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Apache MetaModel [WIP]

  • [METAMODEL-1228] - Better handling of fieldnames with dots in Elasticsearch
  • [METAMODEL-1227] - Better handling of nested objects in Elasticsearch data
  • [METAMODEL-1224] - Ensured compatibility with newer versions of PostgreSQL

Apache MetaModel 5.3.2

  • Upgrade to Jackson 2.10.1
  • Upgrade to Spring 5.2.2
  • [METAMODEL-82] - Detect Column Types with Excel datastores
  • [METAMODEL-1221] - Upgrade to Elasticsearch 7.3
  • Bind Travis build to Trusty distribution to avoid CI build failures.

Apache MetaModel 5.3.1

  • [METAMODEL-1219] - Improved returning schemas for SQL Server.
  • [METAMODEL-1218] - Fixed comparing schemas with name null.
  • [METAMODEL-1217] - Fixed dropping JDBC Tables with view as TableType.
  • [METAMODEL-1215] - Removed deprecated code from pre-Java 8 times.
  • [METAMODEL-1214] - CompositeDataContext uses wrappedSchema for comparison when searching for it in the cache.
  • [METAMODEL-1213] - Fixed concurrency bug in single-line CSV parallel reader.
  • [METAMODEL-1211] - Fixed bug of getting all SelectItems when performing nested loop joins.
  • [METAMODEL-1151] - Created DataContextFactory implementations for each remaining module.
  • Improved HBase query building by scanning columns instead of column families.

Apache MetaModel 5.3.0

  • [METAMODEL-1210] - Added a new connector for .arff files.
  • [METAMODEL-1207] - Fix JDBC Database version parser edge cases.
  • [METAMODEL-1172] - Made MAP_VALUE function capable of also navigating lists using square bracket notations.
  • Added ability to specify "split key" attribute for new tables in HBase.
  • Improved performance of "count" queries on HBase by applying FirstKeyOnlyFilter.

Apache MetaModel 5.2.1

  • [METAMODEL-1208] - Fixed closing of JDBC ResultSets when getting certain metadata.
  • [METAMODEL-156] - Fixed issue in selection of default schema when multiple schema names match substring of connection string.
  • Improvement to Hive SQL dialect to support limit/offset pagination.
  • Added DataContextFactory for DynamoDB connections.
  • Added SQL rewriting rules for Impala.

Apache MetaModel 5.2.0

  • [METAMODEL-1205] - Support for Java / JDK versions 8, 9, 10 and 11.
  • Updated build and dependencies to be JDK8-11 compatible.
  • Dependency updates include Guava, POI, Cassandra, Hadoop.
  • [METAMODEL-1206] - Solved Maven version dependent unit test issues in ElasticSearch-native module.

Apache MetaModel 5.1.1

  • [METAMODEL-1194] - Improved rewriting of CREATE TABLE for Apache Hive when user specifies primary key(s).
  • [METAMODEL-1192] - Add support for Oracle "TIMESTAMP WITH (LOCAL_)TIME_ZONE" column type.
  • [METAMODEL-1193] - Updated release process to produce SHA-512 signature files.
  • [METAMODEL-1197] - Fixed references in Kafka module's Columns to Tables.

Apache MetaModel 5.1.0

  • [METAMODEL-1188] - Added write-support for the Apache HBase connector.
  • [METAMODEL-1179] - Refactored ElasticSearch REST connector to use new official REST based client from Elastic.
  • [METAMODEL-1177] - Made TableType.TABLE the default table type, replacing null values.
  • [METAMODEL-1185] - Added a new connector for Apache Kafka.
  • [METAMODEL-1184] - Improved support for data/column types in Neo4j connector.

Apache MetaModel 5.0.1

  • [METAMODEL-1169] - Fixed issue with SQL Server milliseconds precision in WHERE.
  • [METAMODEL-1173] - Added CouchDB integration test in add. to MongoDB
  • [METAMODEL-1173] - Fixed parsing and handling of scalar functions in WHERE clause.
  • [METAMODEL-1171] - Fixed parsing of query operators with DATE, TIME, TIMESTAMP prefix to operand date/time values.
  • [METAMODEL-1174] - Upgraded Excel module's dependency on Apache POI to latest stable version (3.17).
  • [METAMODEL-1176] - Fixed issue with bad ArrayList population during SalesforceDataContext query building

