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Apache Solr Release Notes
Apache Solr is an open source enterprise search server based on the Apache Lucene Java
search library, with XML/HTTP and JSON APIs, hit highlighting, faceted search,
caching, replication, and a web administration interface.
See for more information.
Getting Started
You need a Java 1.8 VM or later installed.
In this release, there is an example Solr server including a bundled
servlet container in the directory named "example".
See the Solr tutorial at
================== 8.0.0 ==================
Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.
Versions of Major Components
Apache Tika 1.18
Carrot2 3.16.0
Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0
Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.11
Jetty 9.4.11.v20180605
Upgrade Notes
* LUCENE-7996: The 'func' query parser now returns scores that are equal to 0
when a negative value is produced. This change is due to the fact that
Lucene now requires scores to be positive. (Adrien Grand)
* SOLR-11882: SolrMetric registries retained references to SolrCores when closed. A
change of SolrMetricMAnager.registerGauge and SolrMetricProducer.initializeMetrics
method signatures was required to fix it. Third party components that use this API
need to be updated. (Eros Taborelli, Erick Erickson, ab)
* LUCENE-8267: Memory codecs have been removed from the codebase (MemoryPostings,
MemoryDocValues). If you used postingsFormat="Memory" or docValuesFormat="Memory"
then either remove it to use the default or experiment with one of the others. (Dawid Weiss)
* SOLR-12586: The date format patterns used by ParseDateFieldUpdateProcessorFactory (present in "schemaless mode")
are now interpreted by Java 8's java.time.DateTimeFormatter instead of Joda Time. The pattern language is very
similar but not the same. Typically, simply update the pattern by changing an uppercase 'Z' to lowercase 'z' and
that's it. For the current recommended set of patterns in schemaless mode, see "Schemaless Mode" in the ref guide,
or simply examine the default configSet. Also note that the set of patterns (formats) here have
expanded from before to subsume those patterns previously handled by the "extract" contrib (Solr Cell / Tika).
(David Smiley, Bar Rotstein)
New Features
SOLR-12591: Expand the set of recognized date format patterns of schemaless mode to subsume those handled by the
"extract" contrib (Solr Cell / Tika). This is primarily a change in configuration of the default configSet for more
patterns, but also included enabling "lenient" parsing in ParseDateFieldUpdateProcessorFactory. The default
locale was changed from ROOT to en_US since well-known patterns assume this locale.
(David Smiley, Bar Rotstein)
Other Changes
* SOLR-12614: Make "Nodes" view the default in AdminUI "Cloud" tab (janhoy)
* SOLR-12586: Upgrade ParseDateFieldUpdateProcessorFactory (present in "schemaless mode") to use Java 8's
java.time.DateTimeFormatter instead of Joda time (see upgrade notes). "Lenient" is enabled. Removed Joda Time dependency.
(David Smiley, Bar Rotstein)
================== 7.6.0 ==================
Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.
Versions of Major Components
Apache Tika 1.18
Carrot2 3.16.0
Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0
Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.11
Jetty 9.4.11.v20180605
New Features
* SOLR-6280: {!collapse}: if you attempt to use CollapseQParser on a field that is multi-valued, you will now get an
error. Previously, the collapsing behavior was unreliable and undefined despite no explicit error.
(Munendra S N, David Smiley)
Other Changes
* SOLR-12762: Fix javadoc for SolrCloudTestCase.clusterShape() method and add a method that validates only against
Active slices (Anshum Gupta)
================== 7.5.0 ==================
Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.
Versions of Major Components
Apache Tika 1.18
Carrot2 3.16.0
Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0
Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.11
Jetty 9.4.11.v20180605
Upgrade Notes
* The data-driven schema no longer returns the *_str field-copy of text fields by default. The *_str field is still
created and can be used for e.g. sorting, but to retrieve it you now need to explicitly list it in "fl" (SOLR-12350)
* LUCENE-7976: TieredMergePolicy now respects maxSegmentSizeMB by default when executing
findForcedMerges (optimize) and findForcedDeletesMerges (expungeDeletes) (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-12395: SignificantTermsQParserPlugin's name is now 'significantTerms' and its old name 'sigificantTerms' is deprecated.
* SOLR-11694: Extremely outdated UIMA contrib module has been removed (Alexandre Rafalovitch)
* SOLR-12008: The configuration file for log4j2.xml is now in ../server/resources/log4j2.xml. All other copies have been removed.
WINDOWS USERS: This JIRA corrects a bug in the start scripts that put example logs under ...\server, solr.log is
now under ...\example. (Erick Erickson)
New Features
* SOLR-11865: The QueryElevationComponent now has a useConfiguredElevatedOrder setting. When multiple docs are elevated,
this specifies whether their relative order should be the order in the configuration file or if not then should they
be subject to whatever the sort criteria is. Additionally, QEC was extensively refactored to be more extensible.
(Bruno Roustant, David Smiley)
* SOLR-12474: Add an UpdateRequest Object that implements RequestWriter.ContentWriter (noble)
* SOLR-12361: Allow nested child documents to be in field values of a SolrInputDocument as an alternative to
add/get ChildDocuments off to the side. The latter is now referred to as "anonymous" child documents as opposed to
"labelled" (by the field name). Anonymous child docs might be deprecated in the future. This is an internal change
that should work for javabin/SolrJ; separate issues will address XML & JSON formats populating nested docs in this way.
AddUpdateCommand and it's relationship with DirectUpdateHandler2 was reworked substantially. (Moshe Bla, David Smiley)
* SOLR-12362: Uploading docs in JSON now supports child documents as field values, thus providing a label to the
relationship instead of the current "anonymous" relationship. Use of this experimental feature sometimes requires a
anonChildDocs=false parameter until Solr 8 due to syntax ambiguities. (Moshe Bla, David Smiley)
* SOLR-12485: Uploading docs in XML now supports child documents as field values, thus providing a label to the
relationship instead of the current "anonymous" relationship. (Moshe Bla, David Smiley)
* SOLR-12441: (EXPERIMENTAL) New NestedUpdateProcessorFactory (URP) to populate special fields _nest_parent_ and
_nest_path_ of nested (child) documents. It will generate a uniqueKey of nested docs if they were blank too.
(Moshe Bla, David Smiley)
* SOLR-12519: The [child] transformer now returns a nested child doc structure (attached as fields if provided this way)
provided the schema has the _nest_path_ field. This is part of a broader enhancement of nested docs.
(Moshe Bla, David Smiley)
* SOLR-12722: The [child] transformer now takes an 'fl' param to specify which fields to return. It will evaluate
doc transformers if present. In 7.5 a missing 'fl' defaults to the current behavior of all fields, but in 8.0
defaults to the top/request "fl". (Moshe Bla, David Smiley)
* SOLR-11578: Solr 7 Admin UI (Cloud > Graph) should reflect the Replica type to give a more accurate representation
of the cluster. (Rhoit Singh via Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-12507: Modify collection API should support un-setting properties. (shalin)
* SOLR-12506: Add SolrJ support for the modify collection API. (shalin)
* SOLR-12398: The JSON Facet API now supports type=heatmap facets, just as classic faceting does. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-11985: Support percentage values in replica attribute in autoscaling policy (noble)
* SOLR-12511: Support non integer values for replica in autoscaling policy (noble)
* SOLR-12517: Support range values for replica in autoscaling policy (noble)
* SOLR-12530: Ability to disable configset upload via -Dconfigset.upload.enabled=false startup parameter
(Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
* SOLR-12495: An #EQUAL function for replica in autoscaling policy to equally distribute replicas (noble)
* SOLR-11986: Allow percentage in freedisk attribute in autoscaling policy rules (noble)
* SOLR-12522: Support a runtime function `#ALL` for 'replica' in autoscaling policies (noble)
* SOLR-12567: JSON Facet "functions" now support an extended "type:func" syntax, similar to other types
of facets. This also allows additional local params to be specified for if the aggregation function
can take advantage of them. (hossman)
* SOLR-12581: the JSON Facet 'relatedness()' aggregate function now supports a 'min_popularity' option
using the extended type:func syntax (hossman)
* SOLR-12536: autoscaling policy support to equally distribute replicas on the basis of arbitrary properties (noble)
* SOLR-8207: Add "Nodes" view to the Admin UI "Cloud" tab, listing nodes and key metrics (janhoy)
* SOLR-7767: "ZK Status" sub menu under "Cloud" tab to see status of zookeeper ensemble (janhoy)
* SOLR-11990: Make it possible to co-locate replicas of multiple collections together in a node. A collection may be
co-located with another collection during collection creation time by specifying a 'withCollection' parameter. It can
also be co-located afterwards by using the modify collection API. The co-location guarantee is enforced regardless of
future cluster operations whether they are invoked manually via the Collection API or by the Autoscaling framework.
(noble, shalin)
* SOLR-12402: Factor out SolrDefaultStreamFactory class. (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-12592: support #EQUAL function, range operator, decimal and percentage in cores in autoscaling policies (noble)
* SOLR-12655: Add Korean morphological analyzer ("nori") to default distribution. This also adds examples
for configuration in Solr's schema. (Uwe Schindler)
* SOLR-11863: Add knnRegress Stream Evaluator to support nearest neighbor regression (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-12702: Add zscores Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-12687: Add functions to cache data structures and mathematical models (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-12671: Add robust flag to knnRegress Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-12660: Add outliers Stream Evaluator to support outlier detection with probability distributions
(Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-12634: Add gaussfit Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-12629: The predict evaluator should work with the polyfit function (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-12715: NodeAddedTrigger should support adding replicas to new nodes by setting preferredOperation=addreplica.
* SOLR-11861: When creating a configSet via the API, the "baseConfigSet" parameter now defaults to "_default".
(Amrit Sarkar, David Smiley)
* SOLR-12716: NodeLostTrigger should support deleting replicas from lost nodes by setting preferredOperation=deletenode.
* SOLR-9418: Added a new (experimental) PhrasesIdentificationComponent for identifying potential phrases
in query input based on overlapping shingles in the index. (Akash Mehta, Trey Grainger, hossman)
* SOLR-11943: Add machine learning functions for location data (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-12612: Cluster properties restriction of known keys only is relaxed, and now unknown properties starting with "ext."
will be allowed. This allows custom to plugins set their own cluster properties. (Jeffery Yuan via Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-12357: Time Routed Aliases now have a preemptiveCreateMath option to preemptively and asynchronously create the
next collection in advance as new data gets within this time window of the end. (Gus Heck, David Smiley)
Bug Fixes
* SOLR-12449: Response /autoscaling/diagnostics shows improper json (noble)
* SOLR-11676: Keep nrtReplicas and replicationFactor in sync while creating a collection and modifying a collection
(Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-12489: User specified replicationFactor and maxShardsPerNode is used when specified during a restore operation.
A user can now specify nrtReplicas/tlogReplicas/pullReplicas while restoring the collection.
Specifying replicationFactor or nrtReplicas have the same effect and only one can be specified (Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-11216: Race condition in PeerSync (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-11807: Restoring collection now treats maxShardsPerNode=-1 as unlimited (Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-12413: If Zookeeper was pre-loaded with data before first-use, then the aliases information would be ignored.
(David Smiley, Gaël Jourdan, Gus Heck)
* SOLR-12482: Config API returns status 0 for failed operations. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-12513: Reproducing TestCodecSupport.testMixedCompressionMode failure (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11665: Improve error handling of shard splitting. Fix splitting of mixed replica types. (ab)
* SOLR-12326: JSON Facet API: terms facet shard requests now indicate if they have more buckets to prevent
unnecessary refinement requests. (yonk)
* SOLR-12427: Improve error message for invalid 'start', 'rows' parameters. (Munendra S N via Jason Gerlowski)
* SOLR-12395: Make 'significantTerms' the SignificantTermsQParserPlugin's name and deprecate its old 'sigificantTerms' name.
(Tobias Kässmann, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-12533 Collection collection fails if metrics are called during core creation (Peter Cseh, Mano Kovacs)
* SOLR-2834: Fix SolrJ Field and Document analyzes for types that include CharacterFilter (Alexandre Rafalovitch)
* SOLR-12516: Fix some bugs in 'type:range' Facet refinement when sub-facets are combined with non
default values for the 'other' and 'include' options. (hossman)
* SOLR-12343: Fixed a bug in JSON Faceting that could cause incorrect counts/stats when using non default
sort options. This also adds a new configurable "overrefine" option. (Yonik Seeley, hossman)
* SOLR-12553: Allow SignificantTerms Query Parser to use local parameters (Alexandre Rafalovitch)
* SOLR-12570: OpenNLPExtractNamedEntitiesUpdateProcessor cannot support multi fields because pattern replacement
doesn't work correctly. (Koji Sekiguchi)
* SOLR-12576: Update ref guide for additional information displayed in cloud view (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-12597: Migrate API should fail requests that do not specify split.key parameter (shalin)
* SOLR-12477: An update would return a client error(400) if it hit a AlreadyClosedException.
We now return the error as a server error(500) instead (Jeffery via Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-12606: Fix InfixSuggestersTest.testShutdownDuringBuild() failures. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-12607: Fixed two separate bugs in shard splits which can cause data loss. The first case is when using TLOG
replicas only, the updates forwarded from parent shard leader to the sub-shard leader are written only in tlog and
not the index. If this happens after the buffered updates have been replayed then the updates can never be executed
even though they remain the transaction log. The second case is when synchronously forwarding updates to sub-shard
leader fails and the underlying errors are not propagated to the client. (Cao Manh Dat, shalin)
* SOLR-12344: SolrSlf4jReporter doesn't set MDC context. (ab)
* SOLR-12594: MetricsHistoryHandler.getOverseerLeader fails when hostname contains hyphen. (ab)
* SOLR-12615: HashQParserPlugin will no longer throw an NPE if the hash key field is a string when there are documents
with empty values. All documents with empty values ( string , numeric ) will be processed by worker=0
This would fix the NPE when using the search stream with partitionKeys. (Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-11770: NPE in tvrh if no field is specified and document doesn't contain any fields with term vectors
* SOLR-12541: Metrics handler throws an error if there are transient cores. (ab)
* SOLR-12470: Search Rate Trigger multiple bug fixes, improvements and documentation updates. (ab)
* SOLR-12665: Autoscaling policy not being refreshed due to caching (noble)
* SOLR-12649: CloudSolrClient retries requests unnecessarily exception from server (noble, shalin)
* SOLR-12670: RecoveryStrategy logs wrong wait time when retrying recovery. (shalin)
* SOLR-12668: Autoscaling trigger listeners should be executed in the order of their creation. (ab)
* SOLR-12475: Fix MaxSizeAutoCommitTest failures (Rupa Shankar, Anshum Gupta)
* SOLR-12674: RollupStream should not use the HashQueryParser for 1 worker. (Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-12679: MiniSolrCloudCluster internal jetty list should never have duplicates (shalin)
* SOLR-12598: Do not fetch non-stored fields (Nikolay Khitrin, Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-12683: HashQuery will throw an exception if more than 4 partitionKeys is specified.
Earlier after the 4th partitionKey the keys would be silently ignored. (Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-10028: Fix and improvements to SegmentsInfoRequestHandlerTest (Christine Poerschke, Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-11585: Solr SQL does not work with point numeric fields (Joel Bernstein, Kiran Chitturi)
* SOLR-12704: Guard AddSchemaFieldsUpdateProcessorFactory against null field names and field values.
(Steve Rowe, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-12733: SolrMetricReporterTest failure (Erick Erickson, David Smiley)
* SOLR-11836: FacetStream works with bucketSizeLimit of -1 which will fetch all the buckets.
(Alfonso Muñoz-Pomer Fuentes, Amrit Sarkar via Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-12765: Incorrect format of JMX cache stats. (Bojan Smid, ab)
* SOLR-12350: Do not use docValues as stored for _str (copy)fields in _default configset (janhoy)
* SOLR-12455: Refactor JSON serialization code into SolrJ package (noble)
* SOLR-11654: Time Routed Alias will now route documents to the ideal shard of a collection, thus avoiding a hop.
Usually documents were already routed well but not always. (Gus Heck, David Smiley)
* SOLR-11598: The export handler does not limit users to 4 sort fields and is now unlimited. However the speed at
which we can export is directly proportional to the number of sort fields specified. This change also allows streaming
expressions to group by on more than 4 fields. (Aroop Ganguly, Amrit Sarkar, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-12305: When a replica is applying updates, some kind of updates can skip buffering for faster recovery.
(Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-12509: Improve SplitShardCmd performance and reliability. A new method of splitting has been
introduced (splitMethod=link) which uses hard-linking of index files when possible, resulting in
significant speedups and reduced CPU / IO load on shard leader. (ab)
* SOLR-11881: Retry update requests sent by leaders to it's followers (Varun Thacker, Mark Miller, Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-12616: Optimize Export writer upto 4 sort fields to get better performance.
This was removed in SOLR-11598 but brought back in the same version (Amrit Sarkar, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-12572: While exporting documents using the export writer, if a field is specified as a sort parameter and also
in the fl (field list) parameter, we save on one doc-value lookup. This can bring performance improvements of 15%
and upwards depending on how many fields are in common. (Amrit Sarkar, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-10697: HttpShardHandler now uses a default of 100k as maxConnections (10k previously) and default
maxConnectionsPerHost as 100k (20 previously). They are now consisent with the UpdateShardHandler defaults.
(Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-12723: Reduce object creation in HashBasedRouter. (ab)
* SOLR-12766: When retrying internal requests, backoff only once for the full batch of retries (Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
Other Changes
* SOLR-12208: Renamed the autoscaling variable 'INDEX.sizeInBytes' to 'INDEX.sizeInGB' (noble)
* SOLR-12523: Improve error reporting and docs regarding Collection backup feature shared-fs requirement (janhoy)
* SOLR-12468: Upgrade Jetty to 9.4.11.v20180605 (Michael Braun, shalin)
* SOLR-12527: factor out a test-framework/ConfigRequest class (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-12412: Leader should give up leadership when IndexWriter.tragedy occur (Cao Manh Dat, Tomas Fernandez-Lobbe)
* SOLR-12551: Upgrade to Tika 1.18 (Tim Allison via Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-12464: Reduce Overseer.close() logging (for non-Overseer leaders) (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-12454: Tweak Overseer leadership transition related logging for easier troubleshooting. (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-12574: Put under a common "significantTerms" bucket all output by SignificantTerms Query Parser (Alexandre Rafalovitch)
* SOLR-12164: Improve Ref Guide main landing page. (Cassandra Targett)
* SOLR-10984: Clean up web.xml, removing old redirects and outdated comments (Varun Thacker, janhoy)
* SOLR-12617: Remove Commons BeanUtils as a dependency (Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-11008: Use a lighter config for MetricsHandlerTest and ensure the core is up before the test starts (Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-11766: Move Streaming Expressions section in Ref Guide to be a top-level section. (Cassandra Targett)
* SOLR-12656: ShardSplitTest should extend AbstractFullDistribZkTestBase instead of BasicDistributedZkTest. (shalin)
* LUCENE-8456: Upgrade Apache Commons Compress to v1.18 (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-12014: Cryptic error message when creating a collection with sharding that violates autoscaling policies (noble)
* SOLR-12680: Fix ClassCastException and AIOOBE in TestSolrConfigHandlerConcurrent. (shalin)
* SOLR-12675: Make LeaderVoteWaitTimeoutTest more resilient against side effects of test methods. (shalin)
* SOLR-12130: CdcrReplicationDistributedZkTest is broken into two test classes, CdcrOpsAndBoundariesTest which does
not require node restarts and CdcrWithNodesRestartsTest which does. The tests themselves are made faster and more
resilient to spurious failures. (Varun Thacker, Amrit Sarkar via shalin)
* SOLR-12625: Combine SolrDocumentFetcher and RetrieveFieldsOptimizer (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-12690: Regularize LoggerFactory declarations (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-12590: Improve Solr resource loader coverage in the ref guide.
