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ant-tasks/install-deploy-attached Add author tag for consistency with other sources Mar 30, 2007
central-indexer-test use indexer-core released version Jul 30, 2013
dist-tools/dist-tool-plugin switched to git Oct 29, 2017
doxia o moved from sandbox Sep 15, 2011
examples [MNG-4384] add an example mojo Apr 20, 2011
jxr use plexus-component-metadata instead of obsolete plexus-maven-plugin Oct 7, 2012
mae [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration Oct 26, 2011
maven moving maven plugin enforcer out of trunk in preparation for a release Sep 23, 2010
other INFRA-9422 file not useful any more Apr 10, 2015
plexus-utils-commons-bridge MSANDBOX-51 add unit test for SelectorUtils Nov 1, 2011
plugins Javadoc; drop unused shared property Aug 5, 2013
reports reactivate all reports Dec 23, 2008
rpm adjust note - it doesn't seem required on CentOS 6.0 minimal install Mar 21, 2012
scm add README regarding move to http://code.google.com/a/apache-extras.o… Jan 10, 2011
scripts added tags rework script after Plamen Totev proposal Dec 30, 2017
shared Build renamed and copied files; they count as modifications Apr 8, 2014
site/cookbook o added more cookbook projects Jan 19, 2008
skins/fluido-doc renamed o.a.commons to o.a.fluido to avoid any confusion Mar 11, 2012
surefire move surefire branches Feb 21, 2007
wagon little updates May 16, 2016
.gitignore ignore .java-version file Jun 20, 2013
README add sandbox readme Aug 16, 2011


Apache Maven Sandbox

Developers list: dev@maven.apache.org