Apache MetaModel 5.0.0

  • [METAMODEL-1161] - Fixed issue with maxRows being ignored on Oracle
  • [METAMODEL-6] - Added update summary containing information about changes on returning UpdateableDataContext.executeUpdate(..)
  • [METAMODEL-7] - Applied collections, lists etc. instead of arrays in the MetaModel API.
  • [METAMODEL-63] - Added UnionDataSet, a general purpose utility for doing client-side unions from other queries or data sets.
  • [METAMODEL-222] - Added support for Java 8 lambdas, removed support for Java 7.
  • [METAMODEL-1087] - Removed deprecated APIs from MetaModel's codebase.
  • [METAMODEL-1139] - Employed Java 8 functional types (java.util.function) in favor of (now deprecated) Ref, Action, Func.
  • [METAMODEL-1140] - Allowed SalesforceDataContext without a security token.
  • [METAMODEL-1141] - Added RFC 4180 compliant CSV parsing.
  • [METAMODEL-1165] - Added a convenient alias table "default_table" for single-table data stores.
  • [METAMODEL-1144] - Optimized evaluation of conditional client-side JOIN statements.
  • [METAMODEL-1145] - Fixed bug with modelling JDBC table relationships when there are multiple keys involved in the relationship.
  • [METAMODEL-1151] - Added DataContextFactory classes for instantiating DataContexts of many types based on properties.
  • [METAMODEL-1160] - Fixed bug when deserializing v4.x CsvTable objects
  • [METAMODEL-1163] - Fixed bug when deserializing v4.x MutableRelationship and ImmutableRelationship objects
  • [METAMODEL-86] - Made queries inside of a JDBC UpdateCallback pertain to the running transaction.

Apache MetaModel 4.6.0

  • [METAMODEL-1136] - New connector for Amazon DynamoDB.
  • [METAMODEL-1134] - Added NOT IN and NOT LIKE operators to WHERE filters.
  • [METAMODEL-1133] - Made PojoDataContext thread-safe.

Apache MetaModel 4.5.5

  • [METAMODEL-1132] - Support native paging on SQL Server and Oracle database.
  • [METAMODEL-1128] - Fixed bug pertaining to ElasticSearch REST data set scrolling.
  • [METAMODEL-1118] - Fixed bug pertaining to cloning of FilterItem.LogicalOperator in compiled queries.
  • [METAMODEL-1111] - Added WHERE rewrite for Oracle when empty strings are considered as NULL.
  • [METAMODEL-1122] - Optimized the way the Cassandra module executes primary key lookup queries.
  • [METAMODEL-1109] - Fixed diacritics/encoding issue with Fixed Width reader.
  • [METAMODEL-1115] - Added support for passing your own PartnerConnection object to the connector.
  • [METAMODEL-1113] - Fixed support for ColumnNamingStrategy in CSV connector.
  • [METAMODEL-1114] - Added support for ColumnNamingStrategy in EBCDIC connector.
  • [METAMODEL-1119] - Worked around Hive JDBC driver issues, avoiding non-compliant metadata calls.
  • [METAMODEL-1123] - Fixed the treatment of a 'currency' value as a number, not a string.
  • [METAMODEL-1124] - Fixed the date formatting of date values in MS SQL server.
  • [METAMODEL-1127] - Fixed setting of null Map on postgres

Apache MetaModel 4.5.4

  • [METAMODEL-1099] - Created a new DataContextFactory SPI and a extensible registry of implementations based on ServiceLoader.
  • [METAMODEL-1099] - Implemented DataContextFactory SPI for connectors: JDBC, CSV, ElasticSearch
  • [METAMODEL-250] - Added support for EBCDIC files (part of 'fixedwidth' module).
  • [METAMODEL-1103] - Fixed a bug pertaining to anchoring of wildcards in LIKE operands.
  • [METAMODEL-1088] - Add support for aliases in MongoDB.
  • [METAMODEL-1086] - Fixed encoding issue when CsvDataContext is instantiated with InputStream.
  • [METAMODEL-1094] - Added support for Apache Cassandra version 3.x.
  • [METAMODEL-1093] - Close compiled ResultSets.
  • [METAMODEL-1106] - Fixed bug in JDBC adaptor caused by not quoting columns named as a keyword, e.g. 'index'.
  • [METAMODEL-1102] - Separated FixedWidthLineParser.
  • [METAMODEL-1107] - Added support for PostgreSQL's "json" and "jsonb" data types.