(Steve Rowe, Cassandra Targett, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-12744: Improve logging messages and verbosity around recoveries (Cao Manh Dat, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-8742: In HdfsDirectoryTest replace RAMDirectory usages with ByteBuffersDirectory.
(hossman, Mark Miller, Andrzej Bialecki, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-12771: Improve Autoscaling Policy and Preferences documentation. (hossman, Steve Rowe)
================== 7.4.0 ==================
Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.
Versions of Major Components
Apache Tika 1.17
Carrot2 3.16.0
Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0
Apache UIMA 2.3.1
Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.11
Jetty 9.4.10.v20180503
Upgrade Notes
* SOLR-7887: Solr now uses Log4J 2.11 . The log4j configuration is now in log4j2.xml rather than files.
This is a server side change only and clients using SolrJ won't need any changes. Clients can still use any logging
implementation which is compatible with SLF4J. We now let log4j2 handle rotation of solr logs at startup, and bin/solr
start scripts will no longer attempt this nor move existing console or GC logs into logs/archived either (SOLR-12144).
* SOLR-11673: Slave doesn't commit empty index when completely new index is detected on master during replication.
To return the previous behavior pass false to skipCommitOnMasterVersionZero in slave section of replication
handler configuration, or pass it to the fetchindex command.
* SOLR-11453: Configuring slowQueryThresholdMillis now logs slow requests to a separate file - solr_slow_requests.log.
Previously they would get logged in the solr.log file.
New Features
* SOLR-12396: Upgrade Carrot2 to 3.16.0, HPPC to 0.8.1, morfologik to 2.1.5. (Dawid Weiss)
* SOLR-11200: A new CMS config option 'ioThrottle' to manually enable/disable
ConcurrentMergeSchedule.doAutoIOThrottle. (Amrit Sarkar, Nawab Zada Asad iqbal via Dawid Weiss)
* SOLR-11670: Implement a periodic house-keeping task. This uses a scheduled autoscaling trigger and
currently performs cleanup of old inactive shards. (ab, shalin)
* SOLR-12015: Add support "add-distinct" in AtomicURP so that we can use the 'add-distict' as a request parameter e.g:
atomic.<multival-field-name>=add-distict (Amrit Sarkar via noble)
* SOLR-7887: Upgrade Solr to use Log4J 2.11
(Tim Potter, Keith Laban, Shawn Heisey, Ralph Goers, Erick Erickson, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-12139: The "eq" (equals) function query now works with string fields, string literals, and perhaps anything.
(Andrey Kudryavtsev, David Smiley)
* SOLR-10783: Add support for Hadoop Credential Provider as SSL/TLS store password source.
(Mano Kovacs via Mark Miller)
* SOLR-12036: Factor out DefaultStreamFactory solrj class. (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-12151: Add abstract MultiSolrCloudTestCase class. (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-12181: Add index size autoscaling trigger, based on document count or size in bytes. (ab)
* SOLR-11982: Add possibility to define replica order with the shards.preference parameter to e.g. prefer PULL replicas
for distributed queries. (Ere Maijala, Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-11336: DocBasedVersionConstraintsProcessorFactory is more extensible and now supports a list of versioned fields.
(versionField config may now be a comma-delimited list). (Michael Braun via David Smiley)
* SOLR-11913: SolrJ SolrParams now implements Iterable<Map.Entry<String, String[]>> and also has a stream() method
using it for convenience. (David Smiley, Tapan Vaishnav)
* SOLR-11924: Added the ability to listen to changes in the set of active collections in a cloud
in the ZkStateReader, through the CloudCollectionsListener. (Houston Putman, Dennis Gove)
* SOLR-8998: introducing uniqueBlock(_root_) aggregation as faster alternative to unique(_root_) for counting
child value facets in parents via json.facet on block index (Dr Oleg Savrasov, Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-12278: Add IgnoreLargeDocumentProcessFactory (Cao Manh Dat, David Smiley)
* SOLR-11277: Add auto hard-commit settings based on tlog size (Rupa Shankar, Anshum Gupta)
* SOLR-9480: A new 'relatedness()' aggregate function for JSON Faceting to enable building Semantic
Knowledge Graphs. (Trey Grainger, hossman)
* SOLR-12378: Support missing versionField on indexed docs in DocBasedVersionConstraintsURP.
(Oliver Bates, Michael Braun via Mark Miller)
* SOLR-12388: Enable a strict ZooKeeper-connected search request mode, in which search
requests will fail when the coordinating node can't communicate with ZooKeeper,
by setting the "shards.tolerant" param to "requireZkConnected". (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-9685: #Tagging queries in JSON Query DSL, equivalent to LocalParams based query/filter
tagging. Multiple tags are comma separated.
LocalParams Example : {!tag=colorfilt}color:blue
Equivalent JSON Example : { "#colorfilt" : "color:blue" }
(Dmitry Tikhonov, Mikhail Khludnev, yonik)
* SOLR-12328: JSON Facet API: Domain change with graph query.
(Daniel Meehl, Kevin Watters, yonik)
* SOLR-11453: Configuring slowQueryThresholdMillis logs slow requests to a separate file - solr_slow_requests.log.
(Shawn Heisey, Remko Popma, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-12401: Add getValue() and setValue() Stream Evaluators (Joel Bernstein, janhoy)
* SOLR-11779, SOLR-12438: Basic long-term collection of aggregated metrics. Historical data is
maintained as multi-resolution time series using round-robin databases in the '.system'
collection. New /admin/metrics/history API allows retrieval of this data in numeric
or graph formats. (ab)
* SOLR-12387: cluster-wide defaults for numShards, nrtReplicas, tlogReplicas, pullReplicas (noble)
* SOLR-12389: support deeply nested json objects in clusterprops.json (noble)
* SOLR-12376: Added the TaggerRequestHandler (AKA SolrTextTagger) for tagging text. It's used as a component of
NER/ERD systems including query-understanding. See the ref guide for more info. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-12266: Add discrete Fourier transform Stream Evaluators (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-12158: Allow the monteCarlo Stream Evaluator to support variables (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11734: Add ones and zeros Stream Evaluators (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-12273: Create Stream Evaluators for distance measures (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-12159: Add memset Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-12221: Add valueAt Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-12175: Add random field type and dynamic field to the default managed-schema (Joel Bernstein)
Bug Fixes
* SOLR-5351: Fixed More Like This Handler to use all fields provided in mlt.fl when used with
content stream. The similarity is calculated between the content stream's value and all
fields listed in mlt.fl. (Dawid Weiss)
* SOLR-12103: Raise CryptoKeys.DEFAULT_KEYPAIR_LENGTH from 1024 to 2048. (Mark Miller)
* SOLR-12107: Fixed a error in [child] transformer that could ocur if documentCache was not used (hossman)
* SOLR-12108: Fixed the fallback behavior of [raw] and [xml] transformers when an incompatble 'wt' was
specified, the field value was lost if documentCache was not used. (hossman)
* SOLR-11551: Standardize CoreAdmin API success/failure status codes (Jason Gerlowski, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-12035: ExtendedDismaxQParser fails to include charfilters in nostopanalyzer (Tim Allison via
Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-10734: AtomicUpdateRequestProcessor can cause wrong/old values to be set under concurrent updates for the same
document. Multithreaded test for AtomicUpdateRequestProcessor was also beefed up and fixed.
(Ishan Chattopadhyaya, Noble Paul, Amrit Sarkar, shalin)
* SOLR-11673: By default slave doesn't commit empty index when completely new index appears on master.
See Upgrade Notes to find a way to get back to the previous behavior. (Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-9399: Delete requests do not send credentials & fails for Basic Authentication
(Susheel Kumar, Aibao Luo, Nikkolay Martinov via Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-12172: Fixed race condition that could cause an invalid set of collection properties to be kept in
memory when multiple collection property changes are done in a short period of time. (Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-11929: UpdateLog metrics are not initialized on core reload. (ab, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-12199: TestReplicationHandler.doTestRepeater(): TEST_PORT interpolation failure:
Server refused connection at: (Mikhail Khludnev, Dawid Weiss, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-12096: Fixed inconsistent results format of subquery transformer for distributed search (multi-shard).
(Munendra S N, Mikhail Khludnev via Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
* SOLR-12207: Just rethrowing AssertionError caused by jdk bug in reflection with invocation details.
(ab, Dawid Weiss, Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-12155: Exception from UnInvertedField constructor puts threads to infinite wait.
(Andrey Kudryavtsev, Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-12201: TestReplicationHandler.doTestIndexFetchOnMasterRestart(): handle unexpected replication failures
(Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-12190: Need to properly escape output in GraphMLResponseWriter. (yonik)
* SOLR-12214: Leader may skip publish itself as ACTIVE when its last published state is DOWN (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-12150: Fix a test bug in CdcrBidirectionalTest.testBiDir (Steve Rowe, Amrit Sarkar via Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-10513: ConjunctionSolrSpellChecker did not work with LuceneLevenshteinDistance (Amrit Sarkar via James Dyer)
* SOLR-11840: Fix bin/solr help-text inconsistencies (Jason Gerlowski)
* SOLR-10169: PeerSync will hit an NPE on no response errors when looking for fingerprint. (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-12187: Replica should watch clusterstate and unload itself if its entry is removed (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-6286: TestReplicationHandler.doTestReplicateAfterCoreReload(): stop checking for identical
commits before/after master core reload; and make non-nightly mode test 10 docs instead of 0.
(shalin, hossman, Mark Miller, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-9304: Fix Solr's HTTP handling to respect '-Dsolr.ssl.checkPeerName=false' aka SOLR_SSL_CHECK_PEER_NAME
(Shawn Heisey, Carlton Findley, Robby Pond, hossman)
* SOLR-12250: NegativeArraySizeException on TransactionLog if previous document more than 1.9GB (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-12253: Remove optimize button from the core admin page (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11833: Allow searchRate trigger to delete replicas. Improve configurability of the trigger by specifying
upper / lower thresholds and respective actions (ab)
* SOLR-12261: If you attempt to delete a collection immediately after deleting an alias it used to be a part of, you may
get an error that's it's a member of that alias. This check now ensures the alias state is sync()'ed with ZK first.
(David Smiley)
* SOLR-12275: wrong caching for {!filters} as well as for `filters` local param in {!parent} and {!child}
(David Smiley, Mikhail Khluldnev)
* SOLR-12284: WordBreakSolrSpellchecker will no longer add parenthesis in collations when breaking words in
non-boolean queries. (James Dyer)
* SOLR-12290: Do not close any servlet streams and improve our servlet stream closing prevention code for users
and devs. (Mark Miller, janhoy, Andrzej Bialecki)
* SOLR-12293: Updates need to use their own connection pool to maintain connection reuse and prevent spurious
recoveries. (Mark Miller)
* SOLR-12308: LISTALIASES is now assured to return an up-to-date response. Also, the test utility
MiniSolrCloudCluster.deleteAllCollections will now first delete aliases since a collection cannot be deleted if an
alias refers to it. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-12192: Fixed a solr cli error message when ulimits are unlimited. (Martijn Koster)
* SOLR-12258: A V2 request referencing a collection or alias may fail to resolve it if it was just recently created.
Now we sync with ZooKeeper and try one more time. V1 partially did this but only for aliases; now it does both.
(David Smiley)
* SOLR-12170: JSON Facet API: Terms facet on a date field sometimes failed with an exception complaining
about "Invalid Date String". (yonik)
* SOLR-12307: exiting OverseerTriggerThread without endless noise in log when Zookeeper session is expired
(Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-12200: abandon OverseerExitThread when ZkController is closed. (Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-12355: Fixes hash conflict in HashJoinStream and OuterHashJoinStream (Dennis Gove)
* SOLR-12377: Don't spin off overseer when Zk controller is closed (Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-3567: Spellcheck custom parameters not being passed through due to wrong prefix creation.
(Josh Lucas via shalin)
* SOLR-12358: Autoscaling suggestions fail randomly with sorting (noble)
* SOLR-12294: update processors loaded from runtime jars fail to load if they are specified
in an update processor chain (noble)
* SOLR-12314: Use http timeout's defined in solr.xml for creating ConcurrentUpdateSolrClient during
indexing requests between leader and replica ( Mark Miller, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-12374: SnapShooter.getIndexCommit can forget to decref the searcher; though it's not clear in practice when.
(David Smiley)
* SOLR-12417: velocity response writer should enforce valid function name for v.json parameter (Mano Kovacs, yonik)
* SOLR-12271: Fixed bug in how Analytics component reads negative values from float and double fields. (Houston Putman)
* SOLR-12433: Recovering flag of a replica is set equals to leader even it failed to receive update
on recovering. (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-12354: Register the /admin/info/key end-point at the startup time to avoid 404 (noble)
* SOLR-12445: Upgrade Dropwizard Metrics to version 3.2.6. (ab)
* SOLR-12434: bin/solr {config,healthcheck} ignore ZK_HOST in{sh,cmd} (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-12481: update.autoCreateFields must be set via Config API command 'set-user-property',
but 'bin/solr create' tells users to use the default action 'set-property', which fails
because the property is not editable. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-12416: When creating a time routed alias, the router.autoDeleteAge option wasn't considered.
(Joachim Sauer via David Smiley)
* SOLR-12450: Don't allow referal to external resources in various config files (CVE-2018-8026).
(Yuyang Xiao, Uwe Schindler)
* SOLR-11920: IndexFetcher now fetches only those files (from master/leader) that are different. This
differential fetching now speeds up recovery times when full index replication is needed, but only
a few segments diverge. (Ishan Chattopadhyaya, Shaun Sabo, John Gallagher)
* SOLR-11731: LatLonPointSpatialField can now decode points from docValues when stored=false docValues=true,
albeit with maximum precision of 1.37cm (Karthik Ramachandran, David Smiley)
* SOLR-11891: DocStreamer now respects the ReturnFields when populating a SolrDocument, reducing the
number of unneccessary fields a ResponseWriter will see if documentCache is used (wei wang, hossman)
* SOLR-12312: Replication IndexFetcher should cap its internal buffer size when the file being transferred is small.
(Jeff Miller, David Smiley)
* SOLR-12333: Removed redundant lines for handling lists in JSON reponse writers. (David Smiley via Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-11880: Avoid creating new exceptions for every request made to MDCAwareThreadPoolExecutor by distributed
search and update operations. (Varun Thacker, shalin)
* SOLR-12375: Optimize Lucene ScoreMode use:
A non-cached filter query could be told incorrectly that scores were needed.
The /export (ExportQParserPlugin) would declare incorrectly that scores are needed.
Expanded docs (expand component) could be told incorrectly that scores are needed. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-12338: Replay buffering tlog in parallel. (Cao Manh Dat, David Smiley)
* SOLR-12366: A slow "live docs" implementation was being used instead of a bitset. Affects classic faceting
enum method, JSON Facets enum method, UnInvertedField faceting, GraphTermsQParser, JoinQParser. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-12337: Remove the obsolete QueryWrapperFilter intermediate wrapper, which also removed some needless uses of
SolrConstantScoreQuery as well. QWF since v5.4.0 sometimes needlessly internally executed and cached the query.
Affects ExpandComponent, ChildDocTransformer, CurrencyFieldType, TermsQParser. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-9922: Write buffering updates to another tlog. (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-12233: QParserPlugin's built-in static registry now holds actual QParserPlugin instances instead of class
references. This is consistent with other plugin registries and allows a SolrCore to load faster.
(Jeff Miller, David Smiley)
* SOLR-12198: Stream Evaluators should not copy matrices needlessly (Joel Bernstein)
Other Changes
* SOLR-12018: Remove integration for the Ref Guide; the comments system has been down since December 2017 and there is no concrete plan to bring it back. (Cassandra Targett)
* SOLR-12076: Remove unnecessary printLayout usage in CDCR tests (Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-12086: Fix format problem in FastLRUCache description string shown on Cache Statistics page.
(Sathiya N Sundararajan via shalin)
* SOLR-12090: Move DistribStateManager, NodeStateProvider and SolrCloudManager interfaces out of the
autoscaling package. (shalin)
* SOLR-12091: Rename TimeSource.getTime to getTimeNs. (ab)
* SOLR-12101: ZkTestServer was not handling connection timeout settings properly. (Gus Heck via Mark Miller)
* SOLR-11331: Ability to run and debug standalone Solr and a single node SolrCloud server from Eclipse.
Also being able to run all Lucene and Solr tests as a configuration (Karthik Ramachandran via
Varun Thacker, Uwe Schindler)
* SOLR-12118: Solr Ref-Guide can now use some ivy version props directly as attributes in content (hossman)
* SOLR-12152: Split up TriggerIntegrationTest into multiple tests to isolate and increase reliability. (shalin)
* SOLR-12133: Fix race conditions that caused TriggerIntegrationTest.testEventQueue and testNodeMarkersRegistration
to fail. (Mark Miller, shalin)
* SOLR-12169: Fix ComputePlanActionTest.testSelectedCollections fails on jenkins by aggressively cleaning up
trigger state left by other test methods in the test setup. (shalin)
* SOLR-12144: SOLR_LOG_PRESTART_ROTATION now defaults to false, we leverage log4j2 for log rotation on startup (janhoy)
* SOLR-12095: AutoScalingHandler validates trigger configurations before updating Zookeeper. (ab)
* SOLR-12165: Ref Guide: DisMax default mm param value is improperly documented as 100%. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-12154: Disallow explicit usage of Log4j2 logger via forbidden APIs. (Varun Thacker, Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-12176: Improve FORCELEADER to handle the case when a replica win the election but does not present
in clusterstate (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-12134: ref-guide 'bare-bones html' validation is now part of 'ant documentation' and validates
javadoc links locally. (hossman)
* SOLR-12142: EmbeddedSolrServer should use req.getContentWriter (noble)
* SOLR-12252: Fix minor compiler and intellij warnings in autoscaling policy framework. (shalin)
* SOLR-11914: The following SolrParams methods are now deprecated: toSolrParams (use NamedList.toSolrParams instead),
toMap, toMultiMap, toFilteredSolrParams, getAll. The latter ones have no direct replacement but are easy to
implement yourself as-needed. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-10036: Upgrade jackson from 2.5.4 to 2.9.5 (Shashank Pedamallu, Shawn Heisey, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-12289: Add more MDC logging information to collection admin requests (Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-12288: Add more MDC logging information to core admin requests (Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-12265: Upgrade Jetty to 9.4.10.v20180503 (Varun Thacker, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-12374: Added SolrCore.withSearcher(lambda) to make grabbing the searcher easier than the more awkward
RefCounted API. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-12183: Refactor Streaming Expression test cases (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-12437: Document 'bin/solr config' in the ref guide. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-12435: Fix bin/solr help and ref guide text to describe ZK_HOST in
as an alternative to -z cmdline param. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-12428: Solr LTR jar now included in _default configset's solrconfig.xml (Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
================== 7.3.1 ==================
Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.
