
* renamed the two "container" tests to more descriptive "cma" (container-managed authentication).
2013-08-22 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* No revision number (IT tests change only)
* For IT tests switched to Brian Matthew's inmemdb-maven-plugin used by Roller, creates an in-memory
HSQLDB database with a lifespan that of the IT tests themselves (so no Ant tasks and no DB drop
scripts needed).
* jspwiki-it-test-custom-jdbc test now working, only one still not operative is -container-jdbc,
which is up from 0 to 25 percent working.
2013-08-22 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-43
* Changed jspwiki.propertyfile.cascade to jspwiki.custom.cascade to emphasize cascading is done
on top of new file if present, the default properties file only if not
* Changed some internal constants from "propertyfile" to "custom" so they more accurately reflect
their meaning in 2.10.
2013-08-17 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-42
* Updated code from using org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver to org.hsqldb.jdbc.JDBCDriver
* Switched from inaccurate NoRequiredPropertyException to somewhat better WikiSecurityException
for database errors in JDBCGroup/UserDatabase (former was giving confusing error messages
when the underlying problem was just DB-related).
* More work in IT tests, for JDBC tests to become operative again (not yet finished).
* Renamed HsqlDbUtils to HsqlDBUtilsIT in it-tests, to fully ensure HsqlDBUtils in jspwiki-war
isn't being run instead.
2013-08-15 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-41
* Removed "incubator" from JSPWiki taglib URI, removed deprecated in 2004 RSSLinkTag
* Some simplifications to web.xml put in, taking advantage of 2.5 web.xml format.
2013-08-15 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-40
* Removed unneeded config files in Selenium IT module, changed its packaging to WAR
and its parent to the it tests folder. JDBC tests still inoperative, but others
working as before.
* Removed file in favor of configuring it in
* jspwiki.policy file in test updated to more recent structure used by the integrated
tests module, subsequently removed from latter as it's unneeded there.
2013-08-14 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-39
* Cleaned out unused config in IT tests, centralized common config
to Selenium IT module's custom properties file.
* Patches to the three non-JDBC IT tests made so they're now all running
except for one test (RenameProfile), two JDBC IT tests still inoperative.
* Removed config references to long-discontinued "jspwiki.admin.user" value.
2013-08-13 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-38
* Updated all the test/* files, removed all non-necessary configuration items
* Removed no-longer-needed file filtering from the jspwiki WAR pom.
2013-08-11 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-37
* Updated it-test's selenium module to use new system. IT tests only
working 50% presently (same as before though).
* Removed some values from our files where the defaults in
are sufficient.
2013-08-09 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-36
* Introducted new file, which can be placed in test/resources for JUnit tests
or externally to the WAR (for Tomcat, $CATALINA_HOME/lib) and will be picked up automatically by
JSPWiki. Only those elements that you're changing from default src/main/resources/ini/
need addition to the custom properties file. I still need to convert the Selenium tests to the new format.
* Renamed,, and file with new -custom suffix in src/test/resources
(can be named anything as JUnit tests hardcode the names). Removed elements that are the same as those
in the default file.
2013-08-08 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-35
* Partial revert of Jetty to v. 8.1.12 so it can still run with the JDK 6 used by Jenkins.
2013-08-07 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-34find
* Upgrade from Jetty used in unit test cases from v. 7.6.7 to v. 9.0.4
2013-08-06 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-33
* JSPWIKI-799: jenkins build fails because of SearchManagerTest. It was reusing the same page directory
as other tests, indexing pages created on other tests, depending on the test execution order.
* Use of Lucene 4.4 *Fields on LuceneSearchProvider to instantiate Fields, instead of using deprecated
constructor + Field.Index
2013-08-04 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-svn-32
* first guess in fixing JSPWIKI-799 TestEngine.emptyWorkdir() cleans another directory the the one used by the test ?
