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Surefire needs Maven 3 to be built.
But in order to test it tests, you can do:
* -DmavenHomeUsed= path to a Maven 2.x home
* or -Pmaven-2.2.1, this profile will download a Maven 2.2.1 distrib and use it for integration tests.
Deploying web site
You can use the script
Without any profile the site will be deployed to${project.version}
sh ./ -Preporting
To deploy main version, use
sh ./ -Preporting -Psite-release
Note you can add arguments to the script to pass your svn credentials:
Workflow for site when releasing
Once release staged, you can publish a staged site.
cd target/checkout
sh ./ -Preporting
content will be in${project.version}
If something goes wrong when publishing the site to svnpubsub (like,
you can avoid rebuilding the site before publishing with
mvn -Preporting scm-publish:publish-scm
Once vote passed, redeploy main site:
cd target/checkout (or use the version tag)
sh ./ -Preporting -Psite-release
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