Versions of Major Components
Apache Tika 1.17
Carrot2 3.15.0
Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0
Apache UIMA 2.3.1
Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.11
Jetty 9.4.8.v20171121
Bug Fixes
* SOLR-12204: Upgrade commons-fileupload dependency to 1.3.3 to address CVE-2016-1000031. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-12256: Fixed some eventual-consistency issues with collection aliases by using ZooKeeper.sync(). (David Smiley)
* SOLR-12087: Deleting replicas sometimes fails and causes the replicas to exist in the down
state (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-12146: LIR should skip deleted replicas (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-12066: Cleanup deleted core when node start (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-12065: A successful restore collection should mark the shard state as active and not buffering
(Rohit, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-11724: Cdcr bootstrapping should ensure that non-leader replicas should sync with the leader
(Amrit Sarkar, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-12202: Fix errors in solr-exporter.cmd. (Minoru Osuka via koji)
* SOLR-12316: Do not allow to use absolute URIs for including other files in solrconfig.xml
and schema parsing (CVE-2018-8010). (Ananthesh, Ishan Chattopadhyaya, Uwe Schindler)
================== 7.3.0 ==================
Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.
Versions of Major Components
Apache Tika 1.16
Carrot2 3.15.0
Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0
Apache UIMA 2.3.1
Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.11
Jetty 9.4.8.v20171121
Upgrade Notes
* SOLR-11748: The throttling mechanism used to limit the rate of autoscaling events processed
has been removed. This deprecates the 'actionThrottlePeriodSeconds' setting in the set-properties
Autoscaling API which is now a no-op. Use the 'triggerCooldownPeriodSeconds' instead to pause event
* SOLR-11798: The top-level <highlighting> syntax in solrconfig.xml is now formally
deprecated in favour of <searchComponent> equivalent syntax. See also SOLR-1696.
* SOLR-11809: QueryComponent's rq parameter parsing no longer considers the defType parameter.
* SOLR-11747: The behaviour of the autoscaling system has been modified to pause all triggers from execution between
the start of actions and end of cool down period. The triggers will be resumed after the cool down period expires.
Previously, the cool down period was a fixed period started after actions for a trigger event complete and during
this time, all triggers continued to run but any events were rejected to be tried later.
* SOLR-11624: Collections created without specifying a configset name use a copy of the _default configset since 7.0.
Before 7.3, the copied over configset was named the same as the collection name, but 7.3 onwards it will be named
with an additional ".AUTOCREATED" suffix.
* SOLR-11702: The old Leader-In-Recovery implementation (SOLR-5495) is now deprecated and replaced. Solr will support
rolling upgrades from old 7.x versions of Solr to future 7.x releases until the last release of
the 7.x major version. This means in order to upgrade to Solr 8 in the future, you must be on Solr 7.3 or higher.
* LUCENE-8161: If you are using the spatial JTS library with Solr, you must upgrade to 1.15.0. This new version
of JTS is now dual-licensed to include a BSD style license.
* SOLR-12051: A new mechanism is introduced in SOLR-11702 to maintain consistency in SolrCloud between leader and replicas.
This mechanism lets Solr know whether a replica is in-sync with the leader or not, even when the leader is not live.
If all the replicas who participate in the leader election are out-of-sync with previous leader, the election will
pause until a timeout (named "leaderVoteWait") before allowing an out-of-sync replica to become leader. Note that the
new leader still needs to contains more updates than any other active replicas in the same shard. Therefore by
increasing leaderVoteWait will increase the consistency (over availability) of the system. The default value of
leaderVoteWait is 180,000 ms (3 minutes) and it can be adjusted in the "solrcloud" section of the solr.xml
* SOLR-11957: The default Solr log file size and number of backups is raised to 32MB and 10 respectively
* SOLR-12067: The default value of `autoReplicaFailoverWaitAfterExpiration` has been increased to 120 seconds
from the earlier default of 30 seconds. This affects how soon Solr adds new replicas to replace the replicas
on nodes which have either crashed or shutdown.
New Features
* SOLR-11285: Simulation framework for autoscaling. (ab)
* LUCENE-2899: In the Solr analysis-extras contrib, added support for the
OpenNLP-based analysis components in the Lucene analysis/opennlp module:
tokenization, part-of-speech tagging, phrase chunking, and lemmatization.
Also added OpenNLP-based named entity extraction as a Solr update request
processor. (Lance Norskog, Grant Ingersoll, Joern Kottmann, Em, Kai Gülzau,
Rene Nederhand, Robert Muir, Steven Bower, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-11201: Implement autoscaling trigger for arbitrary metrics that creates events when
a given metric breaches a threshold (shalin)
* SOLR-11653: TimeRoutedAlias URP now auto-creates new collections on the fly according to alias metadata
rules that sets the time interval for each collection. An internal Overseer command "ROUTEDALIAS_CREATECOLL"
was created to facilitate this. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-11062: new tag "diskType" in autoscaling policy (noble)
* SOLR-11063: Suggesters should accept required freedisk as a hint (noble)
* SOLR-3218: Added range faceting support for CurrencyFieldType. This includes both "facet.range" as well
as json.facet's "type:range" (Andrew Morrison, Jan Høydahl, Vitaliy Zhovtyuk, hossman)
* SOLR-11064: Collection APIs should use the disk space hint when using policy framework (noble)
* SOLR-11854: multivalued primitive fields can now be sorted by implicitly choosing the min/max
value for asc/desc sort orders. (hossman)
* SOLR-11592: Add OpenNLP language detection to the langid contrib. (Koji, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-11648: A new admin UI to display and execute suggestions (Apoorv Bhawsar , noble)
* SOLR-11722: Added "time routed alias" creation support to the CREATEALIAS command. It's for managing multiple
collections partitioned by time. (Gus Heck, David Smiley)
* SOLR-11782: Refactor LatchWatcher.await to protect against spurious wakeup (Tomás Fernández Löbbe, David Smiley, Dawid Weiss)
* SOLR-11617: Alias properties (formerly "metadata") are now mutable via a new ALIASPROP command.
These properties are returned from LISTALIASES. (Gus Heck via David Smiley)
* SOLR-11702: Redesign current LIR implementation (Cao Manh Dat, shalin)
* SOLR-11376: Support computing plans for only specific collections. (ab)
* SOLR-11681: Add ttest and pairedTtest Stream Evaluators (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11785: Add multiVariateNormalDistribution Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11789: Add integrate Stream Evaluator to support integral calculations (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11791: Add density Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11172: Add Mann-Whitney U test Stream Evaluator (Mathew Skaria, Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11808: Add sumSq Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11430: Add lerp and akima Stream Evaluators to support linear and akima spline interpolation (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11683: Add chiSquareDataSet Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10716: Add termVectors Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11737: Add kmeans Stream Evaluator to support kmeans clustering (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11736: Rename knn Streaming Expression to knnSearch and add new knn Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11867: Add indexOf, rowCount and columnCount StreamEvaluators (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11862: Add fuzzyKmeans Stream Evaluatory (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11890: Add multiKmeans Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11916: new SortableTextField which supports analysis/searching just like TextField, but also
sorting/faceting just like StrField. By default uses only the first 1024 chars of the original
input string values, but this is configurable. (hossman)
* SOLR-11778: Add per-stage RequestHandler metrics. (ab)
* SOLR-11925: Time Routed Aliases can have their oldest collections automatically deleted via the "router.autoDeleteAge"
setting. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-11941: Add abstract contrib/ltr AdapterModel to facilitate the development of scoring models that delegate
scoring to an opaque pre-trained model. (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11689: Add l1norm, l2norm and linfnorm Stream Evaluators (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11588: Add matrixMult Stream Evaluator to support matrix multiplication (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-12006: Add a '*_t' and '*_t_sort' dynamic field for single valued text fields (Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-11597: Add contrib/ltr NeuralNetworkModel class. (Michael A. Alcorn, Yuki Yano, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11066: Implement a scheduled autoscaling trigger that runs on a fixed interval beginning with a
given start time. (David Smiley, Gus Heck, ab, shalin)
* SOLR-11795: Add Solr metrics exporter for Prometheus (Minoru Osuka via koji)
* SOLR-11267: Add support for "add-distinct" atomic update operation (Amrit Sarkar via noble )
* SOLR-11960: Add collection level properties similar to cluster properties (Peter Rusko, Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-12077: Add support for autoAddReplicas in the collection creation dialog in Admin UI. (shalin)
* SOLR-9510: introducing {!filters param=$fq excludeTags=f} query parser.
Introducing {!.. filters=$fq excludeTags=t,q} in {!parent} and {!child} (Dr. Oleg Savrasov via Mikhail Khludnev)
Bug Fixes
* SOLR-11783: Rename core in solr standalone mode is not persisted (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11555: If the query terms reduce to nothing, filter(clause) produces an NPE whereas
fq=clause does not (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11824: Fixed bucket ordering in distributed json.facet type:range when mincount>0 (hossman)
* SOLR-11821: ConcurrentModificationException in SimSolrCloudTestCase.tearDown (shalin)
* SOLR-11631: The Schema API should return non-zero status when there are failures.
(Noble Paul, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-11839: Fix test failures resulting from SOLR-11218 (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11794: PULL replicas stop replicating after collection RELOAD (Samuel Tatipamula, Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-11714: AddReplicaSuggester / ComputePlanAction infinite loop. (ab)
* SOLR-11895: Logging Screen in the Admin UI will now show "No Events available" when there are no events to show.
Also, the spinner icon is removed to prevent users thinking the page has hung. (Cassandra Targett, Shawn Heisey)
* SOLR-10525: Stacked recovery requests do no cancel an in progress recovery first. (Mike Drob via Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-11873: Use time based expiration cache in all necessary places in HdfsDirectoryFactory. (Mihaly Toth via Mark Miller)
* SOLR-11661: New HDFS collection reuses unremoved data from a deleted HDFS collection with same name causes
inconsistent view of documents (Cao Manh Dat, shalin)
* SOLR-11459: In-place update of nonexistent doc following existing doc update fails to create the doc.
(Andrey Kudryavtsev via Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-11931: Fix contrib/ltr custom inner class feature/normaliser/model persistence. (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-10261: In case of in-place updates, failure in leader to follower replica update request now throws the
follower replica in leader-initiated-recovery (Ishan Chattopadhyaya, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-11898: ConcurrentModificationException when calling org.apache.solr.core.SolrInfoBean.getMetricsSnapshot
(Jeff Miller via Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11950: Allow CLUSTERSTATUS "shard" parameter to accept comma (,) delimited list (Chris Ulicny via Jason Gerlowski)
* SOLR-11739: Fix race condition that made Solr accept duplicate async IDs in collection API operations (Tomás Fernánadez Löbbe)
* SOLR-11988: Fix exists() method in EphemeralDirectoryFactory/MockDirectoryFactory to prevent false positives (hossman)
* SOLR-11971: Don't allow referal to external resources in DataImportHandler's dataConfig request parameter (CVE-2018-1308).
(麦 香浓郁, Uwe Schindler)
* SOLR-12021: Fixed a bug in ApiSpec and other JSON resource loading that was causing unclosed file handles (hossman)
* SOLR-10720: Aggressive removal of a collection breaks cluster status API. (Alexey Serba, shalin)
* SOLR-12050: UTILIZENODE does not enforce policy rules (hossman, noble)
* SOLR-11843: Admin UI collection creation was not properly handling the router.field and parameters.
Also changed the display label in the Admin UI from routerField to router.field to match the actual API.
(Shawn Heisey via Cassandra Targett)
* SOLR-12011: Consistence problem when in-sync replicas are DOWN. (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-12020: JSON Facet API: terms facet on date field fails in refinement phase with
"Invalid Date String" error. (yonik)
* SOLR-12061: Fix substitution bug in API V1 to V2 migration when using SolrJ with V2 API. (Tomás Fernánadez Löbbe)
* SOLR-11976: TokenizerChain.normalize: only the first filter that is a MultiTermAwareComponent was participating
in normalization instead of all. This bug normally doesn't matter since TextField doesn't call it.
(Tim Allison via David Smiley)
* SOLR-12072: Invalid path string using ZkConfigManager.copyConfigDir(String fromConfig, String toConfig)
(Alessandro Hoss via Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-12064: JSON Facet API: fix bug where a limit of -1 in conjunction with multiple facets or
missing=true caused an NPE or AIOOBE. (Karthik Ramachandran via yonik)
* SOLR-12083: Fix RealTime GET to work on a cluster running CDCR when using Solr's in-place updates
(Amrit Sarkar, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-12063: Fix PeerSync, Leader Election failures and CDCR checkpoint inconsistencies on a cluster running CDCR
(Amrit Sarkar, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-12110: Replica which failed to register in Zk can become leader (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-12129: After the core is reloaded, term of the core will not be watched (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-12141: Fix "bin/solr" shell scripts (Windows/Linux/Mac) to correctly detect major Java version
and use numerical version comparison to enforce minimum requirements. Also remove obsolete "UseParNewGC" option.
This allows to start Solr with Java 10 or later. (Uwe Schindler)
* SOLR-11711: Fixed distributed processing of facet.field/facet.pivot sub requests to prevent requesting
unneccessary and excessive '0' count terms from each shard (Houston Putman via hossman)
* LUCENE-8149: NRTCachingDirectory does not need to preemptively delete segment files and generate exceptions
(Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11879: avoid EOFException for empty input streams (noble)
* SOLR-8327: Cluster state caching to avoid live fetch from ZK of cluster state for forwarding requests on nodes
that do not host any replica of the collection (Jessica Cheng Mallet, John Gallagher, Noble Paul, Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
* SOLR-11769: Optimize when useFilterForSortedQuery=true and there are no filter queries by avoiding
needless match-all-docs bitset construction. (Betim Deva, David Smiley)
Other Changes
* SOLR-11629: Add more intuitive CloudSolrClient.Builder constructors (Varun Thacker, Jason Gerlowski)
* SOLR-11575: Improve ref-guide solrj snippets via mock 'print()' method (Jason Gerlowski via hossman)
* SOLR-11757: In tests, fix race condition on SolrException.ignoreException.
Also ensure we register "ignore_exception" in @BeforeClass (previously only @AfterClass) (David Smiley)
* SOLR-11754: Remove AbstractSolrTestCase which has long been supplanted by SolrTestCaseJ4. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-11701: Upgrade to Tika 1.17 when available (Tim Allison, Karthik Ramachandran via Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11703: Solr Should Send Log Notifications if Ulimits are too low (Kevin Cowan via Erick Eickson)
* SOLR-11793: Reduce code duplication w.r.t. RestTestHarness(es). (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-7733: remove "optimize" from the UI. (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11748: Remove Autoscaling action throttle. (shalin)
* SOLR-11805: SolrJ's SolrResponse.getElaspedTime was sometimes a millisecond off. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-11798: Formally deprecate top-level <highlighting> syntax in solrconfig.xml
in favour of <searchComponent> equivalent syntax. (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11801: Support customisation of the "highlighting" query response element.
(Ramsey Haddad, Pranav Murugappan, David Smiley, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11692: SolrDispatchFilter's use of a "close shield" in tests should not be applied to
further servlet chain processing. (Jeff Miller, David Smiley)
* SOLR-11218: Fail and return an error when attempting to delete a collection that's part of an alias (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11817: Move Collections API classes to it's own package (Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-11810: Upgrade Jetty to 9.4.8.v20171121 (Varun Thacker, Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11747: Pause triggers until actions finish executing and the cool down period expires. (shalin)
* SOLR-11871: MoveReplicaSuggester should not suggest leader if other replicas are available (noble)
* SOLR-11624: Collections created from _default configset will now be associated with a configset with a suffix
.AUTOCREATED. For example, a new collection "mycollection", created without specifying a configset name, will
use the _default configset and the associated configset name will be "mycollection.AUTOCREATED". If this
collection is deleted and re-created, the autocreated configset will be left behind and will be re-used for
the re-created collection (Ishan Chattopadhyaya, Abhishek Kumar Singh)
* SOLR-11051: Use disk free metric in default cluster preferences (noble)
* SOLR-11658: Upgrade ZooKeeper dependency to 3.4.11 (Jason Gerlowski, Steve Rowe, Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11480: Remove unused "Admin Extra" files and mentions. (Eric Pugh, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11067: REPLACENODE should identify appropriate nodes if targetNode is not provided (noble)
* SOLR-11848: Update Ref Guide to include info on grouping operations and using curl for large files. (Dariusz Wojtas
via Cassandra Targett)
* SOLR-11613: Make message for missing dataimport config in UI more explicit. (Shawn Heisey, Amrit Sarkar via
Cassandra Targett)
* SOLR-11933: Make DIH UI page safer by not default checking the clean checkbox (Eric Pugh via Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-11349: Rename ResponseBuilder's getQueryCommand to createQueryCommand. (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11902: Clarify in bin/solr help text whether commands can be run remotely (Jason Gerlowski)
* SOLR-3089: RequestBuilder now exposes isDistrib() method. Using this, plugins can know whether a request is
distributed. (Rok Rejc, Frank Wesemann, Abhishek Kumar Singh, Mikhail Khludnev via Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
* SOLR-8090: Make text elements in the UI darker for better contrast and readability (Cassandra Targett)
* SOLR-6057: Change highlight color in UI Analysis screen (Cassandra Targett)
* SOLR-11897: Add toggle to disable auto-refresh of Logging page in the UI (Tommy Marshment-Howell via
Cassandra Targett)
* SOLR-12017: Remove BadApple and AwaitsFix annotations that link to closed JIRAs (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-12027: Increase thread lingering timeout to 80s. (Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-10809: Get precommit lint warnings out of Solr core (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-12028: BadApple and AwaitsFix annotations usage (Erick Erickson, Uwe Schindler)
* SOLR-12031: Refactor Policy framework to make simulated changes affect more than a single node (noble)
* SOLR-11957: Increase MaxFileSize=32MB and MaxBackupIndex=10 for RollingFileAppender in
(Varun Thacker, shalin)
* SOLR-12047: Increase checkStateInZk timeout (Cao Manh Dat, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-12051: Election timeout when no replicas are qualified to become leader (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-12067: Increase autoAddReplicas default 30 second wait time to 120 seconds.
(Varun Thacker, Mark Miller via shalin)
* SOLR-12078: Fixed reproducable Failure in TestReplicationHandler.doTestIndexFetchOnMasterRestart that happened
due to using stale http connections. (Gus Heck, shalin)
* SOLR-12099: Remove reopenReaders attribute from 'IndexConfig in SolrConfig' page in ref guide. (shalin)
* SOLR-12098: Document the Lucene spins auto-detection and its effect on CMS dynamic defaults.
(Cassandra Targett, shalin)
* SOLR-12097: Document the diskType policy attribute and usage of disk space in Collection APIs.
(Cassandra Targett, shalin)
================== 7.2.1 ==================
Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.
Versions of Major Components
Apache Tika 1.16
Carrot2 3.15.0
Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0
Apache UIMA 2.3.1
Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.10
Jetty 9.3.20.v20170531
Bug Fixes
* SOLR-11771: Overseer can never process some last messages (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-11783: Rename core in solr standalone mode is not persisted (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11809: QueryComponent.prepare rq parsing could fail under SOLR 7.2.0 - fix:
QueryComponent's rq parameter parsing no longer considers the defType parameter.
(Christine Poerschke and David Smiley in response to bug report/analysis
from Dariusz Wojtas and Diego Ceccarelli)
* SOLR-11555: If the query terms reduce to nothing, filter(clause) produces an NPE whereas
fq=clause does not (Erick Erickson)
================== 7.2.0 ==================
Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.
