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Making a release (for release managers)
1. Pre-release check list
- Make sure tests pass on all the supported Python versions (sudo tox)
- Make sure CHANGES file is up to date
- Make sure __version__ string in libcloud/ is up to date
2. Creating release artifacts
We have a script that runs the required commands and then hashes
and signs the files. To run it:
cd dist
./ -u
This should result in a set of apache-libcloud-${VERSION}.{tar.bz2,zip}{,asc,md5,sha1}
files that are suitable to be uploaded for a release.
3. Uploading release artifacts
- Add release artifacts to the SVN repository at
It may take up to a day for the artifacts to be available on all the
Apache mirrors, but they should be instantly available at
- If there is more than one older release in the repository, delete the
oldest one. Old releases are automatically archived and available at
4. Tagging a release
svn copy \<version number> \
-r <release revision number> \
-m "Release <version number>"
5. Publishing package to PyPi
6. Generate API docs and add them to the SVN repository
python apidocs
cp -r apidocs ../site/content/apidocs/<version>
Note: For generating API docs you need the following libraries installed:
- pydoctor -
- epydoc
7. Update latest API doc version in ../site/content/apidocs/index.html and
8. Updating a website and doap_libcloud
- Update "News" page
- Update "Downloads" page
- Update "Get it" section in the sidebar
- Update doap_libcloud.rdf and add info about the new version
9. Sending announcements
- Send a release announcement to {dev,users} If it's a
major release also send it to
- Send a release announcement to Twitter & Google+
- If needed, use Apache URL shortening service -
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