Modifying the crawl goal so that it doesn't create duplicates when crawling a snapshot repository #2

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I changed the List in the ArchetypeCatalog to a Set (TreeSet) and that eliminates duplicates. I fixed all the tests but one, and that one I could not figure out what it was trying to test exactly.

I can't get the plugin to package and deploy to my Archiva repository correctly, I don't know what or how many of the dependencies I need to upload.

I also added the ability to set the repository url on the Archetype object when crawling so that field will get populated with some useful information.

I mainly did this so I can set up a archetype:crawl on my Archiva server to crawl the repositories and auto-generate archetype-catalog.xml files for my repositories.

jarrodhroberson and others added some commits Jun 17, 2011
@jarrodhroberson jarrodhroberson making it so the archetype:crawl doesn't emit duplicates when crawlin…
…g a snapshot repository, also adding a remoteRepository command line option to set the repository field so when you are generating catalog files for say, Archiva, you can specify the url for the remote repository.
@jarrodhroberson jarrodhroberson getting all the tests to pass, had to comment out 1 place where sort …
…order seems to be an issue
Jarrod Roberson trying to get remoteRepository parameter to work eeb3be4
Jarrod Roberson adding automatic multiple repository processing for Archiva sytle rep…
Jarrod Roberson adding an Archiva specific crawl command 285e164
Jarrod Roberson removing batch processing from original crawl goal 15db25a
Jarrod Roberson adding comments 7b1110d
Jarrod Roberson fixing writing archetype-catalog.xml to each individual repository 9eacc2a
Jarrod Roberson adding filtering to crawl-archiva goal 4652c3e
Jarrod Roberson limiting what can be put in the master catalog with an optional regul…
…ar expression
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