Versions of Major Components
Apache Tika 1.16
Carrot2 3.15.0
Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0
Apache UIMA 2.3.1
Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.10
Jetty 9.3.20.v20170531
Upgrade Notes
* SOLR-11501: Starting a query string with local-params {!myparser ...} is used to switch the query parser to another,
and is intended for use by Solr system developers, not end users doing searches. To reduce negative side-effects of
unintended hack-ability, we've limited the cases that local-params will be parsed to only contexts in which the
default parser is "lucene" or "func".
So if defType=edismax then q={!myparser ...} won't work. In that example, put the desired query parser into defType.
Another example is if deftype=edismax then hl.q={!myparser ...} won't work for the same reason. In that example,
either put the desired query parser into hl.qparser or set hl.qparser=lucene. Most users won't run into these cases
but some will and must change.
If you must have full backwards compatibility, use luceneMatchVersion=7.1.0 or something earlier. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-11501: The edismax parser by default no longer allows subqueries that specify a Solr parser using either
local-params, or the older _query_ magic field trick. For example
{!prefix f=myfield v=enterp} or _query_:"{!prefix f=myfield v=enterp}" are not supported by default anymore.
If you want to allow power-users to do this, set uf=* _query_ or some other value that includes _query_.
If you must have full backwards compatibility, use luceneMatchVersion=7.1.0 or something earlier. (David Smiley)
New Features
* SOLR-11448: Implement an option in collection commands to wait for final results. (ab)
* SOLR-11072: Implement trigger for searchRate event type. (ab)
* SOLR-11524: A new autoscaling/suggestions API end-point which gives autoscaling suggestions (noble)
* SOLR-11519: Implement autoscaling suggestions for replica count violations (noble)
* SOLR-11518: Implement autoscaling Suggestions for freedisk violations (noble)
* SOLR-10132: A new optional facet.matches parameter to return facet buckets only
for terms that match a regular expression. (Gus Heck, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11520: Implement autoscaling suggestions for cores count violations (noble)
* SOLR-11438: Solr should return rf when min_rf is specified for deletes as well as adds (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11003: Support bi-directional syncing of cdcr clusters. We still only support active indexing in one cluster,
but have the ability to switch indexing clusters and cdcr will replicate correctly. (Amrit Sarkar, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-11538: Implement suggestions for port,ip_*, nodeRole,sysprop.*, metrics:* (noble)
* SOLR-11487: Collection Aliases may now have metadata (currently an internal feature).
(Gus Heck, David Smiley)
* SOLR-11542: New TimeRoutedAliasUpdateProcessor URP that routes documents to another collection
in the same Alias defined set based on a time field (currently an internal feature).
(David Smiley)
* SOLR-9743: A new UTILIZENODE command (noble)
* SOLR-11202: Implement a set-property command for AutoScaling API. (ab, shalin)
* SOLR-11250: A new DefaultWrapperModel class for loading of large and/or externally stored
LTRScoringModel definitions. (Yuki Yano, shalin, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11662: New synonymQueryStyle option to configure whether SynonymQuery, a DisjunctionMaxQuery, or BooleanQuery
occurs over query terms that overlap their position. (Doug Turnbull, David Smiley)
* SOLR-11429: Add loess Stream Evaluator to support local regression (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11568: Add matrix Stream Evaluator to support efficient matrix operations (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11566: Add transpose Stream Evaluator to support transposing of matrices (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11565: Add unit Stream Evaluator to support unitizing of vectors (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11567: Add triangularDistribution Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11593: Add support for covariance matrices to the cov Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10680: Add minMaxScale Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11599: Change normalize function to standardize and make it work with matrices (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11602: Add Markov Chain Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11607: Add grandSum, sumRows, sumColumns, scalarDivide, scalarMultiply, scalarAdd,
scalarSubtract Stream Evaluators (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11571: Add diff Stream Evaluator to support time series differencing (Mathew Skaria, Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11570: Add support for correlation matrices to the corr Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11569: Add support for distance matrices to the distance Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11674: Support ranges in the probability Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11680: Add normalizeSum Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11697: Add geometricDistribution Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11485: Add olsRegress, spline and derivative Stream Evaluators (Joel Bernstein)
Bug Fixes
* SOLR-11423: Overseer queue needs a hard cap (maximum size) that clients respect (Scott Blum, Joshua Humphries, Noble Paul)
* SOLR-11445: Overseer should not hang when process bad message. (Cao Manh Dat, shalin)
* SOLR-11447: ZkStateWriter should process commands in atomic. (Cao Manh Dat, shalin)
* SOLR-11491: Support retrieval of cluster properties in HttpClusterStateProvider. (ab)
* SOLR-11146: Small fixes to the mapping functions in the Analytics Component (Houston Putman)
* SOLR-11326: A bootstrap of a target cluster does not need to download the tlog files from the source cluster
(Amrit Sarkar, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-10874: Fix AIOOBE caused by FloatPayloadValueSource calling PostingsEnum.nextPosition()
more than the given term's frequency in overridden FloatDocValues.floatVal().
(Michael Kosten, Erik Hatcher, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-11484: CloudSolrClient does not invalidate cache or retry for RouteException (noble, hossman)
* SOLR-11532: Solr hits NPE when fl only contains DV fields and any of them is a spatial field. (Cao Manh Dat, David Smiley)
* SOLR-11557: Fix SolrZkClient.checkInterrupted (Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-11413: SolrGraphiteReporter fails to report metrics due to non-thread safe code. (Erik Persson, ab)
* SOLR-9440: The ZkStateReader.removeCollectionStateWatcher method can cache a DocCollection reference and
never update it causing stale state to be returned in ClusterState. (shalin)
* SOLR-11560: Specifying the replicationFactor parameter while restoring a collection would lead to extra tlog
and pull replicas being created (Peter Szantai-Kis, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-11586: Restored collection should use stateFormat=2 instead of 1. (Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-11503: Collections created with legacyCloud=true cannot be opened if legacyCloud=false (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11619: V2 requests that needed to be forwarded to other nodes would get an NPE. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-11231: Guard against unset fields when performing language detection.
(Chris Beer via Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-11553: JSON Facet API: facet refinement could use UIF in phase one and DV uninversion in phase 2, resulting
in too much memory use. (yonik)
* SOLR-11645: When the java commandline had exact duplicate arguments, the
admin UI dashboard would not display any commandline arguments.
(Webster Homer via Shawn Heisey)
* SOLR-11608: Correctly parse the new core-name in the V2 core rename API.
(Jason Gerlowski via Anshum Gupta)
* SOLR-11256: The queue size for ConcurrentUpdateSolrClient should default to 10 instead of throwing an
IllegalArgumentException. (Jason Gerlowski, Anshum Gupta)
* SOLR-11616: Snapshot the segments more robustly such that segments created during a backup does does not fail the
operation (Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-11687: SolrCore.getNewIndexDir falsely returns {dataDir}/index on any IOException reading
(Nikolay Martynov, Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-9137: bin/solr script ignored custom STOP_PORT on shutdown.
(Joachim Kohlhammer, Steve Rowe, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11458: Improve error handling in MoveReplicaCmd to avoid potential loss of data. (ab)
* SOLR-11590: Synchronize ZK connect/disconnect handling so that they are processed in linear order
(noble, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-11664: JSON Facet API: range facets containing unique, hll, min, max aggregations over string fields
produced incorrect results since 7.0 (Volodymyr Rudniev, yonik)
* SOLR-11691: V2 requests for create-alias didn't work when the collections param was an array.
(Jason Gerlowski, Gus Heck, David Smiley, noble)
* SOLR-11285: Refactor autoscaling framework to avoid direct references to Zookeeper and Solr
to make testing and large scale simulations easier. (ab)
* SOLR-11443: Remove the usage of workqueue for Overseer. (Cao Manh Dat, Scott Blum)
* SOLR-11320: Lock autoscaling triggers when changes they requested are being made. This helps to
ensure that cluster is in a stable state before processing any new trigger events. (ab)
* SOLR-11641: Change `frange` to default to `cost=100` so default behavior is to PostFilter if user specifies
`cache=false` (hossman)
* SOLR-11595: SolrIndexSearcher.localCollectionStatistics is now faster by leveraging an existing
cached MultiFields. Noticeable when many fields are searched. (David Smiley)
Other Changes
* SOLR-11478: Solr should remove itself from live_nodes in zk immediately on shutdown. (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-11145: Adds comprehensive unit tests for the Analytics Component v2 (Houston Putman)
* SOLR-11389: For Solr(Shard|Cluster)Reporter instances the SolrMetricManager.registerReporter
method is now called after the SolrCore or CoreContainer has been set for the instance.
(Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11464, SOLR-11493, SOLR-11511: Minor refactorings to DistributedUpdateProcessor. (Gus Heck, David Smiley)
* SOLR-11444: Improved consistency of collection alias handling, and collection references that are
comma delimited lists of collections, across the various places collections can be referred to.
Updates are delivered to the first in a list. It's now possible to refer to a comma delimited list
of them in the path, ex: /solr/colA,colB/select?... (David Smiley)
* SOLR-11165: Ref guide documentation for Autoscaling APIs, triggers, listeners, actions for Solr 7.1
(ab, Cassandra Targett, Noble Paul, shalin)
* SOLR-11562: Restore Solr logo ASCII-art in startup log by removing unnecessary default confdir logging (janhoy)
* SOLR-11380: SolrJ must stream docs to server instead of writing to a buffer first (noble)
* SOLR-11603: Remove unused (public) LTRScoringModel.hasParams() method. (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11606: Disable tests automatically if Mockito does not work with Java runtime (Java 10).
(Uwe Schindler)
* SOLR-11618: Tone down verbosity of BackupManager logging (Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-11621: Fix spurious failures of TriggerIntegrationTest due to timing issues. (shalin)
* SOLR-11628: Add documentation of maxRamMB for filter cache and query result cache. (shalin)
* SOLR-11610: Refactored payload handling to use lucene's PayloadDecoder
framework (Alan Woodward)
* SOLR-9120: Reduce log level for inconsequential NoSuchFileException that LukeRequestHandler may encounter (hossman)
* SOLR-10469: Move CloudSolrClient.setParallelUpdates to its Builder. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-11507: SOLR-11638: Randomize SolrTestCaseJ4.CloudSolrClientBuilder more, and simplify it.
(Jason Gerlowski, David Smiley)
* SOLR-11291: Factor out abstract metrics/SolrCore[Container]Reporter classes.
(Omar Abdelnabi, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11713: Fixed CdcrUpdateLogTest.testSubReader() failure which was a test bug (Varun Thacker, Amrit Sarkar)
================== 7.1.0 ==================
Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.
Versions of Major Components
Apache Tika 1.16
Carrot2 3.15.0
Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0
Apache UIMA 2.3.1
Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.10
Jetty 9.3.20.v20170531
Detailed Change List
Upgrade Notes
* 'autoAddReplicas' feature is ported to autoscaling framework. Existing users of this feature should not have
to change anything. Note these changes:
1. Behaviour: Changing the autoAddReplicas property from disabled to enabled using MODIFYCOLLECTION API
no longer replaces down replicas for the collection immediately. Instead, replicas are only added
if a node containing them went down while autoAddReplicas was enabled. The params
autoReplicaFailoverBadNodeExpiration and autoReplicaFailoverWorkLoopDelay are no longer used.
2. Deprecations: Enabling/disabling autoAddReplicas cluster wide with the API will be deprecated; use
suspend/resume trigger APIs with name='.auto_add_replicas' instead.
* SOLR-11195: shard and cluster metric reporter configuration now requires a class attribute.
If a reporter configures the group="shard" attribute then please also configure the
class="org.apache.solr.metrics.reporters.solr.SolrShardReporter" attribute.
If a reporter configures the group="cluster" attribute then please also configure the
class="org.apache.solr.metrics.reporters.solr.SolrClusterReporter" attribute.
* SOLR-11254: the abstract DocTransformer class now has an abstract score-less transform method variant.
* SOLR-11283: all Stream Evaluators in have been refactored to have a simplier and more
robust structure. This simplifies and condenses the code required to implement a new Evaluator and
makes it much easier for evaluators to handle differing data types (primitives, objects, arrays,
lists, and so forth). (Dennis Gove)
* SOLR-10962: in the ReplicationHandler the master.commitReserveDuration sub-element is deprecated. Instead
please configure a direct commitReserveDuration element for use in all modes (master, slave, cloud).
* SOLR-11482: RunExecutableListener was removed for security reasons. If you want to listen to
events caused by updates, commits, or optimize, write your own listener as native Java class
as part of a Solr plugin.
* SOLR-11477: in the XML query parser (defType=xmlparser or {!xmlparser ... })
the resolving of external entities is now disallowed by default.
New Features
* SOLR-10339: New set-trigger and remove-trigger APIs for autoscaling. (shalin)
* SOLR-10340: New set-listener and remove-listener API for autoscaling. (shalin)
* SOLR-10358: New suspend-trigger and resume-trigger APIs for autoscaling. (shalin)
* SOLR-10376: Implement autoscaling trigger for nodeAdded event. (shalin)
* SOLR-10396: Implement trigger support for nodeLost event type (Cao Manh Dat, shalin)
* SOLR-10496: New ComputePlanAction for autoscaling which uses the policy framework to compute cluster
operations upon a trigger fire. (Noble Paul, shalin)
* SOLR-10965: New ExecutePlanAction for autoscaling which executes the operations computed by ComputePlanAction
against the cluster. (shalin)
* SOLR-11019: Add addAll Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10996: Implement TriggerListener API (ab, shalin)
* SOLR-11046: Add residuals Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10858: Make UUIDUpdateProcessorFactory as Runtime URP (Amit Sarkar, noble)
* SOLR-11031: Implement SystemLogListener for autoscaling (ab)
* SOLR-11205: Any metrics value can be directly accessed in autoscaling policies (noble)
* SOLR-11199: Payloads supports an "operator" param. Supported operators are 'or', "phrase" ( default ).
A new "sum" function is also added. Example :
{!payload_score f=payload_field func=sum operator=or}A B C" (Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-11215: Make a metric accessible through a single param. (ab)
* SOLR-11244: Query DSL for Solr (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-11317: JSON Facet API: min/max aggregations on numeric fields are now typed better so int/long
fields return an appropriate integral type rather than a double. (yonik)
* SOLR-11316: JSON Facet API: min/max aggregations are now supported on single-valued date fields.
* SOLR-10962: Make ReplicationHandler's commitReserveDuration configurable in SolrCloud mode.
(Ramsey Haddad, Christine Poerschke, hossman)
* SOLR-11382: Lucene's Geo3D (surface of sphere & ellipsoid) is now supported on spatial RPT fields by
setting spatialContextFactory="Geo3D". Furthermore, this is the first time Solr has out of the box
support for polygons. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-11160: Add normalDistribution, uniformDistribution, sample and kolmogorovSmirnov Stream Evaluators
(Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11225: Add cumulativeProbability Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11241: Add discrete counting and probability Stream Evaluators (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11321: Add ebeAdd, ebeSubtract, ebeDivide, ebeMultiply, dotProduct and cosineSimilarity Stream Evaluators
(Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11338: Add Kendall's Tau-b rank and Spearmans rank correlation Stream Evaluators (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11339: Add Canberra, Chebyshev, Earth Movers and Manhattan Distance Stream Evaluators (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11342: Add sumDifference and meanDifference Stream Evaluators (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11350: Add primes Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11354: Add factorial and movingMedian Stream Evaluators (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11377: Add expMovingAverage (exponential moving average) and binomialCoefficient Stream Evaluators
(Mathew Skaria, Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11388: Add monteCarlo Stream Evaluator to support Monte Carlo simulations (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11398: Add weibullDistribution Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11400: Add logNormalDistribution Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11401: Add zipFDistribution Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11414: Add gammaDistribution Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11415: Add betaDistribution Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11436: Add polyfit and polyfitDerivative Stream Evaluators (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11439: Add harmonicFit Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-11076: New /autoscaling/history API to return past cluster events and actions. (ab)
Bug Fixes
* SOLR-10602: Triggers should be able to restore state from old instances when taking over. (shalin)
* SOLR-10714: OverseerTriggerThread does not start triggers on overseer start until autoscaling
config watcher is fired. (shalin)
* SOLR-10738: TriggerAction is initialised even if the trigger is never scheduled. (shalin)
* SOLR-10668: fix NPE at sort=childfield(..) .. on absent values (Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-8984: EnumField's error reporting to now indicate the field name in failure log (Lanny Ripple,
Ann Addicks via Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
* SOLR-11012: Fix three (JavaBinCodec not being closed) Resource Leak warnings. (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11026: MoveReplicaSuggester must check if the target becomes more 'loaded' than the source
if an operation is performed (noble)
* SOLR-10994: CREATE, CREATESHARD & ADDREPLICA to use policy framework & support replica types (noble)
* SOLR-11011: Assign.buildCoreName can lead to error in creating a new core when legacyCloud=false (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-10944: Get expression fails to return EOF tuple (Susheel Kumar, Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-6086: Replica is active during autowarming resulting in queries being sent to a replica that
may not have a registered searcher. This causes spikes in response times when adding a replica
in busy clusters. (Ludovic Boutros, Timothy Potter, shalin)
* SOLR-11190: GraphQuery also supports string fields which are indexed=false and docValues=true. Please refer to the
Javadocs for DocValuesTermsQuery for it's performance characteristics. (Karthik Ramachandran, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-11084: Issue with starting script with solr.home (-s) == solr (Leil Ireson, Amrit Sarkar via Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11255: Fix occasional ConcurrentModificationException when using SolrInfoMBeanHandler. (ab)
* SOLR-11272: fix NPE when EmbeddedSolrServer handles /admin/* request and so one (Stephen Allen via Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-11289: fix comma handling in terms component. (yonik)
* SOLR-11164, SOLR-11180, SOLR-11220: Fix NullPointerException and always-returns-zero
contrib/ltr OriginalScoreFeature issues in SolrCloud mode.
(Yuki Yano, Jonathan Gonzalez, Ryan Yacyshyn, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11278: Stopping CDCR should cancel a running bootstrap operation. (Amrit Sarkar, shalin)
* SOLR-11293: Potential data loss in TLOG replicas when masterVersion equals zero (noble, Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-10101: TestLazyCores hangs (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11332: Fix sorting on 'enum' fieldTypes that use sortMissingFirst or sortMissingLast (hossman)
* SOLR-11348: Fix the DIH database example (James Dyer)
* SOLR-11363: JSON Facet API: repeated values in a numeric points field with docValues enabled
were double counted. (Hossman, yonik)
* SOLR-11085: Improve resiliency of autoscaling actions against overseer restarts and operation failures. (shalin)
* SOLR-11297: Message "Lock held by this virtual machine" during startup. Solr is trying to start some cores twice.
(Luiz Armesto, Shawn Heisey, Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11399: The UnifiedHighlighter was ignoring the hl.fragsize parameter when
(Marc Morissette via David Smiley)
* SOLR-11224: SolrStream.close can hit an NPE (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11278: Fix a race condition in the CDCR bootstrap process which could lead to bootstraps cancelling itself
(Amrit Sarkar, shalin, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-11425: SolrClientBuilder does not allow infinite timeout (value 0). (Peter Szantai-Kis via Mark Miller)
* SOLR-11449: MoveReplicaCmd mistakenly called registerCollectionStateWatcher on failure. (ab)
* SOLR-11477: Disallow resolving of external entities in the XML query parser (defType=xmlparser).
(Michael Stepankin, Olga Barinova, Uwe Schindler, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-12444: Updating a cluster policy fails (noble)
* SOLR-10985: Remove unnecessary toString() calls in solr-core's search package's debug logging.
