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@@ -9106,7 +9106,7 @@ API Changes
Finally, Weight#explain now takes a sub-reader and sub-docID, rather than
a top level reader and docID.
(Shai Erera, Chris Hostetter, Martin Ruckli, Mark Miller via Mike McCandless)
* LUCENE-1466, LUCENE-1906: Added CharFilter and MappingCharFilter, which allows
chaining & mapping of characters before tokenizers run. CharStream (subclass of
Reader) is the base class for custom's, that support offset
@@ -9269,7 +9269,7 @@ Bug fixes
readers (Mike McCandless)
* LUCENE-1583: SpanOrQuery skipTo() doesn't always move forwards as Spans
documentation indicates it should. (Moti Nisenson via Mark Miller)
documentation indicates it should. (Moti Nisenson via Mark Miller)
* LUCENE-1566: Sun JVM Bug causes
@@ -9828,7 +9828,7 @@ API Changes
8. LUCENE-852: Let the SpellChecker caller specify IndexWriter mergeFactor
and RAM buffer size. (Otis Gospodnetic)
9. LUCENE-1290: Deprecate, Hit and HitIterator
and remove all references to these classes from the core. Also update demos
and tutorials. (Michael Busch)
@@ -9948,7 +9948,7 @@ Bug fixes
10. LUCENE-1046: Removed dead code in SpellChecker
(Daniel Naber via Otis Gospodnetic)
11. LUCENE-1189: Fixed the QueryParser to handle escaped characters within
quoted terms correctly. (Tomer Gabel via Michael Busch)
@@ -10052,7 +10052,7 @@ Optimizations
2. LUCENE-1120: Speed up merging of term vectors by bulk-copying the
raw bytes for each contiguous range of non-deleted documents.
(Mike McCandless)
3. LUCENE-1185: Avoid checking if the TermBuffer 'scratch' in
SegmentTermEnum is null for every call of scanTo().
(Christian Kohlschuetter via Michael Busch)
@@ -10100,10 +10100,10 @@ Test Cases
1. LUCENE-1238: Fixed intermittent failures of TestTimeLimitedCollector.testTimeoutMultiThreaded.
Within this fix, "greedy" flag was added to TimeLimitedCollector, to allow the wrapped
collector to collect also the last doc, after allowed-tTime passed. (Doron Cohen)
2. LUCENE-1348: relax TestTimeLimitedCollector to not fail due to
timeout exceeded (just because test machine is very busy).
======================= Release 2.3.2 =======================
Bug fixes
@@ -10132,7 +10132,7 @@ Bug fixes
8. LUCENE-1222: Fix IndexWriter.doAfterFlush to always be called on
flush (Mark Ferguson via Mike McCandless)
9. LUCENE-1226: Fixed IndexWriter.addIndexes(IndexReader[]) to commit
successfully created compound files. (Michael Busch)
@@ -10148,7 +10148,7 @@ Bug fixes
12. LUCENE-1270: Fixed intermittent case where IndexWriter.close()
would hang after IndexWriter.addIndexesNoOptimize had been
called. (Stu Hood via Mike McCandless)
1. LUCENE-1230: Include *pom.xml* in source release files. (Michael Busch)
@@ -10171,14 +10171,14 @@ Bug fixes
4. LUCENE-1163: Fixed bug in CharArraySet.contains(char[] buffer, int
offset, int len) that was ignoring offset and thus giving the
wrong answer. (Thomas Peuss via Mike McCandless)
5. LUCENE-1177: Fix rare case where IndexWriter.optimize might do too
many merges at the end. (Mike McCandless)
6. LUCENE-1176: Fix corruption case when documents with no term
vector fields are added before documents with term vector fields.
(Mike McCandless)
7. LUCENE-1179: Fixed assert statement that was incorrectly
preventing Fields with empty-string field name from working.
(Sergey Kabashnyuk via Mike McCandless)
@@ -10566,7 +10566,7 @@ Build
7. LUCENE-935: Allow to deploy maven artifacts to a remote m2 repository
via scp and ssh authentication. (Michael Busch)
8. LUCENE-1123: Allow overriding the specification version for
MANIFEST.MF (Michael Busch)
@@ -7525,7 +7525,7 @@ Bug Fixes
* SOLR-2819: Improved speed of parsing hex entities in HTMLStripCharFilter
(Bernhard Berger, hossman)
* SOLR-2509: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in the spellchecker collate when the term contains
a hyphen. (Thomas Gambier caught the bug, Steffen Godskesen did the patch, via Erick Erickson)
@@ -8320,7 +8320,7 @@ Other Changes
(Drew Farris, Robert Muir, Steve Rowe)
* SOLR-2105: Rename RequestHandler param 'update.processor' to 'update.chain'.
(Jan Høydahl via Mark Miller)
(Jan Høydahl via Mark Miller)
* SOLR-2485: Deprecate BaseResponseWriter, GenericBinaryResponseWriter, and
GenericTextResponseWriter. These classes will be removed in 4.0. (ryan)
@@ -8564,8 +8564,8 @@ New Features
(Ankul Garg, Jason Rutherglen, Shalin Shekhar Mangar, Grant Ingersoll, Robert Muir, ab)
* SOLR-1568: Added "native" filtering support for PointType, GeohashField. Added LatLonType with filtering support too. See and the example. Refactored some items in Lucene spatial.
Removed SpatialTileField as the underlying CartesianTier is broken beyond repair and is going to be moved. (gsingers) and the example. Refactored some items in Lucene spatial.
Removed SpatialTileField as the underlying CartesianTier is broken beyond repair and is going to be moved. (gsingers)
* SOLR-2128: Full parameter substitution for function queries.
Example: q=add($v1,$v2)&v1=mul(popularity,5)&v2=20.0
@@ -9456,7 +9456,7 @@ New Features
62. SOLR-1145: Add capability to specify an infoStream log file for the underlying Lucene IndexWriter in solrconfig.xml.
This is an advanced debug log file that can be used to aid developers in fixing IndexWriter bugs. See the commented
out example in the example solrconfig.xml under the indexDefaults section.
(Chris Harris, Mark Miller)
(Chris Harris, Mark Miller)
63. SOLR-1256: Show the output of CharFilters in analysis.jsp. (koji)
@@ -10934,7 +10934,7 @@ Build
2. SOLR-479: Added clover code coverage targets for committers and the nightly build. Requires
the Clover library, as licensed to Apache and only available privately. To run:
ant -Drun.clover=true clean clover test generate-clover-reports
ant -Drun.clover=true clean clover test generate-clover-reports
3. SOLR-510: Nightly release includes client sources. (koji)

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