2013-08-03 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-svn-31
* refixed JSPWIKI-791 NoClassDefFoundError for org.apache.lucene.analysis.standard.ClassicAnalyzer
2013-08-03 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-svn-30
* fixed JSPWIKI-789 upgrade commons-io from 1.4 to 2.4
2013-08-03 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-svn-29
* fixed JSPWIKI-790 upgrade HSQLDB from 2.2.9 to 2.3.0
2013-08-03 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-28
* Removed unused variables as reported by Sonar, as information is obtainable
by other means when needed.
* Removed "incubating" references in pom.xml
2013-08-01 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-27
* JSPWIKI-761 : Implementing the WRO4J ( Web Resource Optimizer for Java ) Build-time solution
through the wro4j maven plugin.
- replacing YUI-Compressor for JS by UglifyJS (better compression)
- introducing the LESS CSS preprocessor supporting advanced css authoring capabilities (variables, mixins, ...)
- merging JS and CSS files to reduce the number of resources needed at page-load.
You can now build with or without minification of the JS and CSS files to ease development
by using -Dminimize = true | false. (ref. mvn_cheat-sheet.txt)
2013-08-01 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-26
* Removed in favour of
2013-07-31 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-25
* Added missing Lucene dependency for testing, changed location of
userdatabase.xml and groupdatabase.xml to get more of the Selenium
tests running.
2013-07-30 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-24
* JSPWIKI-791: Upgrade Lucene from 3.6.0 to 4.4.0
2013-07-28 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-svn-23
* fixed JSPWIKI-784 UTF-8 chars not correctly rendered if served by JBoss
(JBoss now also uses response.getOutputStream)
2013-07-19 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-22
* Updated some dependencies and plugins based on results from mvn versions:display-[plugin|dependency]-updates (see base pom.xml)
* Various Sonar fixes (if cases without braces, trailing-line comments, etc.)
* Moved filter file (back) from jspwiki-war/src/test/filters to src/main/filters as I
realized filtering is used in the webapp/WEB-INF folder in the main branch.
2013-07-18 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-21
* Some Sonar fixes on trailing comments
* Combined our two maven-war-plugin definitions in jspwiki-war, added a Maven 3 requirement to the base POM
so we can run mvn versions:display-[plugin|dependency]-updates
* Tightened up SearchManagerTest, now deleting page created after each test (was failing on Jenkins although
for some reason still working fine on my computer).
2013-07-18 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-20
* Some Sonar fixes on minor matters.
2013-07-15 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-19
* Some Sonar complaints removed regarding redundant final declarations within
final classes.
2013-07-14 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-18
* Fixed the 160-170 Sonar complaints about redundant methods/variables redundantly being
declared "public" or "public static final" within interfaces, also removed unused imports.
Pre-commit we're at 77.5% rules compliance (ranked 69 of 87 Apache projects).
* Moved POM dependency scope declarations out of root pom and into jspwiki-war pom.
2013-07-11 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-17
* Moved jspwiki.tld to releases/META-INF/ so it becomes part of the JSPWiki JAR instead of
standalone file
* Upgraded jspwiki.tld from JSP 1.1 to JSP 2.1 (requires Tomcat 6 or higher), new URL for taglib
includes "incubator" but can be quickly changed should JSPWiki become TLP.
2013-07-11 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-16
* Upgraded JSTL to 1.2 (which includes standard, so could remove that dependency)
* Removed jstl-fmt.tld, oscache.tld in favor of versions within their respective JARs
2013-07-03 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-15
* JSPWIKI-772: Move site to trunk so content generated from source gets
built automatically
2013-07-03 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-14
* Switched from org.jdom:jdom:1.2 to org.jdom:jdom2:2.0.5, to JUnit 4.11
* Updated Maven cheat sheet to provide debugging info
* Moved filters file from src/main/filters to src/test/filters as test
is the only place using it.
* Updated some licenses to most recent.
2013-07-01 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-13
* Switched from jdom:jdom:1.0 to org.jdom:jdom:1.2, removed
tomcat:jasper-runtime dependency
2013-06-26 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-12
* Switched to Jaxen 1.1.4 and removed nonstandard *-exclusion to get rid
of "jaxen:jaxen:jar with value '*' does not match a valid id pattern"
warning messages in the build.