(Michael Braun via Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11000: Changes made via AutoScalingHandler should be atomic. (ab, shalin)
* SOLR-11124: MoveReplicaCmd should skip deleting old replica in case of its node is not live (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-10769: Allow nodeAdded / nodeLost events to report multiple nodes in one event. (ab)
* SOLR-11242: QueryParser: re-use the LookaheadSuccess exception. (Michael Braun via David Smiley)
* SOLR-11314: FastCharStream: re-use the READ_PAST_EOF exception. (Michael Braun via David Smiley)
* SOLR-8344: Decide default when requested fields are both column and row stored. (Cao Manh Dat, David Smiley)
* SOLR-10285: Skip LEADER messages when there are leader only shards (Cao Manh Dat, Joshua Humphries)
* SOLR-11424: When legacyCloud=false, cores should not publish itself as DOWN on startup. (Cao Manh Dat)
Other Changes
* SOLR-10643: Throttling strategy for triggers and policy executions. (shalin)
* SOLR-10764: AutoScalingHandler should validate policy and preferences before updating zookeeper. (shalin)
* SOLR-10827: Factor out abstract FilteringSolrMetricReporter class. (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-10957: Changed SolrCoreParser.init to use the resource loader from getSchema()
instead of the resource loader from getCore(). (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-10748: Make stream.body configurable and disabled by default (janhoy)
* SOLR-10964: Reduce SolrIndexSearcher casting in LTRRescorer. (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11075: Refactor handling of params in CloudSolrStream and FacetStream (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11052: Remove unnecessary Long-to-Integer and back casts in ReplicationHandler.
(Ramsey Haddad via Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11106: TestLBHttpSolrClient.testReliablity takes 30 seconds because of the wrong server name
(Kensho Hirasawa via Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-10338: Configure SecureRandom non blocking for tests. (Mihaly Toth, hossman, Ishan Chattopadhyaya, via Mark Miller)
* SOLR-10916: Convert tests that extend LuceneTestCase and use MiniSolrCloudCluster
to instead extend SolrCloudTestCase. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-11131: Document 'assert' as a command option in bin/solr, and bin/solr.cmd scripts.
(Jason Gerlowski via Anshum Gupta)
* SOLR-11140: Remove unused parameter in (private) SolrMetricManager.prepareCloudPlugins method.
(Omar Abdelnabi via Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11187: contrib/ltr TestModelManagerPersistence improvements. (Yuki Yano via Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-10397: Port 'autoAddReplicas' feature to the autoscaling framework and make it work with non-shared filesystems
(Cao Manh Dat, shalin)
* SOLR-11157: remove-policy must fail if a policy to be deleted is used by a collection (noble)
* SOLR-11090: Add Replica.getProperty accessor. (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11061: Add a spins metric for data directory paths. (ab)
* SOLR-11071: Improve TestIntervalFacets.testRandom (Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-11195: Require class attribute for shard and cluster metric reporter configuration. (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR:10822: Share a Policy.session object between multiple collection admin calls to get the correct computations (noble)
* SOLR-11249: Upgrade Jetty from 9.3.14.v20161028 to 9.3.20.v20170531 (Michael Braun via David Smiley)
* SOLR-11270: Automatically added SystemLogListener should not prevent deleting a trigger. (ab)
* SOLR-5129: Timeout property for waiting ZK get started. (Cao Manh Dat, Hrishikesh Gadre, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-10628: Less verbose output from bin/solr commands. (Jason Gerlowski, janhoy)
* SOLR-11240: Raise UnInvertedField internal limit. (Toke Eskildsen)
* SOLR-11254: Add score-less (abstract) DocTransformer.transform method. (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11209: Upgrade HttpClient to 4.5.3. (Hrishikesh Gadre via Mark Miller)
* SOLR-11322: JSON Facet API: instead of returning NaN, min & max aggregations omit
the value for any bucket with no values in the numeric field. (yonik)
* SOLR-10990: Breakup QueryComponent.process method for readability. (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11132: Refactor common getSortField logic in various FieldTypes (Jason Gerlowski, hossman)
* SOLR-11351: Make LTRScoringModel model more extensible. (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-10451: Remove contrib/ltr/lib from lib includes in the techproducts example config (sungjunyoung via janhoy)
* SOLR-11306: Fix inaccurate comments on docValues and StrField in the example schemas
(Tom Burton-West, Jason Gerlowski, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-11482: RunExecutableListener was removed for security reasons. (Michael Stepankin,
Olga Barinova, Uwe Schindler, Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-10335: Upgrade to Tika 1.16. (Tim Allison, Tomás Fernández Löbbe via shalin)
================== 7.0.1 ==================
Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.
Versions of Major Components
Apache Tika 1.13
Carrot2 3.15.0
Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0
Apache UIMA 2.3.1
Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.10
Jetty 9.3.14.v20161028
Bug Fixes
* SOLR-11297: Message "Lock held by this virtual machine" during startup. Solr is trying to start some cores twice.
(Luiz Armesto, Shawn Heisey, Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11406: Solr 7.0 cannot read indexes from 6.x versions. (Shawn Heisey, Steve Rowe)
================== 7.0.0 ==================
Versions of Major Components
Apache Tika 1.13
Carrot2 3.15.0
Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0
Apache UIMA 2.3.1
Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.10
Jetty 9.3.14.v20161028
Upgrading from Solr 6.x
* All Trie* numeric and date field types have been deprecated in favor of *Point field types.
Point field types are better at range queries (speed, memory, disk), however simple field:value queries underperform
relative to Trie. Either accept this, or continue to use Trie fields.
This shortcoming may be addressed in a future release.
* The default response type is now JSON ("wt=json") instead of XML, and line indentation is now on by default
("indent=on"). If you expect the responses to your queries to be returned in the previous format (XML
format, no indentation), you must now you must now explicitly pass in "wt=xml" and "indent=off" as query
parameters, or configure them as defaults on your request handlers. See SOLR-10494 for more details.
* the cluster property 'legacyCloud' is set to false from 7.0. This means 'zookeeper is the truth' by
default. If an entry for a replica does not exist in the state.json, that replica cannot get
registered. This may affect users who use that feature where they bring up replicas and they are
automatically registered as a part of a shard. However, it is possible to fall back to the old behavior by
setting the property legacyCloud=true , in the cluster properties using the following command
./server/scripts/cloud-scripts/ -zkhost -cmd clusterprop -name legacyCloud -val true
* HttpClientInterceptorPlugin is now HttpClientBuilderPlugin and must work with a
SolrHttpClientBuilder rather than an HttpClientConfigurer.
* HttpClientUtil now allows configuring HttpClient instances via SolrHttpClientBuilder
rather than an HttpClientConfigurer. Use of env variable SOLR_AUTHENTICATION_CLIENT_CONFIGURER
no longer works, please use SOLR_AUTHENTICATION_CLIENT_BUILDER
* SolrClient implementations now use their own internal configuration for socket timeouts,
connect timeouts, and allowing redirects rather than what is set as the default when
building the HttpClient instance. Use the appropriate setters on the SolrClient instance.
* HttpSolrClient#setAllowCompression has been removed and compression must be enabled as
a constructor param.
* HttpSolrClient#setDefaultMaxConnectionsPerHost and
HttpSolrClient#setMaxTotalConnections have been removed. These now default very
high and can only be changed via param when creating an HttpClient instance.
* Query time join with scoring {!join score=none} (even none) doesn't handle single value numeric fields.
Users are advised to convert these fields into string and reindex.
* Deprecated collection and configset methods on MiniSolrCloudCluster have been
* Index-time boosts are not supported anymore. If any boosts are provided, they
will be ignored by the indexing chain. As a replacement, index-time scoring
factors should be indexed in a separate field and combined with the query
score using a function query.
* Deprecated method getNumericType() has been removed from FieldType. Use getNumberType() instead
* MBean names and attributes now follow hierarchical names used in metrics. This is reflected also in
/admin/mbeans and /admin/plugins output, and can be observed in the UI Plugins tab, because now all these
APIs get their data from the metrics API. The old (mostly flat) JMX view has been removed.
* <jmx> element in solrconfig.xml is no longer supported. Equivalent functionality can be configured in
solr.xml using <metrics><reporter ...> element and SolrJmxReporter implementation. Limited back-compatibility
is offered by automatically adding a default instance of SolrJmxReporter if it's missing, AND when a local
MBean server is found (which can be activated either via ENABLE_REMOTE_JMX_OPTS in or via system
properties, eg. This default instance exports all Solr metrics from all
registries as hierarchical MBeans. This behavior can be also disabled by specifying a SolrJmxReporter
configuration with a boolean init arg "enabled" set to "false". For a more fine-grained control users
should explicitly specify at least one SolrJmxReporter configuration.
* The sow (split-on-whitespace) request param now defaults to false (true in previous versions).
This affects the edismax and standard/"lucene" query parsers: if the sow param is not specified,
query text will not be split on whitespace before analysis. See .
* Setting <solrQueryParser defaultOperator="..."/> in schema is no longer allowed and will cause an exception.
Please use "q.op" parameter on the request instead. For more details, see SOLR-10584.
* Setting <defaultSearchField> in schema is no longer allowed and will cause an exception.
Please use "df" parameter on the request instead. For more details, see SOLR-10585.
* The PostingsSolrHighlighter is deprecated. Furthermore, it now internally works via a re-configuration
of the UnifiedSolrHighlighter.
* Deprecated LatLonType, GeoHashField, SpatialPointVectorFieldType, and SpatialTermQueryPrefixTreeFieldType.
Instead, switch to LatLonPointSpatialField or SpatialRecursivePrefixTreeFieldType or RptWithGeometrySpatialField.
* The 'lucenePlusSort' QParser has been deprecated, and is no longer implicitly defined. If you wish to continue using
this QParser untill Solr 8, you must explicitly register it in your solrconfig.xml:
'<queryParser name="lucenePlusSort" class="solr.OldLuceneQParserPlugin"/>'
* In solrconfig.xml the deprecated <mergePolicy> and <mergeFactor> and <maxMergeDocs> elements have
been removed in favor of the <mergePolicyFactory> element introduced by SOLR-8621 in Solr 5.5.0.
* Custom SolrMetricReporter classes must implement a new, factored out doInit() method and the validate() method
must pass for all reporters including reporters that are not enabled, please see SOLR-10671 for details.
* TemplateUpdateRequestProcessorFactory uses {} instead of ${} for template
* SOLR-9565: The name of TemplateUpdateRequestProcessorFactory' is changed to 'template' from 'Template' and the
name of 'AtomicUpdateProcessorFactory' is changed to 'atomic' from 'Atomic'
* The default for eDismax parameter 'lowercaseOperators' now depends on the luceneMatchVersion setting in solrconfig.
It remains 'true' for luceneMatchVersion < 7.0.0 and changes to 'false' from 7.0.0. See also SOLR-4646
* The unused 'valType' option has been removed from ExternalFileField, if you have this in your schema you
can safely remove it. see SOLR-10929 for more details.
* Config sets basic_configs and data_driven_schema_configs have now been merged into _default. It has data driven nature
enabled by default, and can be turned off (after creating a collection) with:
curl http://host:8983/solr/mycollection/config -d '{"set-user-property": {"update.autoCreateFields":"false"}}'
Please see SOLR-10574 for details.
* The data driven config (now _default) for auto-creating fields earlier defaulted to "string" for text input.
Now the default is to use "text_general" and to add a copyField to the schema, copying to a "*_str" dynamic field,
with a cutoff at 256 characters. This enables full text search as well as faceting. See SOLR-9526 for more.
* SOLR-10123: The Analytics Component has been upgraded to support distributed collections, expressions over multivalued
fields, a new JSON request language, and more. DocValues are now required for any field used in the analytics expression
whereas previously docValues was not required. Please see SOLR-10123 for details.
* solrconfig.xml: <requestDispatcher handleSelect="..."> now defaults to false when luceneMatchVersion >= 7.0,
thus ignoring "qt". Regardless, "qt" is still used as a SolrJ special parameter that specifies the request handler
(tail URL path) to use. If you have request handlers without a leading '/', you can set handleSelect="true"
or better yet consider migrating.
* StandardRequestHandler is deprecated. Simply use SearchHandler instead.
* The parameter names 'fromNode' for MOVEREPLICA and 'source', 'target' for REPLACENODE have been deprecated and
replaced with 'sourceNode' and 'targetNode' instead. The old names will continue to work for back-compatibility
but they will be removed in 8.0. See SOLR-11068 for more details.
* All deperated methods of ClusterState (except getZkClusterStateVersion())
have been removed. Use DocCollection methods instead.
* SOLR-11023: EnumField has been deprecated in favor of new EnumFieldType.
* SOLR-11239: The use of maxShardsPerNode is not supported when a cluster policy is in effect or
when a collection specific policy is specified during collection creation.
* V2 APIs are now available at /api, in addition to /v2 (which is now deprecated). Legacy APIs continue to remain
available at /solr.
* Solr was tested and is compatible with the final release candidate of Java 9. All startup scripts
detect Java 9 correctly and setup Garbage Collector logging. If the configuration file contains
logging options that are no longer supported with Java 9, startup will fail.
* SOLR-10307: If starting Jetty without the Solr start script, you must now pass keystore and truststore
passwords via the env variables SOLR_SSL_KEY_STORE_PASSWORD and SOLR_SSL_TRUST_STORE_PASSWORD rather
than system properties.
* SOLR-10379: ManagedSynonymFilterFactory has been deprecated in favor of ManagedSynonymGraphFilterFactory.
* SOLR-10503: CurrencyField has been deprecated in favor of new CurrencyFieldType.
New Features
* SOLR-9857, SOLR-9858: Collect aggregated metrics from nodes and shard leaders in overseer. (ab)
* SOLR-9835: Create another replication mode for SolrCloud
* SOLR-10356: Adds basic math Streaming Evaluators (Dennis Gove)
* SOLR-10393: Adds UUID Streaming Evaluator (Dennis Gove)
* SOLR-10046: Add UninvertDocValuesMergePolicyFactory class. (Keith Laban, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-10547: JSON Facet API: Implement support for single-valued string fields for min/max aggregations.
* SOLR-10262: Add support for configurable metrics implementations. (ab)
* SOLR-10431: Make it possible to invoke v2 api calls using SolrJ (Cao Manh Dat, Noble Paul, shalin)
* SOLR-10233: Add support for different replica types, that can handle updates differently:
- NRT: Writes updates to transaction log and indexes locally. Replicas of type “NRT” support NRT
(soft commits) and RTG. Any NRT replica can become a leader. This was the only type supported
in SolrCloud until now and it’s the default type.
- TLOG: Writes to transaction log, but not to index, uses replication to copy segment files from the
shard leader. Any TLOG replica can become leader (by first applying all local transaction log
elements). If a replica is of type TLOG but is also the leader, it will behave as a NRT. This
is exactly what was added in SOLR-9835 (non-realtime replicas), just the API and naming changes.
- PULL: Doesn’t index or writes to transaction log, just replicates from the shard leader. PULL replicas
can’t become shard leaders (i.e., if there are only PULL replicas in the collection at some point,
updates will fail same as if there is no leaders, queries continue to work), so they don’t even
participate in elections.
(Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-10278: A new DSL to set cluster-wide preferences and policies on how to allocate replicas to nodes
(noble, shalin)
* SOLR-10373: Implement read API for autoscaling configuration at /admin/autoscaling or
/cluster/autoscaling paths. (shalin)
* SOLR-10677: Expose a diagnostics API to return nodes sorted by load in descending order and
any policy violations. (shalin)
* SOLR-7452: Refinement for JSON Facet API: Adding refine:true to any terms facet will cause an
additional distributed search phase (overlapped with field retrieval) that requests additional info
for top facet buckets from shards that did not previously contribute to that bucket.
This will correct counts (and other statistics) for those top buckets collected in the first
phase. (yonik)
* SOLR-10433: CollectionAdmin requests in SolrJ to support V2 calls (noble)
* SOLR-9989: Add support for PointFields in FacetModule (JSON Facets) (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-10406: v2 API error messages list the URL request path as /solr/____v2/... when the original path was /v2/... (Cao Manh Dat, noble)
* SOLR-10574: New _default config set replacing basic_configs and data_driven_schema_configs.
(Ishan Chattopadhyaya, noble, shalin, hossman, David Smiley, janhoy, Alexandre Rafalovitch)
* SOLR-10272: Use _default config set if no collection.configName is specified with CREATE (Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
* SOLR-9526: Data driven schema now indexes text field "foo" as both "foo" (text_general) and as "foo_str" (string)
to facilitate both search and faceting. AddSchemaFieldsUpdateProcessor now has the ability to add a "copyField" to
the type mappings, with an optional maxChars limitation. You can also define one typeMappings as default.
This also solves issues SOLR-8495, SOLR-6966, and SOLR-7058
(janhoy, Steve Rowe, hossman, Alexandre Rafalovitch, Shawn Heisey, Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-10123: Upgraded the Analytics Component to version 2.0 which now supports distributed collections, expressions over
multivalued fields, a new JSON request language, and more. DocValues are now required for any field used in the analytics
expression whereas previously docValues was not required. Please see SOLR-10123 for details. (Houston Putman)
* SOLR-10282: bin/solr support for enabling Kerberos authentication (Ishan Chattopadhyaya, Jason Gerlowski)
* SOLR-11093: Add support for PointFields for {!graph} query. (yonik)
* SOLR-10845: Add support for PointFields to {!graphTerms} query that is internally
used by some graph traversal streaming expressions. (yonik)
* SOLR-10939: Add support for PointsFields to {!join} query. Joined fields should
also have docValues enabled. (yonik)
* SOLR-11173 TermsComponent support for Points fields. (yonik)
* SOLR-10849: MoreLikeThisComponent should expose setMaxDocFreqPct (maxDoc
frequency percentage). (Dawid Weiss)
* SOLR-10307: Allow Passing SSL passwords through environment variables. (Mano Kovacs, Michael Suzuki via Mark Miller)
* SOLR-10379: Add ManagedSynonymGraphFilterFactory, deprecate ManagedSynonymFilterFactory. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10479: Adds support for HttpShardHandlerFactory.loadBalancerRequests(MinimumAbsolute|MaximumFraction)
configuration. (Ramsey Haddad, Daniel Collins, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-3702: concat(...) function query (Andrey Kudryavtsev via Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-10767: Add movingAvg Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10813: Add arraySort Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10696: Add cumulative probability function (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10765: Add anova Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10754: Add hist Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10753: Add array Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10747: Allow /stream handler to execute Stream Evaluators directly (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10743: Add sequence StreamEvaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10684: Add finddelay Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10731: Add knn Streaming Expression (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10724: Add describe Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10693: Add copyOfRange Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10623: Add sql Streaming Expression (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10661: Add copyOf Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10663: Add distance Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10664: Add scale Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10666: Add rank transformation Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10662: Add length Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10660: Add reverse Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-9910: Add solr/solr.cmd parameter to append jetty parameters to the start script.
(Mano Kovacs via Mark Miller)
* SOLR-6671: Possible to set property as root dir for all data (janhoy, Shawn Heisey, Mark Miller)
Bug Fixes
* SOLR-9262: Connection and read timeouts are being ignored by UpdateShardHandler after SOLR-4509.
