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Apache Lucene and Solr

Apache Lucene is a high-performance, full featured text search engine library written in Java.

Apache Solr is an enterprise search platform written using Apache Lucene. Major features include full-text search, index replication and sharding, and result faceting and highlighting.

Online Documentation

This README file only contains basic setup instructions. For more comprehensive documentation, visit:

Building Lucene/Solr

(You do not need to do this if you downloaded a pre-built package.)

Lucene and Solr are built using Apache Ant. To build Lucene and Solr, run:

ant compile

If you see an error about Ivy missing while invoking Ant (e.g., .ant/lib does not exist), run ant ivy-bootstrap and retry.

Sometimes you may face issues with Ivy (e.g., an incompletely downloaded artifact). Cleaning up the Ivy cache and retrying is a workaround for most of such issues:

rm -rf ~/.ivy2/cache

The Solr server can then be packaged and prepared for startup by running the following command from the solr/ directory:

ant server

Running Solr

After building Solr, the server can be started using the bin/solr control scripts. Solr can be run in either standalone or distributed (SolrCloud mode).

To run Solr in standalone mode, run the following command from the solr/ directory:

bin/solr start

To run Solr in SolrCloud mode, run the following command from the solr/ directory:

bin/solr start -c

The bin/solr control script allows heavy modification of the started Solr. Common options are described in some detail in solr/README.txt. For an exhaustive treatment of options, run bin/solr start -h from the solr/ directory.


Ant can be used to generate project files compatible with most common IDEs. Run the ant command corresponding to your IDE of choice before attempting to import Lucene/Solr.

  • Eclipse - ant eclipse
  • IntelliJ - ant idea
  • Netbeans - ant netbeans

Running Tests

The standard test suite can be run with the command:

ant test

Like Solr itself, the test-running can be customized or tailored in a number or ways. For an exhaustive discussion of the options available, run:

ant test-help


Please review the Contributing to Solr Guide for information on contributing.

Discussion and Support