2013-06-23 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-11
* Switched jslint checking from yuicompressor-maven-plugin to jslint-maven-plugin
(former uses out-of-date jslint version from 2010, and latter allows more customization
* Updated google-code-prettify's JS to latest 2013 version.
2013-06-11 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-svn-10
* upgraded hsqldb from (very old, no more sources and docs in central)
to 2.2.9 (current release)
* removed (illegal according to IntelliJ IDEA) cobertura systemProperties from pom.xml
2013-06-09 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-svn-9
* minor tweaks to HsqlDbUtils so we get far less debug output on builds (450k => 90k)
* WikiBackgroundThread: replace "System.out.println" with log4j error/warn
2013-06-07 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-8
* removed some deprecated classes (related to JSPWIKI-303), targetted to be removed
on 2.10. Specifically:
- o.a.w.FileUtil: in favour of o.a.w.util.FileUtil
- o.a.w.TextUtil: in favour of o.a.w.util.TextUtil
- o.a.w.filters.FilterManager: in favour of o.a.w.filters.DefaultFilterManager
- o.a.w.plugin.PluginManager: in favour of o.a.w.plugin.DefaultPluginManager
* JSPWIKI-780: InternationalizationManagerTest is no longer sytem-locale dependent
2013-06-06 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-svn-7
* removed duplicate keys from translation files.
2013-06-06 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-6
* Update to Chinese, Portuguese, French and Italian language files.
2013-06-05 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-svn-5
* JSPWIKI-779: Refactor TemplateManager#listLanguages() to get rid of copying to
2013-06-03 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-4
* Removed further webtest-related configuration from jspwiki-war/build.xml;
updated parameters so ant dist still works.
* Updated o.a.w.TranslationsCheck to make less chatty
* Removed unused translations from Italian and German resource files.
2013-06-02 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-3
* JSPWIKI-771: inherit ASF parent pom. Deleted release profile in favour of
apache-release and gpg configuration (both present on parent pom);
added <ciManagement/>, <issueManagement/> and <mailingLists/> sections.
* fixed runtime NPE on WikiJSPFilter (m_engine used before having been initialized)
2013-06-01 Harry Metske (
* 2.10.0-svn-2
* JSPWIKI-396: UTF-8 characters in wiki pages incorrectly rendered if served by Weblogic
2013-05-28 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-1
* JSPWIKI-770: added jspwiki-it-test-container and jspwiki-it-test-container-jdbc
selenium maven execution. Still some bits of refactor remaining + the IT
tests are assuming english language, but the base configuration is finished
* artifact checksums created on release profile
2013-05-27 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.10.0-svn-0
* Maven multimodule build (related to JSPWIKI-768, JSPWIKI-769,
JSPWIKI-770 and JSPWIKI-771)
2013-05-23 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.2-incubating-14
* Had Ant webtests and dist targets now write
to target/ant-webtests and target/ant-dist
respectively instead of non-Mavenized folder
* Removed ant clean target in favor
of mvn clean.
* Selenium tests folder moved to
src/test/config; deleted now-unused tests folder.
2013-05-23 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.2-incubating-13
* Adjusted exclusions in Apache Rat, nonvital
i18n stuff removed from build.xml, HSQLDB now
writing temp files to target instead of base
directory (easier to remove that way).
2013-05-23 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.2-incubating-12
* Removed Cobertura and Sonar tasks from Ant build
and placed into Maven project (relying on config
in MVN3_BRANCH with comments added.)
2013-05-23 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.2-incubating-11
* Remove unused .externalToolBuilders, .fbprefs folders
OldChangeLog out of root directory and now under config/dev, deleted, JDBC config notes moved from
build.xml to, removed no longer used
etc/WEB-INF folder, jartests target gone from build.xml.
2013-05-22 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.2-incubating-10
* Removed the war target from the Ant build.xml,
the Ant webtests and dist targets run fine with
the results from mvn clean install.
2013-05-22 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.2-incubating-9
* Removed the unit test targets from the Ant build.xml,
the Ant war, webtests, and dist targets run
fine with the results from mvn clean install.
