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Reversing a problem that we have with distance scoring, it used to score by the distance, which meant that it couldn't be combined with other options, and to score by distance ascending we actually had to do it by descending order.

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This was fixed in LUCENE-4208 and pushed to Lucene.Net (the tests you touched were removed anyway). Spatial4n was updated separately to version 0.3, which will be on nuget shortly.

Pulled commit 3b39ac2, thanks for spotting that

ayende and others added some commits Sep 9, 2012
@ayende ayende Properly generate scores for distances that can be combined with AllS…


@ayende ayende Still use null for unknown distances 82b8486
@ayende ayende Adding RavenDB fixes for spatial issues that we run into.
QuadTree can parse leaf node
And when the shape we are comparing against has no area (frex, line), we compare to the actual shape, not to the center.


@ayende ayende Opps, it has to be NaN, not null 9e6bec1
@ayende ayende Removing spike test file 67956bd
@ayende ayende Fixing compilation e2b2595
@ayende ayende Updating to latest Spatial4n 9e84395
@sibartlett sibartlett Updated Spatial4n b3a926f
@ayende ayende Merge pull request #1 from sibartlett/3.0.3
Updated Spatial4n
@sibartlett sibartlett Leaf node fix 007fb4b
@myarichuk myarichuk RavenDB-1516 Import FixedBitSet issue (3.0.3 branch) 3032613
@ayende ayende Merge pull request #4 from myarichuk/3.0.3
RavenDB-1516 Import FixedBitSet issue (3.0.3 branch)
@asfgit asfgit pushed a commit that closed this pull request Nov 8, 2014
@geobmx540 geobmx540 close apache/lucenenet#5 - long ago fixed bcff24d
@asfgit asfgit closed this in bcff24d Nov 8, 2014
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Actually not everything here is "long fixed", I'll pull the remaining bits soon

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