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Proposed use of New JUnit ParallelComputer in Surefire #17

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I agreed with @krosenvold to push the first changes on the use of ParallelComputer in Surefire.

We have to decide whether we should keep using provider 4.8 with new ParallelComputer or we would rather create a new provider for JUnit 4.12.

Remember that JUnit 4.12 is not yet released.
If you want to see the changes made on JUnit ParallelComputer, see this pull



Are we taking the right way if we modify the JUnitCoreWrapper like this ?

Is the way that we recognize JUnit version fine ?

If parallel=both we would add preferable parameter to JUnitCoreParameters
in order to optimize minimum number of concurrent methods minConcurrentMethods.

Currently in the code you can see such variable minConcurrentMethods is set to 50 % (by default) of total number of threads => works well but let the user optimize ParallelComputer as he likes.


When you plan to realease 2.13?


I will submit abstractions for parallel computer continuously in a new junit pull every day this week.


I always have problems with git and updating an existing pull, so I have to close this pull and create the most recent one.


Sure :) We're releasing this thursday 4. jul/friday 5th so that's the deadline :)


I will do my best.

@Tibor17 Tibor17 closed this
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