2013-05-22 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.2-incubating-8
* Removed the Compile and Compile test targets from the Ant
build.xml, the Ant tests, war, webtests, and dist targets
run fine with the results from mvn clean install.
2013-05-22 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.2-incubating-7
* Moved the javadoc and Rat plugins from MVN3_BRANCH to
trunk and removed corresponding javadoc and rat code from
the Ant script; "ant dist" will now use the javadoc generated
from Maven. Note additional configuration for javadoc plugin
still present in MVN3_BRANCH; that can be moved over as part
of the move to submodules.
2013-05-22 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.2-incubating-6
* Moved to one source of record for JSPWiki's
dependencies (the Maven pom.xml file), it will
now be needed to run "mvn clean install [-Dmaven.test.skip]"
prior to running any of the Ant tasks, in
order to download the necessary libs.
* Added maven-eclipse-plugin to pom.xml to create necessary
Eclipse .project/.settings/.classpath settings upon calling
mvn eclipse:clean eclipse:eclipse and removed corresponding
folders in SVN repository. (IDEA users use mvn idea:idea
2013-05-22 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.2-incubating-5
* Mavenized location of doc directory; rat, javadoc,
and releases folder now under target.
2013-05-20 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.2-incubating-4
* Mavenized location of src/wikipages files
2013-05-19 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.2-incubating-3
* Mavenized location of src/webdocs files
2013-05-18 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.2-incubating-2
* Mavenized locations of remaining etc/ files.
* Defaulting storageDir to same "jspwiki-files" dir as pageDir.
2013-05-18 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.2-incubating-1
* Removed filtering within DB and DB test creation scripts although
retained it within JDBC[User|Group] for users
wishing to use different table/column names.
2013-05-16 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.2-incubating-0
* Mavenized location of, routed JDBC tests
from tests/etc/db to target/etc/db, removed unused Ant API-difference
detector & switched to Maven Clirr plugin equivalent.
2013-05-06 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.1-incubating-10
* Mavenized locations of most tests/etc/ files -> src/test/resources
2013-05-03 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.1-incubating-9
* Refactored TemplateManager#listLanguages(PageContext pageContext) so it doesn't search for
i18n files under a specific jar filename
2013-05-03 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.1-incubating-8
* Moved test jspwiki{_vers, _rcs}.properties, filter.xml to Maven test/resources
location; activated Maven filtering for those files and updated build.xml and
pom.xml to point to new location for these files.
2013-05-02 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* Removed,, moved latter's
info into
* slight renaming of web.xml files generated in build.xml for readability
* Added Maven-only to src/main/filters (not yet used)
2013-04-30 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.1-incubating-7
* Moved WAR resources from previous commit to correct src/main/webapps/WEB-INF location, fixed pom.xml
to stop duplicating those resources in both webapps and webapps/WEB-INF
2013-04-30 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.1-incubating-6
* Moved WAR resources that don't require modification from etc/ to Mavenized src/main/webapps location.
* removed unused etc/dtd folder
2013-04-29 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.1-incubating-5
* Moved i18n resource files to Mavenized location.
* Updated build.xml and pom.xml for new i18n source locations
2013-04-25 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.1-incubating-4
* Moved ini folders from etc/ and tests/etc to
Mavenized locations src/[main|test]/resources/ini
* Updated build.xml and pom.xml for new ini source locations
2013-04-24 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.1-incubating-3
* Moved JSPWiki source and test source to Mavenized locations
* Updated build.xml and pom.xml for new JSPWiki source locations
2013-04-23 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.1-incubating-2
* JSPWIKI-775, fixing "null" change-notes in PageInfo.jsp.
2013-04-21 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.1-incubating-1
* fixed JSPWIKI-396): UTF-8 characters in wiki pages incorrectly rendered if served by Tomcat
2013-04-14 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* Start of Selenium plugin (just testing prior to it moving into its own module)
* Tomcat 5.x JSP precompilation option removed from build.xml
* Selenium TestSuite.html tests renamed to CamelCase to allow export-to-Java to work.