(Mark Miller, shalin)
* SOLR-9837: Fix 55% performance regression of FieldCache uninvert time of
numeric fields. (yonik)
* SOLR-10408: v2 API introspect should return useful message for non-existent command (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-10411: v2 Collection API "modify" command specification's replicationFactor property is incorrectly typed as string,
should be integer (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-10405: v2 API introspect response contains multiple copies of the experimental format WARNING (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-10412: v2 API: many API command specification properties are typed "number" but should instead be typed "integer"
(Steve Rowe, Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-10413: v2 API: parsed JSON type should be coerced to expected type (Cao Manh Dat, Noble Paul)
* SOLR-10223: Allow running examples as root on Linux with -force option (janhoy)
* SOLR-10830: Solr now correctly enforces that the '_root_' field has the same fieldType as the
uniqueKey field. With out this enforcement, child document updating was unreliable. (hossman)
* SOLR-10876: Regression in loading runtime UpdateRequestProcessors like TemplateUpdateProcessorFactory (noble)
* SOLR-10886: Using V2Request.process(solrClient) method throws NPE if the API returns an error (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-10921: Work around the static Lucene BooleanQuery.maxClauseCount that causes Solr's maxBooleanClauses
setting behavior to be "last core wins". This patch sets BooleanQuery.maxClauseCount to its maximum value,
thus disabling the global check, and replaces it with specific checks where desired via (yonik)
* SOLR-10948: Fix extraction component to treat DatePointField the same as TrieDateField (hossman)
* SOLR-10506: Fix memory leak (upon collection reload or ZooKeeper session expiry) in ZkIndexSchemaReader.
(Torsten Bøgh Köster, Christine Poerschke, Jörg Rathlev, Mike Drob)
* SOLR-6807: CloudSolrClient's ZK state version check with the server was ignored when handleSelect=false
(David Smiley)
* SOLR-10878: MOVEREPLICA command may lose data when replicationFactor is 1. (ab, shalin)
* SOLR-10879: DELETEREPLICA and DELETENODE commands should prevent data loss when
replicationFactor is 1. (ab)
* SOLR-10983: Fix DOWNNODE -> queue-work explosion (Scott Blum, Joshua Humphries)
* SOLR-10826: Fix CloudSolrClient to expand the collection parameter correctly (Tim Owen via Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-11039: Next button in Solr admin UI for collection list pagination does not work. (janhoy)
* SOLR-11041: MoveReplicaCmd do not specify ulog dir in case of HDFS (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-11045: The new replica created by MoveReplica will have to have same name and coreName as the
old one in case of HDFS (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-11043: Fix facet.range.method=dv and interval facets on single-valued float fields with negative values.
(Tomás Fernández Löbbe, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-11073: Fix overflow in interval faceting when querying Long limits (e.g. (Long.MAX_VALUE TO Long.MAX_VALUE])
(Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-11057: Fix overflow in point range queries when querying the type limits
(e.g. q=field_i:{Integer.MAX_VALUE TO Integer.MAX_VALUE]) (Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-11136: Fix solrj XMLResponseParser when nested docs transformer is used with indented XML (hossman)
* SOLR-11130: V2Request in SolrJ should return the correct collection name so that the request is forwarded to the
correct node (noble)
* SOLR-11151: SolrInfoMBeanHandler.getDiff() ADD case non-functional: NPE when a bean value goes from null -> non-null.
(Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-11154: Child documents' return fields now include useDocValuesAsStored fields (Mohammed Sheeri Shaketi Nauage via
Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
* SOLR-11163: Fix contrib/ltr Normalizer persistence after solr core reload or restart.
(Yuki Yano via Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11182: A split shard failure on IOException should be logged (Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-10353: TestSQLHandler reproducible failure: No match found for function signature min(<NUMERIC>) (Kevin Risden)
* SOLR-11221: SolrJmxReporter broken on core reload. This resulted in some or most metrics not being reported
via JMX after core reloads, depending on timing. (ab)
* SOLR-11235: Some SolrCore metrics should check if core is closed before reporting. (ab)
* SOLR-10698: StreamHandler should allow connections to be closed early (Joel Bernstein, Varun Thacker, Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11243: Replica Placement rules are ignored if a cluster policy exists. (shalin)
* SOLR-11268: AtomicUpdateProcessor complains missing UpdateLog (noble, Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
* SOLR-8689: Fix bin/solr.cmd so it can run properly on Java 9 (Uwe Schindler, hossman)
* SOLR-10723 JSON Facet API: resize() implemented incorrectly for CountSlotAcc, HllAgg.NumericAcc
resulting in exceptions when using a hashing faceting method and sorting by hll(numeric_field).
* SOLR-10719: Creating a fails if the parent of is a symlinked dierctory
(Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-10360: Solr HDFS snapshot export fails due to FileNotFoundException error when using MR1 instead of
yarn. (Hrishikesh via Mark Miller)
* SOLR-10137: Ensure that ConfigSets created via API are mutable. (Hrishikesh via Mark Miller)
* SOLR-10829: Fixed IndexSchema to enforce that uniqueKey can not be Points based for correctness (hossman)
* SOLR-10836: The query parsers igain, significantTerms, and tlogit (used by streaming expressions by
the same name) might throw a NullPointerException if the referenced field had no indexed data in some
shards. The fix included an optimization to use Solr's cached AtomicReader instead of re-calculating.
(David Smiley)
* SOLR-10715: /v2/ should not be an alias for /v2/collections (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-10835: Add support for point fields in Export Handler (Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-10704: REPLACENODE may cause data loss when replicationFactor is 1. (ab, shalin)
* SOLR-10833: Point numeric fields should throw SolrException(BAD_REQUEST) for malformed numbers in queries.
Trie numeric fields should throw SolrException(BAD_REQUEST) for malformed docValues range queries.
(hossman, Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-10832: Fixed VersionInfo.getMaxVersionFromIndex when using PointsField with indexed="true" (hossman)
* SOLR-10763: Admin UI replication tab sometimes empty when failed replications (janhoy, Bojan Vitnik)
* SOLR-10824: fix NPE ExactSharedStatsCache, fixing maxdocs skew for terms which are absent at one of shards
when using one of Exact*StatsCache (Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-10963: Fix example json in MultipleAdditiveTreesModel javadocs.
(Stefan Langenmaier via Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-10914: RecoveryStrategy's sendPrepRecoveryCmd can get stuck for 5 minutes if leader is unloaded. (shalin)
* SOLR-11198: downconfig downloads empty file as folder (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-4509: Move to non deprecated HttpClient impl classes to remove stale connection
check on every request and move connection lifecycle management towards the client.
(Ryan Zezeski, Mark Miller, Shawn Heisey, Steve Davids)
* SOLR-9579: Make Solr's SchemaField implement Lucene's IndexableFieldType, removing the
creation of a Lucene FieldType every time a field is indexed. (John Call, yonik)
* SOLR-9822: JSON Facet API: Recover performance lost due to the DocValues transition to
an iterator API (LUCENE-7407). This only fixes calculating counts for single-valued
string fields from the FieldCache, resulting in up to 56% better throughput for those cases.
* SOLR-10727: Avoid polluting the filter cache for certain types of faceting (typically ranges) when
the base docset is empty. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-11070: Make docValues range queries behave the same as Trie/Point fields for Double/Float Infinity cases
(Tomás Fernández Löbbe, Andrey Kudryavtsev)
* SOLR-10634: JSON Facet API: When a field/terms facet will retrieve all buckets (i.e. limit:-1)
and there are no nested facets, aggregations are computed in the first collection phase
so that the second phase which would normally involve calculating the domain for the bucket
can be skipped entirely, leading to large performance improvements. (yonik)
* SOLR-10722: Speed up Solr's use of the UnifiedHighlighter be re-using FieldInfos. (David Smiley)
Other Changes
* SOLR-10236: Removed FieldType.getNumericType(). Use getNumberType() instead. (Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-10347: Removed index level boost support from "documents" section of the admin UI (Amrit Sarkar via
Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-9959: SolrInfoMBean category and hierarchy cleanup. Per-component statistics are now obtained from
the metrics API, legacy JMX support has been replaced with SolrJmxReporter functionality. Several reporter
improvements (support for multiple prefix filters, "enabled" flag, reuse of service clients). (ab)
* SOLR-10418: Expose safe system properties via metrics API as '' in 'solr.jvm' group.
Add support for selecting specific properties from any compound metric using 'property' parameter to
/admin/metrics handler. (ab)
* SOLR-10557: Make "compact" format default for /admin/metrics. (ab)
* SOLR-10310: By default, stop splitting on whitespace prior to analysis
in edismax and standard/"lucene" query parsers. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10647: Move the V1 <-> V2 API mapping to SolrJ (noble)
* SOLR-10584: We'll now always throw an exception if defaultOperator is found in schema. This config has
been deprecated since 3.6, and enforced for new configs since 6.6 (janhoy)
* SOLR-10585: We'll now always throw an exception if defaultSearchField is found in schema. This config has
been deprecated since 3.6, and enforced for new configs since 6.6 (janhoy, David Smiley)
* SOLR-10414: RecoveryStrategy is now a Runnable instead of a Thread. (Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-10042: Delete old deprecated Admin UI, leaving the AngularJS UI the only one supported (janhoy)
* SOLR-10378: Clicking Solr logo on AdminUI shows blank page (Takumi Yoshida via janhoy)
* SOLR-10700: Deprecated and converted the PostingsSolrHighlighter to extend UnifiedSolrHighlighter and thus no
longer use the PostingsHighlighter. It should behave mostly the same. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-10710: Fix LTR failing tests. (Diego Ceccarelli via Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-10755: delete/refactor many solrj deprecations (hossman)
* SOLR-10752: replicationFactor (nrtReplicas) default is 0 if tlogReplicas is specified when creating a collection
(Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-10757: delete/refactor/cleanup CollectionAdminRequest deprecations (hossman)
* SOLR-10793: BlobHandler should have a well-known permission name (noble)
* SOLR-10744: Update noggit to newer version (0.8) (noble)
* SOLR-10792: Deprecate and remove implicit registration of "lucenePlusSort" aka OldLuceneQParser (hossman)
* SOLR-10791: Remove deprecated options in SSLTestConfig (hossman)
* LUCENE-7852: Correct copyright year(s) in solr/LICENSE.txt file.
(Christine Poerschke, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-8668: In solrconfig.xml remove <mergePolicy> (and related <mergeFactor> and <maxMergeDocs>)
support in favor of the <mergePolicyFactory> element introduced by SOLR-8621 in Solr 5.5.0.
(Christine Poerschke, hossman)
* SOLR-10799: Extracted functionality to collect eligible replicas from HttpShardHandler.prepDistributed()
to a new method (Domenico Fabio Marino via Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-10801: Remove several deprecated methods that were exposed to plugin writers (hossman)
* SOLR-10671: Add abstract doInit method to the SolrMetricReporter base class.
(Christine Poerschke, Anshum Gupta)
* SOLR-10713: Ignore .pid and .out files in solr working directory (Jason Gerlowski via Mike Drob)
* SOLR-10764: AutoScalingHandler should validate policy and preferences before updating zookeeper. (shalin)
* SOLR-10782: Improve error handling and tests for Snitch and subclasses and general cleanups. (Noble Paul, shalin)
* SOLR-10419: All collection APIs should use the new Policy framework for replica placement. (Noble Paul, shalin)
* SOLR-10800: Factor out HttpShardHandler.transformReplicasToShardUrls from HttpShardHandler.prepDistributed.
(Domenico Fabio Marino, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-10779: JavaBinCodec should use close consistently rather than having marshal() and close() call finish()
(which closes the underlying stream). (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-9623: Disable remote streaming in example configs by default. Adjust Upload Limit defaults (janhoy, yonik)
* SOLR-4646: eDismax lowercaseOperators now defaults to "false" for luceneMatchVersion >= 7.0.0 (janhoy, David Smiley)
* SOLR-8256: Set legacyCloud=false as default (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-10929: Removed unused 'valType' option from ExternalFileField (hossman)
* SOLR-10864: Simplified how Trie vs Points based numerics are randomized by SolrTestCaseJ4 by adding a static
option to PointsField to ignore 'precisionStep' attribute. This change also begins to attempt to randomize
'docValues' on numeric field types unless tests explicity enable/disable them. (hossman, Steve Rowe)
* LUCENE-7883: Solr no longer uses the context class loader when resolving
resources, they are only resolved against Solr's own or "core" class loader
by default. (Uwe Schindler)
* SOLR-10915: Make builder based SolrClient constructors to be the only valid way to construct client objects and
increase the visibility of builder elements to be protected so extending the builder, and the clients is possible.
(Jason Gerlowski, Anshum Gupta)
* SOLR-10823: Add reporting period to SolrMetricReporter base class. (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-10807: Randomize Points based numeric field types in all existing tests & test schemas
where Trie numerics were previously hardcoded. (hossman, Steve Rowe, Anshum Gupta)
* SOLR-6807: Changed requestDispatcher's handleSelect to default to false, thus ignoring "qt".
Simplified configs to not refer to handleSelect or "qt". Switch all tests that assumed true to assume false
(added leading '/' in request handlers). Switch all tests referring to "standard" request handler to
instead refer to "/select" with SearchHandler. Deprecated the old StandardRequestHandler. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-10456: Deprecate timeout related setters from SolrClients, and replace with Builder based implementation
(Jason Gerlowski, Anshum Gupta)
* SOLR-11004: Consolidate SolrClient builder code in an abstract base class (Jason Gerlowski, Anshum Gupta)
* SOLR-10967: Cleanup the default configset. The changes involve some documentation corrections, removing the currency
field from the examples and a few dynamic fields (Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-11016: Fix TestCloudJSONFacetJoinDomain test-only bug (hossman)
* SOLR-11021: The elevate.xml config-file is made optional in the ElevationComponent.
The default configset doesn't ship with a elevate.xml file anymore (Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-10898: Fix SOLR-10898 to not deterministicly fail 1/512 runs (hossman)
* SOLR-10796: TestPointFields: increase randomized testing of non-trivial values. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-11068: MOVEREPLICA and REPLACENODE API parameter names are now 'sourceNode' and 'targetNode'. The old names
viz. 'fromNode' for MOVEREPLICA and 'source', 'target' for REPLACENODE have been deprecated. (shalin)
* SOLR-11088: Fix sporadic failures of MetricsHandlerTest.testPropertyFilter on jenkins (shalin)
* SOLR-11037: Refactor to provide NodeConfig.getSolrDataHome internal API. (ab, janhoy, shalin)
* SOLR-11119: Switch from Trie to Points field types in the .system collection schema. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10494: Make default response format JSON (wt=json), and also indent text responses formats
(indent=on) by default (Trey Grainger & Cassandra Targett via hossman)
* SOLR-10760,SOLR-11315,SOLR-11313: Remove trie field types and fields from example schemas. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-11056: Add random range query test that compares results across Trie*, *Point and DocValue-only fields
(Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-10926: Increase the odds of randomly choosing point fields in our SolrTestCaseJ4 numeric type randomization.
(hossman, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10846: ExternalFileField/FloatFieldSource should throw a clear exception on initialization with
a Points-based keyField, which is not supported. (hossman, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-11155: /analysis/field and /analysis/document requests should support points fields.
(Jason Gerlowski, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10756: Undeprecate ZkStateReader.updateClusterState(), mark as @lucene.internal, and rename to
forciblyRefreshAllClusterStateSlow(). (hossman, shalin, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-11036: Separately report disk space metrics for and core root directory. (ab)
* SOLR-10919: ord & rord functions give confusing errors with PointFields. (hossman, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10847: Provide a clear exception when attempting to use the terms component with points fields.
(hossman, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-9321: Remove deprecated methods of ClusterState. (Jason Gerlowski, ishan, Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-10033: When attempting to facet with facet.mincount=0 over points fields, raise mincount to 1
and log a warning. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-11178: Change error handling in AutoScalingHandler to be consistent w/ other APIs (noble)
* SOLR-11023: Added EnumFieldType, a non-Trie-based version of EnumField, and deprecated EnumField
in favor of EnumFieldType. (hossman, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10803: Mark all Trie/LegacyNumeric based fields @deprecated in Solr7. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10821: Ref guide documentation for Autoscaling (Noble Paul, Cassandra Targett, shalin)
* SOLR-11239: A special value of -1 can be specified for 'maxShardsPerNode' to denote that
there is no limit. The bin/solr script send maxShardsPerNode=-1 when creating collections. The
use of maxShardsPerNode is not supported when a cluster policy is in effect or when a
collection specific policy is specified during collection creation.
(Noble Paul, shalin)
* SOLR-11183: V2 APIs are now available at /api endpoint. (Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
* SOLR-10617: JDBCStream accepts columns of type TIME, DATE & TIMESTAMP as well as CLOBs and decimal
numeric types (James Dyer)
* SOLR-10400: Replace (instanceof TrieFooField || instanceof FooPointField) constructs with
FieldType.getNumberType() or SchemaField.getSortField() where appropriate. (hossman, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10438: Assign explicit useDocValuesAsStored values to all points field types in
schema-point.xml/TestPointFields. (hossman, Steve Rowe)
* LUCENE-7705: Allow CharTokenizer-derived tokenizers and KeywordTokenizer to configure the max token length.
(Amrit Sarkar via Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-10659: Remove ResponseBuilder.getSortSpec use in SearchGroupShardResponseProcessor.
(Judith Silverman via Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-10741: Factor out createSliceShardsStr method from HttpShardHandler.prepDistributed.
(Domenico Fabio Marino via Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-10790: Fix warnings in and classes.
(Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-8437: Improve RAMDirectory details in sample solrconfig files (Mark Miller, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-8762: return child docs in DIH debug (Gopikannan Venugopalsamy via Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-10501: Test sortMissing{First,Last} with points fields. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10761: Switch trie numeric/date fields to points in data-driven-enabled example and test schemas.
(Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10851: SolrClients should clarify expectations for solrServerUrl parameter (Jason Gerlowski
via Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-10891: BBoxField should support point-based number sub-fields. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10834: Fixed tests and test configs to stop using numeric uniqueKey fields (hossman)
* SOLR-10883: Ref guide: Escape replacement substitutions, e.g. => to right arrow, so that they are
rendered visibly in the PDF. Also add .adoc file checks to the top-level validate target, including
for the invisible substitutions PDF problem. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10503,SOLR-10502: Deprecate CurrencyField in favor of new CurrencyFieldType, which works
with point fields and provides control over dynamic fields used for the raw amount and currency
code sub-fields. (hossman, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-11261, SOLR-10966: Upgrade to Hadoop 2.7.4 to fix incompatibility with Java 9.
(Uwe Schindler)
* SOLR-11324: Clean up mention of trie fields in documentation and source comments. (Steve Rowe)
================== 6.6.5 ==================
Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.
Versions of Major Components
Apache Tika 1.13
Carrot2 3.15.0
Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0
Apache UIMA 2.3.1
Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.10
Jetty 9.3.14.v20161028
New Features
* SOLR-12530: Ability to disable configset upload via -Dconfigset.upload.enabled=false startup parameter
(Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
Bug Fixes
* SOLR-12450: Don't allow referal to external resources in various config files (CVE-2018-8026).
(Yuyang Xiao, Uwe Schindler)
================== 6.6.4 ==================
Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.
Versions of Major Components
Apache Tika 1.17
Carrot2 3.15.0
Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0
Apache UIMA 2.3.1
Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.11
Jetty 9.4.10.v20180503
Bug Fixes
* SOLR-12316: Do not allow to use absolute URIs for including other files in solrconfig.xml and schema parsing.
(Ananthesh, Ishan Chattopadhyaya, Uwe Schindler)
================== 6.6.3 ==================
Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.
Versions of Major Components
Apache Tika 1.17
Carrot2 3.15.0
Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0
Apache UIMA 2.3.1
Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.11
Jetty 9.4.8.v20171121
Bug Fixes
* SOLR-11971: Don't allow referal to external resources in DataImportHandler's dataConfig request parameter.
