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completely untested logic to try to make javadocs work across our rat…

…s nest of spatial modules !
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rmuir committed Apr 1, 2016
1 parent f8ae0d0 commit 2af578e16774ccbdc00a1414ad7d14180ce6a24e
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  1. +10 −0 lucene/sandbox/build.xml
@@ -46,6 +46,16 @@
<path refid="test.classpath"/>
<pathelement path="${java.class.path}"/>

<target name="javadocs" depends="javadocs-spatial,compile-core,check-javadocs-uptodate"
<link href="../spatial"/>

<target name="compile-test" depends="jar-spatial,compile-test-spatial,common.compile-test" />


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