2013-04-07 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.1-incubating-0
2013-04-04 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* Updated pom.xml by removing Jaxen transitive dependencies and providing
comments on how to deploy via tomcat7:run-war and tomcat7:redeploy
2013-04-02 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* Removed apparently unused stripes library from WAR created by build.xml
* Updated Maven WAR plugin to bring in WEB-INF artifacts: classes, JARs, etc.
2013-04-01 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* Added YUICompressor Maven plugin into pom.xml to do the same compression
done by the Ant build script to CSS and JS files in webdocs/scripts and /templates
* Updated Maven WAR plugin to bring in the webdocs/scripts and /templates files.
2013-03-24 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* Removed empty src/applets folder
* More work on Maven WAR plugin configuration
2013-03-21 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* JSPWIKI-651: added m2e configuration to pom.xml
2013-03-20 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.1-svn-31
* fixed JSPWIKI-766): quick search not working anymore
* "unfixed" JSPWIKI-659 : NotSerializableException on Tomcat restart , UserManager not Serializable
2013-03-17 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.1-svn-30
* fixed JSPWIKI-765): lucene search returns 3 results at max, discovered by Dave Koelmeyer
2013-03-06 Glen Mazza (gmazza AT apache DOT org)
* Upgraded Maven's tomcat plugin to latest version 2.1
* Placed in a more helpful error message in
to let newbies know RCS needs to be installed on their machine
* Updated location in build.xml and pom.xml for JSTL library.
2013-02-19 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.1-svn-29
* JSPWIKI-764: ChangeLog published on site
* Upgraded version of maven's tomcat plugin to latest available (JSPWIKI-651 related)
2013-02-19 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.1-svn-28
* JSPWIKI-762: Drop TranslatorReader
* JSPWIKI-763: Requirement of at least Java 6 to build
2013-02-15 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.1-svn-27
* changed test email addresses from to
2013-02-14 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.1-svn-26
* changed test email addresses to (reported by Tony Stevenson from infra)
2013-02-12 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.1-svn-25
* JSPWIKI-759 Resin 4 Compatibility (thanks to Paul Cowan)
* build.xml tweak: shut down the Jetty test server after the last webtest
2013-02-08 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.1-svn-24
* Decoupled (for 2.10 scope) Preferences from WikiContext, effectively meaning that the following
methods are now deprecated
- WikiContext#getBundle( String ) in favour of Preferences#getBundle( WikiContext, String )
- WikiContext#getLocale( WikiContext ) in favour of Preferences#getLocale( WikiContext )
- WikiContext#hasAccess( HttpServletResponse ) in favour of
AuthorizationManager#hasAccess( HttpServletResponse )
- WikiContext#hasAccess( HttpServletResponse, boolean ) in favour of
AuthorizationManager#hasAccess( HttpServletResponse, boolean )
* Decoupled (for 2.10 scope) from, by deprecating
- WorkflowEvent#getWorkflow() in favour of WikiEvent#getSrc()
* Added latest pom.xml from JSPWIKI-651 - Convert JSPWiki to a Maven project. Check associated
JIRA for details
2013-01-28 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.1-svn-23
* Dutch localization updates in follow up on JSPWIKI-143 and JSPWIKI-150
2013-01-28 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.1-svn-22
* JSPWIKI-143: Unlocalized messages in user management
* JSPWIKI-150: Unlocalized content at workflow's notification for creating a new user
* Minor refactor to HsqlDbUtils init checks
* deprecated
- JSPWikiMarkupParser.getImagePatterns( WikiEngine ) in favour of
- UserManager.SaveUserProfileTask( WikiEngine ) in favour of
UserManager.SaveUserProfileTask( WikiEngine, Locale )
2013-01-27 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.1-svn-21
* JSPWIKI-712, fixing entities encoding in change-note, author and link fields.
Part 2 : more fixes when adding page comments. (as pointed out by Harry)
* Improved styling of form buttons, fixing presentation issues in Chrome.
2013-01-26 Glen Mazza
* Removed no longer needed,
returned StressTestVersioningProvider to JUnit tests in build.xml
2013-01-26 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.1-svn-20
* JSPWIKI-758 - deprecate RCS support.
