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fsaintjacques commented Jan 30, 2013

This issue can be caused by a non-existing path but also a misunderstanding from the config file. A short example will help the user.

zk.connect clarification in server.properties
The previous wording is not 100% clear, a little example clarifies it.

asfgit pushed a commit that referenced this pull request May 30, 2013

kafka-856; Correlation id for OffsetFetch request (#2) always respond…
…s with 0; patched by Milosz Tanski; reviewed by Jun Rao

relango added a commit to relango/kafka that referenced this pull request Mar 31, 2014

Merge pull request #2 from MandMTrust/sslcontext-fix
Fix issue with SSLContext initialized globally at JVM level

Ishiihara added a commit to confluentinc/kafka that referenced this pull request Jun 16, 2015


ijuma commented Jul 20, 2015

This pull request doesn't merge cleanly anymore, can you please close it?

Sorry for not replying to this earlier, but pull requests are not currently monitored as the Kafka project uses JIRA and Review Board for contributions. There is a plan to change this and we would like to close stale PRs before we start. Unfortunately we can't do it ourselves (a JIRA needs to be filed with Apache Infra) so your help is appreciated.

If this change is still relevant, please see http://kafka.apache.org/contributing.html. Alternatively wait until the new approach based on GitHub pull requests is in place (hopefully soon).


fsaintjacques commented Jul 20, 2015

I believe you can close it, this is a really old PR.


ijuma commented Jul 20, 2015

@fsaintjacques, for Apache projects, no-one but Apache Infra has write permission to the repository (including pull requests and issues). So, either you (the author) must close it, or we must file a ticket asking Infra to do it.

asfgit pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Jul 29, 2015

KAFKA-2276; KIP-25 initial patch
Initial patch for KIP-25

Note that to install ducktape, do *not* use pip to install ducktape. Instead:

$ git clone gitgithub.com:confluentinc/ducktape.git
$ cd ducktape
$ python setup.py install

Author: Geoff Anderson <geoff@confluent.io>
Author: Geoff <granders@gmail.com>
Author: Liquan Pei <liquanpei@gmail.com>

Reviewers: Ewen, Gwen, Jun, Guozhang

Closes #70 from granders/KAFKA-2276 and squashes the following commits:

a62fb6c [Geoff Anderson] fixed checkstyle errors
a70f0f8 [Geoff Anderson] Merged in upstream trunk.
8b62019 [Geoff Anderson] Merged in upstream trunk.
47b7b64 [Geoff Anderson] Created separate tools jar so that the clients package does not pull in dependencies on the Jackson JSON tools or argparse4j.
a9e6a14 [Geoff Anderson] Merged in upstream changes
d18db7b [Geoff Anderson] fixed :rat errors (needed to add licenses)
321fdf8 [Geoff Anderson] Ignore tests/ and vagrant/ directories when running rat build task
795fc75 [Geoff Anderson] Merged in changes from upstream trunk.
1d93f06 [Geoff Anderson] Updated provisioning to use java 7 in light of KAFKA-2316
2ea4e29 [Geoff Anderson] Tweaked README, changed default log collection behavior on VerifiableProducer
0eb6fdc [Geoff Anderson] Merged in system-tests
69dd7be [Geoff Anderson] Merged in trunk
4034dd6 [Geoff Anderson] Merged in upstream trunk
ede6450 [Geoff] Merge pull request #4 from confluentinc/move_muckrake
7751545 [Geoff Anderson] Corrected license headers
e6d532f [Geoff Anderson] java 7 -> java 6
8c61e2d [Geoff Anderson] Reverted jdk back to 6
f14c507 [Geoff Anderson] Removed mode = "test" from Vagrantfile and Vagrantfile.local examples. Updated testing README to clarify aws setup.
98b7253 [Geoff Anderson] Updated consumer tests to pre-populate kafka logs
e6a41f1 [Geoff Anderson] removed stray println
b15b24f [Geoff Anderson] leftover KafkaBenchmark in super call
0f75187 [Geoff Anderson] Rmoved stray allow_fail. kafka_benchmark_test -> benchmark_test
f469f84 [Geoff Anderson] Tweaked readme, added example Vagrantfile.local
3d73857 [Geoff Anderson] Merged downstream changes
42dcdb1 [Geoff Anderson] Tweaked behavior of stop_node, clean_node to generally fail fast
7f7c3e0 [Geoff Anderson] Updated setup.py for kafkatest
c60125c [Geoff Anderson] TestEndToEndLatency -> EndToEndLatency
4f476fe [Geoff Anderson] Moved aws scripts to vagrant directory
5af88fc [Geoff Anderson] Updated README to include aws quickstart
e5edf03 [Geoff Anderson] Updated example aws Vagrantfile.local
96533c3 [Geoff] Update aws-access-keys-commands
25a413d [Geoff] Update aws-example-Vagrantfile.local
884b20e [Geoff Anderson] Moved a bunch of files to kafkatest directory
fc7c81c [Geoff Anderson] added setup.py
632be12 [Geoff] Merge pull request #3 from confluentinc/verbose-client
51a94fd [Geoff Anderson] Use argparse4j instead of joptsimple. ThroughputThrottler now has more intuitive behavior when targetThroughput is 0.
a80a428 [Geoff Anderson] Added shell program for VerifiableProducer.
d586fb0 [Geoff Anderson] Updated comments to reflect that throttler is not message-specific
6842ed1 [Geoff Anderson] left out a file from last commit
1228eef [Geoff Anderson] Renamed throttler
9100417 [Geoff Anderson] Updated command-line options for VerifiableProducer. Extracted throughput logic to make it reusable.
0a5de8e [Geoff Anderson] Fixed checkstyle errors. Changed name to VerifiableProducer. Added synchronization for thread safety on println statements.
475423b [Geoff Anderson] Convert class to string before adding to json object.
bc009f2 [Geoff Anderson] Got rid of VerboseProducer in core (moved to clients)
c0526fe [Geoff Anderson] Updates per review comments.
8b4b1f2 [Geoff Anderson] Minor updates to VerboseProducer
2777712 [Geoff Anderson] Added some metadata to producer output.
da94b8c [Geoff Anderson] Added number of messages option.
07cd1c6 [Geoff Anderson] Added simple producer which prints status of produced messages to stdout.
a278988 [Geoff Anderson] fixed typos
f1914c3 [Liquan Pei] Merge pull request #2 from confluentinc/system_tests
81e4156 [Liquan Pei] Bootstrap Kafka system tests

ymatsuda pushed a commit to ymatsuda/kafka that referenced this pull request Mar 2, 2016

Merge pull request #91 from guozhangwang/0.9.0-cp-2.0.1-with-streams-…

Backport recent changes from trunk/streams: batch #2

resetius pushed a commit to resetius/kafka that referenced this pull request Jun 7, 2016

Alexey Ozeritsky
Merge pull request #2 from baidarov/build
[LOGBROKER-726] Fix debianization

hachikuji referenced this pull request in hachikuji/kafka Sep 8, 2016

Merge pull request #2 from guozhangwang/exactly-once
Message format changes on client side

jasonaliyetti pushed a commit to jasonaliyetti/kafka that referenced this pull request Oct 14, 2016

Merge pull request #2 from jasonaliyetti/ineligible-leader
Add ability to prevent broker from taking leadership for any partition

baluchicken added a commit to baluchicken/kafka-1 that referenced this pull request Jan 3, 2017

GeorgeCGV pushed a commit to GeorgeCGV/kafka that referenced this pull request Jan 16, 2018

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