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The "example-lang" directory contains a template for adding a language binding
to Lucy and its object model layer, Clownfish.  See the DevGuide for an
overview of Lucy's layers:


To get started, copy "example-lang" to a directory named after the language
you'd like to bind to:

    cp -R example-lang xyz

Most of the C files within the "example-lang/src" directory contain stubs for
routines whose interfaces are defined within "trunk/core".  

    core/src/Lucy/Index/Inverter.cfh        # Declares interface.
    core/src/Lucy/Index/Inverter.c          # all except Invert_Doc()
    example-lang/src/Lucy/Index/Inverter.c  # only Invert_Doc() 

Once all the stubs have been implemented correctly, Lucy will theoretically
build and pass its tests.