2013-01-24 Glen Mazza
* Minor tweak to testSerialization() in AclImplTest so it will work with both Maven and Ant
running the test.
2013-01-22 Glen Mazza
* Fix for JSPWiki-396 (updated org/apache/wiki/util/ to
use streaming instead of char array-based output to WebLogic.
2013-01-20 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.1-svn-19
* JSPWIKI-712, fixing entities encoding in change-note, author and link fields.
2013-01-15 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.1-svn-18
* fixed JSPWIKI-712 Entities in ChangeNote should be decoded when "keep editing"
2013-01-14 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.1-svn-17
* fixed JSPWIKI-659 NotSerializableException on Tomcat restart , UserManager not Serializable
We now no longer put JSONRPCBridge in the HttpSession. Long term solution is to migrate to
2013-01-12 Glen Mazza (
* Switched to a hardcoded file for testing to simplify build.xml and future
Maven conversion. Updated the developing pom.xml in JSPWIKI-651.
2013-01-10 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.1-svn-16
* some additional changes regarding (cfr. $SVN/trunk/doc/2.10-API.txt):
- @Deprecated public void executeParse(PluginContent content, WikiContext context)
+ consider using PluginContent.executeParse(WikiContext) instead
- WikiPlugin newWikiPlugin( String pluginName, ResourceBundle rb ) is now public and part
of the API
2013-01-09 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.1-svn-15
* fixed JSPWIKI-757 Have default file direction location be in relative directory instead of
hardcoded /p/dir1/dir2.If jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir in isn't
provided, it will default to ${user.home}/jspwiki-files
* new API package, intended to hold WikiEngine, its managers and
related classes. FilterManager and PluginManager moved there (cfr. JSPWIKI-155, JSPWIKI-303
and $SVN/trunk/doc/2.10-API.txt).
* and Moved to equivalent classes under Original classes marked with @Deprecated and forwarding to the new
ones until 2.10
* deprecated WikiEngine.getRequiredProperty( props, key ) in favour of
TextUtil.getRequiredProperty( props, key ). The former will be deleted in 2.10 scope
2013-01-08 Glen Mazza (
* JSPWIKI-756 removed unused Xalan, Xerces, and Custom-Rhino JARs
2013-01-06 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.1-svn-14
* Global use of instead of,
as part of JSPWiki API (cfr. JSPWIKI-303).
* Corrected the displayed version of commons-httpclient, we are downloading 3.1, but it was
named 3.0.1 (it is needed to either delete commons-httpclient-3.0.1.jar or run ant
clean-deps to ensure that the old jar goes away)
* Some minor refactors to expose generified collections at Acl and AclEntry, and adding
missing serialVersionUID at
2013-01-06 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.1-svn-13
* fixed JSPWIKI-533 proper handling of page deletes and renames for the Breadcrumb trail
2013-01-06 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.1-svn-12
* fixed JSPWIKI-439 Localization of JSPWiki
2013-01-02 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.1-svn-11
* JSPWIKI-513 - Remove DAV support from JSPWiki
2013-01-01 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.1-svn-10
* webtests now also use HsqlDbUtils (just like the normal tests), also removed redundant
hsqldb ant tasks from build.xml
2012-12-30 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.1-svn-9
* repaired broken webtests, we now have one (documented) failing webtest (RenameProfile
for container managed auth).
Required fixes:
- TestContainer now binds the jdbc/UserDatabase jdbc/GroupDatabase in Jetty's namespace
- Logout webtest checks for the specific JSPWikiAssertedName cookie
- build.xml was missing a lot of tasks and macros, required to properly startup hsqldb (don't know how/why)
- JDBCGroupDatabase : NamingExceptions do not have a cause, we now log the exception itself
- removed the semicolon from the License in .ddl files (they cause syntax errors)
2012-12-26 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.1-svn-8
* Filters API (, as part of JSPWiki API (cfr. JSPWIKI-303).
Check UPGRADING document for details
* Plugin API moved to its own sub-package,
* explicit access to API interfaces to get rid of "cannot dereference error with
generics" errors at builds.a.o (cfr.
