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Update 3.2 documentation for RC1
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cadonna committed May 3, 2022
1 parent 90621af commit 9944a090e3db899d9cd0a42426aa5faeb972aa31
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@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
[2022-04-15 18:26:39,525] INFO Metrics scheduler closed (org.apache.kafka.common.metrics.Metrics:659)
[2022-04-15 18:26:39,530] INFO Metrics reporters closed (org.apache.kafka.common.metrics.Metrics:669)
[2022-05-03 14:58:45,094] INFO Metrics scheduler closed (org.apache.kafka.common.metrics.Metrics:659)
[2022-05-03 14:58:45,097] INFO Metrics reporters closed (org.apache.kafka.common.metrics.Metrics:669)
<table class="data-table"><tbody>
<td colspan=3 class="mbeanName" style="background-color:#ccc; font-weight: bold;">kafka.connect:type=connect-worker-metrics</td></tr>
@@ -73,7 +73,13 @@ <h5><a id="upgrade_320_notable" href="#upgrade_320_notable">Notable changes in 3
via Connect worker and/or connector configuration. Connect may enable idempotent producers
by default in a future major release.</li>
<li>Kafka has replaced log4j and slf4j-log4j12 with reload4j and slf4j-reload4j due to security concerns.
More information can be found at <a href"">reload4j</a>.</li>
This only affects modules that specify a logging backend (<code>connect-runtime</code> and <code>kafka-tools</code> are two such examples).
A number of modules, including <code>kafka-clients</code>, leave it to the application to specify the logging backend.
More information can be found at <a href"">reload4j</a>.
Projects that depend on the affected modules from the Kafka project should use
<a href="">slf4j-log4j12 version 1.7.35 or above</a> or
slf4j-reload4j to avoid
<a href="">possible compatibility issues originating from the logging framework</a>.</li>
<li>The example connectors, <code>FileStreamSourceConnector</code> and <code>FileStreamSinkConnector</code>, have been
removed from the default classpath. To use them in Kafka Connect standalone or distributed mode they need to be
explicitly added, for example <code>CLASSPATH=./lib/connect-file-3.2.0.jar ./bin/</code>.</li>

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