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LUCENE-6664: be more robust to broken token stream offsets

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mikemccand committed Jan 3, 2017
1 parent b4a002f commit f6fb6941bb62f8d47d653b2ed187ffa0107cd5c5
@@ -17,22 +17,6 @@

package org.apache.lucene.analysis.synonym;

* This filter "casts" token graphs down into a "flat" form,
* for indexing. This is an inherently lossy process: nodes (positions)
* along side paths are forcefully merged.
* <p>In general this means the output graph will accept token sequences
* that the input graph did not accept, and will also fail to accept
* token sequences that the input graph did accept.
* <p>This is only necessary at indexing time because Lucene cannot yet index
* an arbitrary token graph. At search time there are better options, e.g.
* the experimental <code>TermAutomatonQuery</code> in sandbox.
* @lucene.experimental

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;
@@ -49,7 +33,12 @@
* Converts an incoming graph token stream, such as one from
* {@link SynonymGraphFilter}, into a flat form so that
* all nodes form a single linear chain with no side paths. Every
* path through the graph touches every node.
* path through the graph touches every node. This is necessary
* when indexing a graph token stream, because the index does not
* save {@link PositionLengthAttribute} and so it cannot
* preserve the graph structure. However, at search time,
* query parsers can correctly handle the graph and this token
* filter should <b>not</b> be used.
* <p>If the graph was not already flat to start, this
* is likely a lossy process, i.e. it will often cause the
@@ -234,7 +223,11 @@ private boolean releaseBufferedToken() {
// which would otherwise happen if the replacement has more tokens
// than the input:
int startOffset = Math.max(lastStartOffset, output.startOffset);
offsetAtt.setOffset(startOffset, outputEndNode.endOffset);

// We must do this in case the incoming tokens have broken offsets:
int endOffset = Math.max(startOffset, outputEndNode.endOffset);

offsetAtt.setOffset(startOffset, endOffset);
lastStartOffset = startOffset;

if (inputNode.nextOut == inputNode.tokens.size()) {
@@ -382,7 +375,7 @@ public void end() throws IOException {
// NOTE, shady: don't call super.end, because we did already from incrementToken

if (done) {
// On exc, done is false, and we will not have set these:

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