2012-12-26 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.1-svn-7
* fixed JSPWIKI-663 (Christmas 2012 patch, thanks to Glen Mazza),
Rename page - page index still shows attachment with old page name, also patched the
WikiPageRenameEvent handling code in PageViewPlugin
2012-12-14 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.1-svn-6
* initial commit for JSPWiki API (cfr. JSPWIKI-303), mostly focused on plugin API. Check
UPGRADING document for details
2012-12-12 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.1-svn-5
* fixed JSPWIKI-742 NullPointerException in PriorityList (reported by Rakesh K. Cherukuri)
* minor updates to build.xml to properly handle build failures (I am not an ant expert...)
2012-12-09 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* Sonar Ant task executed even if there are tests failures
* When building, jspwiki.baseURL defaults to http://localhost:8080/JSPWiki/
2012-12-08 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.1-svn-4
* fixed JSPWIKI-754 Have PageViewPlugin work with page renames (thanks to Glen Mazza)
2012-12-06 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.1-svn-3
* Added generics to WikiPlugin.execute( WikiContext, Map< String, String > )
and propagated the change to all plugins. Cfr. with UPGRADING document for details.
2012-12-02 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.1-svn-2
* fixed JSPWIKI-753 Consolidate TestEngine.deleteTestPage to single, non-static method (thanks to Glen Mazza)
2012-12-02 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.1-svn-1
* fixed JSPWIKI-665 Page View Plugin and page renames and deletions (thanks to Glen Mazza)
2012-11-22 Florian Holeczek (florianh AT apache DOT org)
* version switch to 2.9.1-svn-0
2012-11-17 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* JSPWIKI-751: deleted guitests target
* Upgraded Sonar Ant Tasks to 2.0
2012-11-01 Florian Holeczek (florianh AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.0-incubating (preparing release)
* added generation of .sha1 checksum files
2012-10-30 Florian Holeczek (florianh AT apache DOT org)
* moved doc/aaa-diagram.graffle to project management area
2012-10-28 Florian Holeczek (florianh AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.0-incubating-14
* JSPWIKI-750: PageViewPluginTest is failing very often when using a JDK 7
* minor documentation and logging fixes to PageViewPlugin
2012-10-22 Florian Holeczek (florianh AT apache DOT org)
* several small fixes and improvements related to building and licensing stuff
2012-10-22 Florian Holeczek (florianh AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.0-incubating-13
* fixed CommentedPropertiesTest, which broke because of the recent license header changes
2012-10-22 Florian Holeczek (florianh AT apache DOT org)
* adjusted Ant target "rat-report"
* added license headers to further files
2012-10-21 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* ensure correct information on cobertura reports.
2012-10-21 Florian Holeczek (florianh AT apache DOT org)
* some further fixes to license headers
* build improvements: checksum files in correct format, added SHA-512 hash
2012-10-20 Florian Holeczek (florianh AT apache DOT org)
* some fixes for JSPWIKI-749 and CheckStyle version 5.6
2012-10-09 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* added Apache License Header to files which were missing it
(cfr. with
2012-10-08 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* Added rat-report task. It requires at least Apache Ant 1.7.1, though.
* .java files now conform strictly to Apache License Header (cfr. with
2012-09-25 Florian Holeczek (florianh AT apache DOT org)
* no version bump
* minor update to LICENSE file (YUI Compressor version number)
2012-09-23 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* upgraded Yui compressor to 2.4.7, 2.4.2 from Central is broken. Thanks to Peter Hormanns
for noticing.
2012-09-18 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* tomcat jars downgraded to 5.5.23 so they can be downloaded from Central. Completes JSPWIKI-746
and therefore closes JSPWIKI-744
* jetty upgraded to 7.6.7.v20120910 and selenium-server downloaded from their site, to avoid
downloading anything from during build time
2012-09-10 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.0-incubating-12
* rewrote TestContainer to jetty version 7
* upgraded to selenium-server-standalone-2.25.0.jar
2012-09-06 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.0-incubating-11
* upgraded jrcs-diff to 0.4.2, as part of JSPWIKI-746
* JSPWIKI-747: Dependencies currently unavailable at Central repo
2012-08-29 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* no version bump
* JSPWIKI-745: Dependencies currently downloadable from Central repo
2012-08-09 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.0-incubating-10
* ant clean target cleans all generated files
* junit reports are generated inside of ${} instead of inside ${tests.src}
* dependencies are downloaded from Central repo whenever is possible, in order to avoid
the maintenance of a libraries' svn directory.
