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Apache Karaf Blueprint Example


Blueprint is a convenient way of using services. You can describe your beans and services using a XML descriptor. You can write this XML by hand or use annotation and let the blueprint-maven-plugin generates the XML for you.


  • karaf-blueprint-example-common provides the BookingService interface and Booking POJO.
  • karaf-blueprint-example-provider implements and exposes a BookingService using a Blueprint XML file.
  • karaf-blueprint-example-client uses OSGI-INF/blueprint/client.xml Blueprint XML to get a service and start a thread.
  • karaf-blueprint-example-features contains a Karaf features repository used for the deployment.

## Build

Simply use:

mvn clean install

## Feature and Deployment

On a running Karaf instance, you register the blueprint example features repository with:

karaf@root()> feature:repo-add mvn:org.apache.karaf.examples/karaf-blueprint-example-features/LATEST/xml

Then you can install the karaf-blueprint-example-provider feature:

karaf@root()> feature:install karaf-blueprint-example-provider

Now, you can install the karaf-blueprint-example-client feature:

karaf@root()> feature:install karaf-blueprint-example-client

When you install the client feature, you should see on the console:

karaf@root()> 1794197511025182174 | John Doo | AF3030
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