(麦 香浓郁, Uwe Schindler)
* SOLR-11503: Collections created with legacyCloud=true cannot be opened if legacyCloud=false (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11993: LeaderInitiatedRecoveryThread does not retry on UnknownHostException (shalin, Cao Manh Dat, Steve Rowe)
================== 6.6.2 ==================
Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.
Versions of Major Components
Apache Tika 1.16
Carrot2 3.15.0
Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0
Apache UIMA 2.3.1
Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.10
Jetty 9.3.14.v20161028
Upgrade Notes
* SOLR-11477: in the XML query parser (defType=xmlparser or {!xmlparser ... })
the resolving of external entities is now disallowed by default.
* SOLR-11482: RunExecutableListener was deprecated and is disabled by default for
security reasons. Legacy applications still using it must explicitely pass
'-Dsolr.enableRunExecutableListener=true' to the Solr command line.
Be aware that you should really disable API-based config editing at the same
time, using '-Ddisable.configEdit=true'! (Uwe Schindler)
Bug Fixes
* SOLR-11477: Disallow resolving of external entities in the XML query parser (defType=xmlparser).
(Michael Stepankin, Olga Barinova, Uwe Schindler, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-11297: Message "Lock held by this virtual machine" during startup. Solr is trying to start some cores twice.
(Luiz Armesto, Shawn Heisey, Erick Erickson)
Other Changes
* SOLR-10335: Upgrade to Tika 1.16. (Tim Allison, Tomás Fernández Löbbe via shalin)
================== 6.6.1 ==================
Bug Fixes
* SOLR-10857: standalone Solr loads UNLOADed core on request (Erick Erickson, Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-11024: ParallelStream should set the StreamContext when constructing SolrStreams (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10908: CloudSolrStream.toExpression incorrectly handles fq clauses (Rohit via Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11177: CoreContainer.load needs to send lazily loaded core descriptors to the proper list rather than send
them all to the transient lists. (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11122: Creating a core should write a file first and clean up on failure
(Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-10910: Clean up a few details left over from pluggable transient core and untangling
CoreDescriptor/CoreContainer references (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-10721: Provide a way to know when Core Discovery is finished and when all async cores are done loading
(Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11069: CDCR bootstrapping can get into an infinite loop when a core is reloaded (Amrit Sarkar, Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-11221: SolrJmxReporter broken on core reload. This resulted in some or most metrics not being reported
via JMX after core reloads, depending on timing. (ab)
* SOLR-11261, SOLR-10966: Upgrade to Hadoop 2.7.4 to fix incompatibility with Java 9.
(Uwe Schindler)
* SOLR-11228: Exclude static html files in the partials directory from authentication and authorization checks. The UI
will open correctly with kerberos enabled (Ishan Chattopadhyaya, Varun Thacker)
================== 6.6.0 ==================
Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.
Versions of Major Components
Apache Tika 1.13
Carrot2 3.15.0
Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0
Apache UIMA 2.3.1
Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.10
Jetty 9.3.14.v20161028
Upgrade Notes
* Solr contribs map-reduce, morphlines-core and morphlines-cell have been removed.
* JSON Facet API now uses hyper-log-log for numBuckets cardinality calculation and
calculates cardinality before filtering buckets by any mincount greater than 1.
* ZooKeeper dependency has been upgraded from 3.4.6 to 3.4.10.
Detailed Change List
New Features
* SOLR-9992: Add support for grouping with PointFIelds. (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-9994: Add support for CollapseQParser with PointFields. (Varun Thacker, Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-10076: Hide keystore and truststore passwords from /admin/info/* outputs. (Mano Kovacs via Mark Miller)
* SOLR-6736: Adding support for uploading zipped configsets using ConfigSets API (Varun Rajput, Ishan Chattopadhyaya,
Noble Paul, Anshum Gupta, Gregory Chanan)
* SOLR-10349: Add totalTermFreq support to TermsComponent. (Shai Erera)
* SOLR-9993: Add support for ExpandComponent with PointFields. (Cao Manh Dat)
* SOLR-10239: MOVEREPLICA API (Cao Manh Dat, Noble Paul, shalin)
* SOLR-9936: Allow configuration for recoveryExecutor thread pool size. (Tim Owen via Mark Miller)
* SOLR-10447: Collections API now supports a LISTALIASES command to return a list of all collection aliases.
(Yago Riveiro, Ishan Chattopadhyaya, Mark Miller, Steve Molloy, Shawn Heisey, Mike Drob, janhoy)
* SOLR-10446: CloudSolrClient can now be initialized using the base URL of a Solr instance instead of
ZooKeeper hosts. This is possible through the use of newly introduced HttpClusterStateProvider.
To fetch a list of collection aliases, this depends on LISTALIASES command, and hence this way of
initializing CloudSolrClient would not work if you have collection aliases on older versions of Solr
server that doesn't support LISTALIASES. (Ishan Chattopadhyaya, Noble Paul)
* SOLR-10082: Variance and Standard Deviation aggregators for the JSON Facet API.
Example: json.facet={x:"stddev(field1)", y:"variance(field2)"}
(Rustam Hashimov, yonik)
* SOLR-10505: Add multi-field support to TermsComponent when requesting terms' statistics. (Shai Erera)
* SOLR-10537: SolrJ: Added SolrParams.toLocalParamsString() and ClientUtils.encodeLocalParamVal. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-10507: Core Admin status command to emit collection details of each core (noble)
* SOLR-10521: introducing sort=childfield(field) asc for searching by {!parent} (Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-9596: Add Solr support for SimpleTextCodec, via <codecFactory class="solr.SimpleTextCodecFactory"/>
in solrconfig.xml (per-field specification in the schema is not possible). (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-1485: Add payload support with payload() value source and {!payload_score} and {!payload_check}
query parsers. (Erik Hatcher)
* SOLR-10430: Add ls command to ZkCLI for listing only sub-directories. (Peter Szantai-Kis via Mark Miller)
* SOLR-10583: JSON Faceting now supports a query time 'join' domain change option (hossman)
* SOLR-9530: An Update Processor to convert normal update operation to an atomic operations such as
add, set,inc, remove ,set, removeregex (Amrit Sarkar, noble)
* SOLR-10303: Add date/time Stream Evaluators (Gethin James, Dennis Gove, Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10351: Add analyze Stream Evaluator to support streaming NLP (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10426: Add shuffle Streaming Expression (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10274: The search Streaming Expression should work in non-SolrCloud mode (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10504: Add echo Streaming Expression (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10516: Add eval Streaming Expression (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10566: Add timeseries Streaming Expression (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10559: Add let, get and tuple Streaming Expressions (Dennis Gove, Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10582: Add Correlation Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10536: stats Streaming Expression should work in non-SolrCloud mode (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10622: Add regress and predict Stream Evaluators (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10626: Add covariance Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10625: Add convolution Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10638: Add normalize Stream Evaluator (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-8440: Support for enabling basic authentication using bin/solr|bin/solr.cmd. (Ishan Chattopadhyaya, janhoy,
Noble Paul, Hrishikesh Gadre)
* SOLR-10292: Adds CartesianProductStream which turns a single tuple with a multi-valued field into N
tuples, one for each value in the multi-valued field. (Dennis Gove)
* SOLR-9184: Add a static convenience method ModifiableSolrParams#of(SolrParams) which returns the same
instance if it already is modifiable, otherwise creates a new ModifiableSolrParams instance.
(Jörg Rathlev via Koji)
* SOLR-10499: facet.heatmap is now significantly faster when the docset (base query) matches everything and there are no
deleted docs. It's also faster when the docset matches a small fraction of the index or none. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-9217: Reduced heap consumption for filter({!join ... score=...})
(Andrey Kudryavtsev, Gopikannan Venugopalsamy via Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-10548: JSON Facet API now uses hyper-log-log++ for determining the number of buckets
when merging requests from a multi-shard distributed request. (yonik)
* SOLR-10524: Better ZkStateWriter batching (Cao Manh Dat, Noble Paul, shalin, Scott Blum)
* SOLR-10619: Optimize using cache for DistributedQueue in case of single-consumer (Cao Manh Dat, Scott Blum)
Bug Fixes
* SOLR-10281: ADMIN_PATHS is duplicated in two places and inconsistent. This can cause automatic
retries to /admin/metrics handler by the CloudSolrClient. (shalin)
* SOLR-10108: bin/solr script recursive copy broken (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-10362: "Memory Pool not found" error when reporting JVM metrics. (ab)
* SOLR-10369: bin\solr.cmd delete and healthcheck now works again; fixed continuation chars ^ (Luis Goes via janhoy)
* SOLR-10387: zkTransfer normalizes destination path incorrectly if source is a windows directory
(gopikannan venugopalsamy, Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-10323: fix to SpellingQueryConverter to properly strip out colons in field-specific queries.
(Amrit Sarkar via James Dyer)
* SOLR-10264: Fixes multi-term synonym parsing in ManagedSynonymFilterFactory.
(Jörg Rathlev, Steve Rowe, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-8807: fix Spellcheck "collateMaxCollectDocs" parameter to work with queries that have the
CollpasingQParserPlugin applied. (James Dyer)
* SOLR-10474: TestPointFields.testPointFieldReturn() depends on order of unsorted hits. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10473: Correct LBHttpSolrClient's confusing SolrServerException message when timeAllowed is exceeded.
(Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-10047: Mismatched Docvalues segments cause exception in Sorting/Faceting. Solr now uninverts per segment
to avoid such exceptions. (Keith Laban via shalin)
* SOLR-10472: Fixed uninversion (aka: FieldCache) bugs with the numeric PointField classes, and CurrencyField (hossman)
* SOLR-5127: Multiple highlight fields and wildcards are now supported e.g. hl.fl=title,text_*
(Sven-S. Porst, Daniel Debray, Simon Endele, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-10493: Investigate SolrCloudExampleTest failures. (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-10552: JSON Facet API numBuckets was not consistent between distributed and non-distributed requests
when there was a mincount > 1. This has been corrected by changing numBuckets cardinality processing to
ignore mincount > 1 for non-distributed requests. (yonik)
* SOLR-10520: child.facet.field doubled counts at least when rows>0. (Dr. Oleg Savrasov via Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-10480: Full pagination in JSON Facet API using offset does not work. (yonik)
* SOLR-10526: facet.heatmap didn't honor facet exclusions ('ex') for distributed search. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-10500: nested child docs are adopted by neighbour when several parents come in update/json/docs
(Alexey Suprun,noble via Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-10316: Unloading a core can remove a ZK SolrCore registration entry for the wrong SolrCore. (Mark Miller)
* SOLR-10588: Prevent redundant core reload on config update (Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-10549: The new 'large' attribute had been forgotten in /schema/fieldtypes?showDefaults=true (David Smiley)
* SOLR-10615: requests are suspended until SolrDispatchFilter initialization is completed.
After core container shutdown or severe initialization problem Solr responds with
http stauts 404 Not Found instead of 500 as it was before (Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-8149: Admin UI - Plugins / Stats - active item is now highlighted (Labuzov Dmitriy via janhoy)
* SOLR-10630: HttpSolrCall.getAuthCtx().new AuthorizationContext() {...}.getParams()
sometimes throws java.lang.NullPointerException (hu xiaodong via shalin)
* SOLR-9527: Improve distribution of replicas when restoring a collection
(Hrishikesh Gadre, Stephen Lewis, Rohit, Varun Thacker)
* LUCENE-7821: The classic and flexible query parsers, as well as Solr's
"lucene"/standard query parser, should require " TO " in range queries,
and accept "TO" as endpoints in range queries. (hossman, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10735: Windows script (solr.cmd) didn't work properly with directory containing spaces. Adding quotations
to fix (Uwe Schindler, janhoy, Tomas Fernandez-Lobbe, Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
Ref Guide
* SOLR-10758: Modernize the Solr ref guide's Chinese language analysis coverage. (Steve Rowe)
Other Changes
* SOLR-9221: Remove Solr contribs: map-reduce, morphlines-core and morphlines-cell. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10249: Refactor IndexFetcher.doFetch() to return a more detailed result. (Jeff Miller via David Smiley)
* SOLR-10304: Refactor Document handling out of SolrIndexSearcher into a new class "SolrDocumentFetcher".
Deprecated SolrPluginUtils.docListToSolrDocumentList(). (David Smiley)
* SOLR-10352: bin/solr script now prints warning when available system entropy is lower than 300 (Esther Quansah via
Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
* SOLR-10344: Update Solr default/example and test configs to use WordDelimiterGraphFilterFactory. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10343: Update Solr default/example and test configs to use SynonymGraphFilterFactory. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10365: Handle a SolrCoreInitializationException while publishing core state during SolrCore creation
(Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
* SOLR-10357: Enable edismax and standard query parsers to handle the option combination
sow=false / autoGeneratePhraseQueries="true" by setting QueryBuilder.autoGenerateMultiTermSynonymsQuery.
(Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10147: Admin UI -> Cloud -> Graph: Impossible to see shard state (Amrit Sarkar, janhoy)
* SOLR-10399: Generalize some internal facet logic to simplify points/non-points field handling (Adrien Grand, hossman)
* SOLR-7383: New DataImportHandler 'atom' example, replacing broken 'rss' example (Alexandre Rafalovitch)
* SOLR-9601: Redone DataImportHandler 'tika' example, removing all unused and irrelevant definitions (Alexandre Rafalovitch)
* SOLR-8906: Make transient core cache pluggable (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-9745: print errors from solr.cmd (Gopikannan Venugopalsamy via Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-10394: Rename getSortWithinGroup to getWithinGroupSort in search.grouping.Command class.
(Judith Silverman, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-10440: LBHttpSolrClient.doRequest is now always wrapped in a Mapped Diagnostic Context (MDC).
(Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-10429: UpdateRequest#getRoutes()should copy the response parser (noble)
* SOLR-10007: Clean up references to CoreContainer and CoreDescriptors (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-10151: Use monotonically incrementing counter for doc ids in TestRecovery. (Peter Szantai-Kis, Mano Kovacs via Mark Miller)
* SOLR-10514: Upgrade Metrics library to 3.2.2. (ab)
* SOLR-9386: Upgrade Zookeeper to 3.4.10. (Shawn Heisey, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10519: SolrCLI.atPath cannot handle children that begin with a slash. (Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-9867: Adding isLoading=true as core status. Fixing start after stop scenario in bin/solr
(Andrey Kudryavtsev, Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-7041: Cutover tests to using 'q.op' and 'df' instead of schema 'defaultOperator' and 'defaultSearchField' (janhoy)
* SOLR-10601: StreamExpressionParser should handle white space around = in named parameters (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10614: Static fields have turned to instance's field in SimplePostTool.
Enabled TestSolrCLIRunExample.testTechproductsExample(). (Andrey Kudryavtsev, Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-10522: Revert SpellCheckComponent response format change from SOLR-9972 (rel. 6.5.0). While this
was an improvement for the json "arrntv" format, it caused problems for the default json format.
(James Dyer, reported by Nikita Pchelintsev)
* SOLR-10644: installed by install script should be writable by solr user (janhoy)
* SOLR-10729: Deprecated LatLonType, GeoHashField, SpatialPointVectorFieldType, and SpatialTermQueryPrefixTreeFieldType.
Instead, switch to LatLonPointSpatialField or SpatialRecursivePrefixTreeFieldType or RptWithGeometrySpatialField.
(David Smiley)
================== 6.5.1 ==================
Bug Fixes
* SOLR-10383: Fix debug related NullPointerException in solr/contrib/ltr OriginalScoreFeature class.
(Vitezslav Zak, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-10416: The JSON output of /admin/metrics is fixed to write the container as a
map (SimpleOrderedMap) instead of an array (NamedList). (shalin)
* SOLR-10277: On 'downnode', lots of wasteful mutations are done to ZK.
(Joshua Humphries, Scott Blum, Varun Thacker, shalin)
* SOLR-10421: Fix params persistence for solr/contrib/ltr (MinMax|Standard)Normalizer classes.
(Jianxiong Dong, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-10404: The fetch() streaming expression wouldn't work if a value included query syntax chars (like :+-).
Fixed, and enhanced the generated query to not pollute the queryCache. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-10423: Disable graph query production via schema configuration <fieldtype ... enableGraphQueries="false">.
This fixes broken queries for ShingleFilter-containing query-time analyzers when request param sow=false.
(Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10425: Fix indexed="false" on numeric PointFields (Tomás Fernández Löbbe, hossman)
* SOLR-10341: SQL AVG function mis-interprets field type. (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10444: SQL interface does not use client cache. (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10420: Solr 6.x leaking one SolrZkClient instance per second (Scott Blum, Cao Manh Dat, Markus Jelsma, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10439: The new 'large' attribute had been forgotten in /schema/fields?showDefaults=true (David Smiley)
* SOLR-10527: edismax with sow=false fails to create dismax-per-term queries when any field is boosted.
(Steve Rowe)
================== 6.5.0 ==================
Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.
Versions of Major Components
Apache Tika 1.13
Carrot2 3.15.0
Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0
Apache UIMA 2.3.1
Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.6
Jetty 9.3.14.v20161028
Apache Calcite 1.11.0
Detailed Change List
Upgrade Notes
* SOLR-10226: JMX metric "avgTimePerRequest" (and the corresponding metric in the metrics API for
each handler) used to be a simple non-decaying average based on total cumulative time and the
number of requests. New Codahale Metrics implementation applies exponential decay to this value,
which heavily biases the average towards the last 5 minutes. (ab)
* SOLR-8593: Parallel SQL now uses Apache Calcite as its SQL framework. As part of this change
the default aggregation mode has been changed to facet rather than map_reduce. There has also been changes
to the SQL aggregate response and some SQL syntax changes. Consult the documentation for full details.
New Features
* SOLR-9836: Add ability to recover from leader when index corruption is detected on SolrCore creation.
(Mike Drob via Mark Miller)
* SOLR-9926: Allow passing arbitrary java system properties to zkcli. (Hrishikesh Gadre via Mark Miller)
* SOLR-9885: Allow pre-startup Solr log management in Solr bin scripts to be disabled. (Mano Kovacs via Mark Miller)
* SOLR-9481: Authentication and Authorization plugins now work in standalone mode if security.json is placed in
SOLR_HOME on every node. Editing config through API is supported but affects only that one node. (janhoy)
* SOLR-8029: Added new style APIs and a framework for creating new APIs and mapping old APIs to new
(noble, Steve Rowe, Cassandra Targett, Timothy Potter)
* SOLR-9933: SolrCoreParser now supports configuration of custom SpanQueryBuilder classes.
(Daniel Collins, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-7955: Auto create .system collection on first request if it does not exist (noble)
* SOLR-10087: StreamHandler now supports registering custom streaming expressions from the blob store (Kevin Risden)
* SOLR-9997: Enable configuring SolrHttpClientBuilder via java system property. (Hrishikesh Gadre via Mark Miller)
* SOLR-9912: Add facet.excludeTerms parameter support. (Jonny Marks, David Smiley, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-9916: Adds Stream Evaluators to support evaluating values from tuples. Supports boolean,
numeric, and conditional evaluators. BooleanOperations have been removed in preference of
BooleanEvaluators. (Dennis Gove)
* SOLR-9903: Stop interrupting the update executor on shutdown, it can cause graceful shutdowns to put replicas into Leader
Initiated Recovery among other undesirable things. (Mark Miller)
* SOLR-8396: Add support for PointFields in Solr (Ishan Chattopadhyaya, Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-9987: Add support for MultiValued DocValues in PointFields using SortedNumericDocValues (Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-5944: In-place updates of Numeric DocValues. To leverage this, the _version_ field and the updated
field must both be stored=false, indexed=false, docValues=true. (Ishan Chattopadhyaya, hossman, noble,
shalin, yonik)
* SOLR-10158: Add support for "preload" option in MMapDirectoryFactory.