* ${libs.opt} set to tests/libs-opt in order to avoid downloading of opt files every time a
clean is made
* maven-ant-tasks aren't used to download opt-libs anymore
* HSQL connections are handled inside the appropiate unit tests in order to ensure HSQL
server shutdown. Hypersonic is updated to
* added clean-deps target to remove all lib's directories. Useful to remove old jars
if the dependencies get updated. This target needs to be run at least once to
ensure that old jars don't remain in classpath
2012-07-22 Florian Holeczek (florianh AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.0-incubating-9
* JSPWIKI-731: replaced some occurences of by (XML namespaces)
* some updates to release documentation
2012-07-20 Florian Holeczek (florianh AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.0-incubating-8
* Several fixes and improvements for quite some localization resources. Special thanks go to Christophe Dupriez!
2012-07-18 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.0-incubating-7
* JSPWIKI-738: Dependencies should not be distributed with source archive
* Small refactor in LuceneSearchProvider
2012-07-16 Florian Holeczek (florianh AT apache DOT org)
* no version bump
* synchronized windows to unix build files
2012-07-07 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.0-incubating-6
* Fixing JSPWIKI-733 Box rounded corners missing in Firefox 13 for PlainVanilla skin elements etc.
Add unprefixed border-radius and box-shadow to jspwiki.css.
(ref. Gecko 2.0 dropped support for -moz-prefix.)
* Fixing JSPWIKI-734 ShortURLConstructor causes Syntax Error when loading jspwiki-edit.js
2012-06-05 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.0-incubating-5, fixed JSPWIKI-737 IfPlugin negation doesn't work
2012-06-04 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.0-incubating-4, added support for cobertura reports and Sonar integration.
2012-06-08 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.0-incubating-3, fixed JSPWIKI-729 Update Lucene to current version 3.6.0
2012-06-06 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.0-incubating-2, fixed jsp compile error in rss.jsp ( we forgot one occurrence of com.ecyrd.jspwiki)
2012-05-02 Dirk Frederickx (brushed AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.0-incubating-1, fixing JSPWIKI-683 Sortable Tables.
* second ASF release candidate build.
2012-04-21 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.0-incubating-0, first ASF release candidate build.
2012-04-18 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.0-svn-9
* fixed JSPWIKI-726 drop the 2 case-sensitive tests in WikiEngineTest.testSpacedNames1
2012-04-14 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.0-svn-8
* fixed JSPWIKI-725 Return to original page attachments list after deleting one attachment
2012-03-25 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.0-svn-7
* fixed JSPWIKI-722 Build broken under jdk 1.7
2012-02-22 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.0-svn-6
* fixed JSPWIKI-721 Log FileNotFoundException on missing attachment
2012-02-12 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.0-svn-5
* small refactor on ClassUtil.getMappedObject: it uses varargs so we can take away
a couple of methods. Also /etc/ini/classmappings.xml file is fully populated with
all ClassUtil.getMappedObject calls
2012-02-07 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* tests are now part of the main build. Also, they can be desactivated through
jspwiki.test.skip property (i.e.: ant clean dist -Djspwiki.test.skip=true)
2012-02-06 Juan Pablo Santos (juanpablo AT apache DOT org)
* 2.9.0-svn-4
* taken back <signeddist/> goal from 3.0 branch in order to be able to accomplish
2012-02-01 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.0-svn-3
* fixed JSPWIKI-719 (plugin compatibility with com.ecyrd.jspwiki)
* draft ReleaseNotes
2012-01-29 Florian Holeczek <>
* 2.9.0-svn-2
* corrected some minor errors which emerged from package renaming
2012-01-25 Harry Metske <>
* 2.9.0-svn-1
* release bump because of package rename