(Amrit Sarkar via Uwe Schindler)
* SOLR-10153 & SOLR-10152: The Unified and Postings based highlighters: Add along with new param to break passages by a provided single character. (Amrit Sarkar, David Smiley)
* SOLR-10156: Add significantTerms Streaming Expression (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-8593: Integrate Apache Calcite into the SQLHandler (Kevin Risden, Cao Manh Dat, Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10146: Added button to the Admin UI 'Collection' tab for deleting an inactive shard (Amrit Sarkar, janhoy)
* SOLR-9999: Instrument DirectUpdateHandler2. This registers existing statistics under metrics API and adds
more metrics to track the rates of update and delete commands. (ab)
* SOLR-9986: Implement DatePointField (Cao Manh Dat, Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-8045: Deploy V2 API at /v2 instead of /solr/v2 (Cao Manh Dat, Noble Paul)
* SOLR-10039: New LatLonPointSpatialField replacement for LatLonType (and some uses of RPT). Multi-value capable
indexed geo lat-lon points, query by rect or circle. Efficient distance sorting/boosting too. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-10250: CloudSolrClient can now return versions for documents added or deleted when "versions=true" is passed.
However, if there is a leader election while this request is in transit, the versions may not be returned from that
shard. (Boris Naguet, Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
* SOLR-9045: Make RecoveryStrategy settings configurable. (Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-10224: Add disk total and disk free metrics. (ab)
* SOLR-10085: SQL result set fields should be ordered by the field list (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10254: significantTerms Streaming Expression should work in non-SolrCloud mode (Joel Bernstein)
* SOLR-10286: string/text fields may now declare themselves as large="true" in the schema. Large fields are always
lazy loaded and will only take up space in the document cache if the actual value is < 512KB. This option
requires "stored" and must not be multiValued. It's intended for fields that might have very large values so that
they don't get cached in memory. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-9185: Solr's edismax and "Lucene"/standard query parsers will no longer split on whitespace before sending
terms to analysis, if given the "sow=false" request param ("sow"=>"split on whitespace"). This enables multi-term
source synonyms to match at query-time using SynonymGraphFilterFactory; other analysis components will also now
work at query time, e.g. ShingleFilterFactory. By default, and when the "sow=true" param is specified, these
parsers' behavior remains the same: queries will be split on whitespace before sending individual terms to analysis.
(Steve Rowe)
Bug Fixes
* SOLR-9976: Fix init bug in SegmentsInfoRequestHandlerTest (hossman)
* SOLR-9977: Fix config bug in DistribDocExpirationUpdateProcessorTest that allowed false assumptions
about when index version changes (hossman)
* SOLR-9979: Macro expansion should not be done in shard requests (Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-9114: NPE using TermVectorComponent, MoreLikeThisComponent in combination with ExactStatsCache (Cao Manh Dat, Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-10049: Collection deletion leaves behind the snapshot metadata (Hrishikesh Gadre via yonik)
* SOLR-10120: A SolrCore reload can remove the index from the previous SolrCore during replication index rollover. (Mark Miller)
* SOLR-10124: Replication can skip removing a temporary index directory in some cases when it should not. (Mark Miller)
* SOLR-9996: Unstored IntPointField returns Long type (Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
* SOLR-10104: BlockDirectoryCache release hooks do not work with multiple directories. (Mike Drob, Mark Miller)
* SOLR-10121: Fix race conditions in HDFS BlockCache that can contribute to corruption in high
concurrency situations. (yonik)
* SOLR-10141: Upgrade to Caffeine 2.4.0 since v1.0.1 contributed to BlockCache corruption because the
removal listener was called more than once for some items and not at all for other items. (Ben Manes, yonik)
* SOLR-10114: Reordered delete-by-query causes inconsistenties between shards that have
child documents (Mano Kovacs, Mihaly Toth, yonik)
* SOLR-10159: When DBQ is reordered with an in-place update, upon whose updated value the DBQ is based
on, the DBQ fails due to excessive caching in DeleteByQueryWrapper (Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
* SOLR-10020: CoreAdminHandler silently swallows some errors. (Mike Drob via Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-10063: CoreContainer shutdown has race condition that can cause a hang on shutdown. (Mark Miller)
* SOLR-10170: ClassCastException in RecoveryStrategy. (Mark Miller)
* SOLR-9846: Overseer is not always closed after being started. (Mark Miller)
* SOLR-10168: ShardSplit can fail with NPE in OverseerCollectionMessageHandler#waitForCoreAdminAsyncCallToComplete. (Mark Miller)
* SOLR-9824: Some bulk update paths could be very slow due to CUSC polling. (David Smiley, Mark Miller)
* SOLR-10055: Linux installer now renames existing bin/* as bin/*.orig to make the installed config in
/etc/defaults be the one found by default when launching solr manually. (janhoy)
* SOLR-10196: ElectionContext#runLeaderProcess can hit NPE on core close. (Mark Miller)
* SOLR-10225: Fix HDFS BlockCache evictions metric to not count explicit removal
due to a directory close. (yonik)
* SOLR-10088: Installer script does not put zoo.cfg in SOLR_HOME (janhoy)
* SOLR-10226: add back "totalTime" metric to all handlers. See also the back-compat note. (ab)
* SOLR-9838: "inc" atomic update doesn't respect default field value (hoss, Amrit Sarkar, Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
* SOLR-10269: MetricsHandler JSON output incorrect. (ab)
* SOLR-10279: The autoAddReplica feature can result in SolrCores being assigned new shards when using
legacyCloud=false and will also fail on a state check when taking over a core registration with a new
core. (Mark Miller, Hrishikesh Gadre, Patrick Dvorack)
* SOLR-10184: Fix bin/solr so it can run properly on java9 (hossman, Uwe Schindler)
* SOLR-9516: Admin UI (angular) now works with Kerberos, by excluding serving of /solr/libs/* through
SolrDispatchFilter. (Cassandra Targett, Amrit Sarkar via Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
* SOLR-10302: Solr's zkcli scripts now able to find the metrics libraries, which it couldn't earlier (kiran, Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
* SOLR-10283: Learning to Rank (LTR) SolrFeature to reject searches with missing efi (External Feature Information) used by fq.
(Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-10237: Poly-fields should work with subfields that have docValues=true (Tomás Fernández Löbbe, David Smiley)
* SOLR-10218: The Schema API commands "add-field-type" and "replace-field-type" improperly specify SimilarityFactory params.
(Benjamin Deininger, Troy Mohl, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-10319: SolrCore "instanceDir" metric not visible in JMX. (ab)
* SOLR-9941: Clear the deletes lists at UpdateLog before replaying from log. This prevents redundantly pre-applying
DBQs, during the log replay, to every update in the log as if the DBQs were out of order. (hossman, Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
* SOLR-9764: All filters that match all documents in the index now share the same memory (DocSet).
(Michael Sun, yonik)
* SOLR-9584: Support Solr being proxied with another endpoint than default /solr, by using relative links
in AdminUI javascripts (Yun Jie Zhou via janhoy)
* SOLR-10143: PointFields will create IndexOrDocValuesQuery when a field is both, indexed=true and docValues=true
(Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-10273: The field with the longest value (if it exceeds 4K) is moved to be last in the Lucene Document in order
to benefit from stored field optimizations in Lucene that can avoid reading it when it's not needed. If the field is
multi-valued, they all move together to the end to retain order. (David Smiley)
Other Changes
* SOLR-9980: Expose configVersion in core admin status (Jessica Cheng Mallet via Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-9972: SpellCheckComponent collations and suggestions returned as a JSON object rather than a list
(Christine Poerschke in response to bug report from Ricky Oktavianus Lazuardy)
* SOLR-9983: Fixing NullPointerException failure by TestManagedSchemaThreadSafety
adding check for Zookeeper session expiration (Steve Rowe, Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-10043: Reduce logging of pre-start log rotation (janhoy)
* SOLR-10018: Increase the default hl.maxAnalyzedChars to 51200 for the Unified & Postings Highlighter so that all
highlighters now have this same default. (David Smiley)
* SOLR-6246: Added tests to check that the changes in LUCENE-7564 and LUCENE-7670
enable AnalyzingInfixSuggester and BlendedInfixSuggester to play nicely with core reload. now throws SolrCoreState.CoreIsClosedException when interrupted
by a core reload/shutdown. (Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-9800: Factor out FacetComponent.newSimpleFacets method. (Jonny Marks via Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-9914: SimpleFacets: refactor "contains" check into "SubstringBytesRefFilter" class.
(Jonny Marks, David Smiley, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-10072: The test TestSelectiveWeightCreation appears to be unreliable. (Michael Nilsson via Mark Miller)
* SOLR-10011: Refactor PointField & TrieField to now have a common base class, NumericFieldType. The
TrieField.TrieTypes and PointField.PointTypes are now consolidated to NumericFieldType.NumberType. This
refactoring also fixes a bug whereby PointFields were not using DocValues for range queries for
indexed=false, docValues=true fields. (Ishan Chattopadhyaya, Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-9890: factor out ShardResultTransformerUtils.[un]marshSortValue methods
(Judith Silverman, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-9966: Convert/migrate tests using EasyMock to Mockito (Cao Manh Dat, Uwe Schindler)
* SOLR-10173: Make HttpShardHandlerFactory.getReplicaListTransformer more extensible.
(Ramsey Haddad via Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-9842: UpdateRequestProcessors have no way to guarantee the closing of resources used for a request.
(Mark Miller)
* SOLR-9848: Lower back down from 7 seconds.
(Mark Miller)
* SOLR-10020: Cannot reload a core if it fails initialization. (Mike Drob via Erick Erickson)
* SOLR-9450: The docs/ folder in the binary distribution now contains a single index.html file linking
to the online documentation, reducing the size of the download (janhoy, Shawn Heisey, Uwe Schindler)
* SOLR-7453: Remove replication & backup scripts in the solr/scripts directory of the checkout (Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-10214: Remove unused HDFS BlockCache metrics and add storeFails, as well as adding total
counts for lookups, hits, and evictions. (yonik)
* SOLR-10134: EmbeddedSolrServer responds on Schema API requests (Robert Alexandersson via Mikhail Khludnev)
* SOLR-10219: re-enable HDFS tests under JDK9 (hossman, Uwe Schindler)
* SOLR-10155: For numeric types facet.contains= and facet.prefix= are now rejected.
(Gus Heck, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-10171: Add Constant Reduction Rules to Calcite Planner (Kevin Risden)
* SOLR-10230: default TTL of PKIAuthenticationPlugin increased to 10secs (noble)
* SOLR-10235: Fix DIH's TestJdbcDataSource to work with Java 9 and other Java runtimes that
do not use the same DriverManager implementation like Oracle's original one. The test now
uses a fully implemented Driver instance returning a mock connection. The test also works
correct now if other drivers were installed before test execution (e.g., through IDE).
(hossman, Uwe Schindler)
* SOLR-8876: change morphline test config files to work around 'importCommands' bug when using java9 (hossman)
* SOLR-10247: Support non-numeric metrics and a "compact" format of /admin/metrics output. (ab)
* SOLR-9990: Add PointFields in example/default schemas (Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
================== 6.4.2 ==================
Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.
Versions of Major Components
Apache Tika 1.13
Carrot2 3.15.0
Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0
Apache UIMA 2.3.1
Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.6
Jetty 9.3.14.v20161028
Detailed Change List
Bug Fixes
* SOLR-10130, SOLR-10182: Serious performance degradation in Solr 6.4.1 due to the new metrics collection.
Default settings in solrconfig.xml /config/indexConfig/metrics have been changed to turn off
IndexWriter metrics collection. Directory level metrics collection has been completely removed until
a better design is found. (ab, ishan)
* SOLR-10138: Transaction log replay can hit an NPE due to new Metrics code. (ab)
* SOLR-10083: Fix instanceof check in ConstDoubleSource.equals (Pushkar Raste via Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-10190: Fix NPE in CloudSolrClient when reading stale alias (Janosch Woschitz via Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-10192: Fix copy/paste in solr-ltr pom.xml template. (Christine Poerschke)
================== 6.4.1 ==================
Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.
Versions of Major Components
Apache Tika 1.13
Carrot2 3.15.0
Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0
Apache UIMA 2.3.1
Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.6
Jetty 9.3.14.v20161028
Bug Fixes
* SOLR-9969: "Plugin/Stats" section of the UI doesn't display empty metric types (Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
* SOLR-8491: solr.cmd SOLR_SSL_OPTS is overwritten (Sam Yi, Andy Hind, Marcel Berteler, Kevin Risden)
* SOLR-10031: Validation of filename params in ReplicationHandler (Hrishikesh Gadre, janhoy)
* SOLR-10054: Core swapping doesn't work with new metrics changes in place (ab)
================== 6.4.0 ==================
Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.
Versions of Major Components
Apache Tika 1.13
Carrot2 3.15.0
Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0
Apache UIMA 2.3.1
Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.6
Jetty 9.3.14.v20161028
Detailed Change List
Upgrade Notes
* SOLR-9166: Export handler returns zero for numeric fields that are not in the original doc. One
consequence of this change is that you must be aware that some tuples will not have values if
there were none in the original document.
* SOLR-8785: Metrics related classes in org.apache.solr.util.stats have been removed in favor of
the dropwizard metrics library. Any custom plugins using these classes should be changed to use
the equivalent classes from the metrics library.
As part of this, the following changes were made to the output of Overseer Status API:
* The "totalTime" metric has been removed because it is no longer supported
* The metrics "75thPctlRequestTime", "95thPctlRequestTime", "99thPctlRequestTime"
and "999thPctlRequestTime" in Overseer Status API have been renamed to "75thPcRequestTime", "95thPcRequestTime"
and so on for consistency with stats output in other parts of Solr.
* The metrics "avgRequestsPerMinute", "5minRateRequestsPerMinute" and "15minRateRequestsPerMinute" have been
replaced by corresponding per-second rates viz. "avgRequestsPerSecond", "5minRateRequestsPerSecond"
and "15minRateRequestsPerSecond" for consistency with stats output in other parts of Solr.
* SOLR-9708: You are encouraged to try out the UnifiedHighlighter by setting hl.method=unified and report feedback. It
might become the default in 7.0. It's more efficient/faster than the other highlighters, especially compared to the
original Highlighter. That said, some options aren't supported yet.
It will get more features in time, especially with your input. See
for a listing of highlight parameters annotated with which highlighters use them.
hl.useFastVectorHighlighter is now considered deprecated in lieu of hl.method=fastVector.
* SOLR-9712: maxWarmingSearchers now defaults to 1, and more importantly commits will now block if this
limit is exceeded instead of throwing an exception (a good thing). Consequently there is no longer a
risk in overlapping commits. Nonetheless users should continue to avoid excessive committing. Users are
advised to remove any pre-existing maxWarmingSearchers entries from their solrconfig.xml files.
* SOLR-7466: complexphrase query parser now supports leading wildcards, beware of its' possible heaviness.
Users are encouraged to use ReversedWildcardFilter in index time analysis.
New Features
* SOLR-9918: Add SkipExistingDocumentsProcessor that skips duplicate inserts and ignores updates to missing docs
(Tim Owen via koji)
* SOLR-9293: Solrj client support for hierarchical clusters and other topics
marker. (Dawid Weiss)
* SOLR-9681: FacetModule / JSON Facet API added the ability to add filters directly to
any facet command. The filters are applied after any domain change operations.
Example: { type:terms, field:category, filter:"user:yonik" }
* SOLR-9442, SOLR-9787: Adds Array of Name Type Value ( style to JSONResponseWriter.
(Jonny Marks, Christine Poerschke, hossman)
* SOLR-8542: Adds Solr Learning to Rank (LTR) plugin for reranking results with machine learning models.
(Michael Nilsson, Diego Ceccarelli, Joshua Pantony, Jon Dorando, Naveen Santhapuri, Alessandro Benedetti, David Grohmann, Christine Poerschke)
* SOLR-9055: Make collection backup/restore extensible. (Hrishikesh Gadre, Varun Thacker, Mark Miller)
* SOLR-9682: JSON Facet API: added "param" query type to facet domain filter specification to obtain
filters via query parameters. (yonik)
* SOLR-9038: Add a command-line tool to manage the snapshots functionality (Hrishikesh Gadre via yonik)
* SOLR-9633: Limit memory consumed by FastLRUCache with a new 'maxRamMB' config parameter.
(yonik, Michael Sun, shalin)
* SOLR-9666: SolrJ LukeResponse support dynamic fields (Fengtan via Kevin Risden)
* SOLR-9077: Streaming expressions should support collection alias (Kevin Risden)
* SOLR-9324: Support Secure Impersonation / Proxy User for solr authentication
(Gregory Chanan, Hrishikesh Gadre via yonik)
* SOLR-9721: javabin Tuple parser for streaming and other end points (noble)
* SOLR-9708: Added UnifiedSolrHighlighter, a highlighter adapter for Lucene's UnifiedHighlighter. The adapter is a
derivative of the PostingsSolrHighlighter, supporting mostly the same parameters with some differences.
Introduced "hl.method" parameter which can be set to original|fastVector|postings|unified to pick the highlighter at
runtime without the need to modify solrconfig from the default configuration. hl.useFastVectorHighlighter is now
considered deprecated in lieu of hl.method=fastVector. (Timothy Rodriguez, David Smiley)
* SOLR-9728: Ability to specify Key Store type in file for SSL (Michael Suzuki, Kevin Risden)
* SOLR-5043: New solr.dns.prevent.reverse.lookup system property that can be used to prevent long core
(re)load delays on systems with missconfigured hostname/DNS (hossman)
* SOLR-9844: FieldCache information fetched via the mbeans handler or seen via the UI now displays the total size used.
The individual cache entries in the response are now formatted better as well. (Varun Thacker)
* SOLR-9513: Generic authentication plugins (GenericHadoopAuthPlugin and ConfigurableInternodeAuthHadoopPlugin) that delegate
all functionality to Hadoop authentication framework. (Hrishikesh Gadre via Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
* SOLR-9860: Enable configuring invariantParams via HttpSolrClient.Builder (Hrishikesh Gadre, Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
* SOLR-4735, SOLR-9921: Improve metrics reporting. This uses the dropwizard metric library, adding an internal
API for registering and reporting metrics from Solr components. Several new metrics and an improved JMX
reporter have been added (Alan Woodward, Jeff Wartes, Christine Poerschke, Kelvin Wong, shalin, ab)
* SOLR-9788: Use instrumented jetty classes provided by the dropwizard metric library. (shalin)
* SOLR-9805: Use metrics-jvm library to instrument jvm internals such as GC, memory usage and others. (shalin)
* SOLR-9812, SOLR-9911, SOLR-9960: Added a new /admin/metrics API to return all metrics collected by Solr via API.
API supports four optional multi-valued parameters:
- 'group' (all,jvm,jetty,node,core),
- 'type' (all,counter,timer,gauge,histogram),
- 'prefix' that filters the returned metrics,
- 'registry' that selects one or more registries by prefix (eg. solr.jvm,solr.core.collection1)
- Example: http://localhost:8983/solr/admin/metrics?group=jvm,jetty&type=counter
- Example: http://localhost:8983/solr/admin/metrics?group=jvm&prefix=buffers,os