Apache MetaModel 4.5.3

  • [METAMODEL-235] - Fixed a bug related to handling of null or missing values in ElasticSearch using REST client.
  • [METAMODEL-225] - Fixed support for nested objects and arrays in ElasticSearch using REST client.
  • [METAMODEL-244] - Added ColumnNamingStrategies concept which allows custom column naming and column name overriding.
  • [METAMODEL-242] - Fixed issue when de-serializing old enum-instances of FunctionType.
  • [METAMODEL-247] - Added FixedWidthConfigurationReader for reading fixed width file metadata from external files.
  • [METAMODEL-159] - DataContextFactory misses methods to create HBase and POJO data contexts.
  • [METAMODEL-252] - Fixed a bug that caused JDBC updates to unnecessarily refresh schema objects.
  • [METAMODEL-1082] - Improved performance of batch ElasticSearch operations by using bulk API.
  • [METAMODEL-241] - Fixed deserialization of legacy enum types on OpenJDK after rev. 7c1d34773aa6.

Apache MetaModel 4.5.2

  • [METAMODEL-236] - Made OperatorType and FunctionType Serializable to ensure that serialization of Query is possible.

Apache MetaModel 4.5.1

  • [METAMODEL-227] - Fix for respecting CSV escape character also when no quote character is set.
  • [METAMODEL-183] - MongoDB module split into three: common, Mongo2 and Mongo3 to allow use of either old or new MongoDB API.
  • [METAMODEL-231] - Fixed a bug causing the Neo4j to represent the same table multiple times within a schema.
  • [METAMODEL-228] - Fixed a bug causing Number.class to not be converted to ColumnType.NUMBER.

Apache MetaModel 4.5.0

  • [METAMODEL-212] - New module for ElasticSearch via REST client.
  • [METAMODEL-99] - New module for Neo4j connectivity with MetaModel.
  • [METAMODEL-207] - Ensured the serializability of the SingleLineCsvRow class.
  • [METAMODEL-211] - Fixed a bug related to lookup by primary key (_id) on MongoDB.
  • [METAMODEL-216] - Added new aggregate functions: FIRST, LAST and RANDOM.
  • [METAMODEL-195] - Added new function MAP_VALUE which allows extracting a nested value from within a key/value map field.
  • [METAMODEL-15] - Query parser support for table names with space. Delimitters can be double quote or square brackets.
  • [METAMODEL-215] - Improved the capability of NumberComparator to support Integer, Long, Double, BigInteger and other built-in Number classes.
  • [METAMODEL-218] - Fixed conversion of STRING and NUMBER types to database-specific types in JDBC module.
  • [METAMODEL-205] - Added validation of Excel sheet name before attempting to create table (sheet).
  • [METAMODEL-219] - Made HdfsResource capable of incorporating Hadoop configuration files core-site.xml and hdfs-site.xml
  • [METAMODEL-220] - Made HdfsResource capable of working with other URI schemes than 'hdfs'.

Apache MetaModel 4.4.1

  • [METAMODEL-198] - Fixed support for JDBC TIMESTAMP precision to match the underlying database's precision.
  • [METAMODEL-200] - Added optional "APPROXIMATE" keyword to query syntax for aggregate functions.
  • [METAMODEL-144] - Automated binary packaging of the MetaModel project.
  • [METAMODEL-197] - ElasticSearch schema update/change after CREATE TABLE statements.
  • [METAMODEL-199] - Fixed a bug in query parser when parsing two consecutive WHERE items with parentheses around them.
  • [METAMODEL-203] - Upgraded MongoDB dependency version and API to the 3.x line.

Apache MetaModel 4.4.0

  • [METAMODEL-192] - Added support for Scalar functions. We have a basic set of data type conversion functions as well as support for UDF via implementing the ScalarFunction interface.
  • [METAMODEL-194] - Added support for setting the "Max rows" flag of a query to 0. This will always return an empty data set.
  • [METAMODEL-173] - Improved CSV writing to non-file destinations. Added .write() and .append() methods to Resource interface.
  • [METAMODEL-170] - Dropped support for Java 6.
  • [METAMODEL-176] - Trimmed the transient dependencies of the JDBC module.
  • [METAMODEL-178] - Added AggregateFunction and ScalarFunction interfaces. Changed FunctionType enum to be super-interface of those. Compatibility is retained but a recompile of code using FunctionType is needed.
  • [METAMODEL-188] - Changed OperatorType enum to be an interface. Compatibility is retained but a recompile of code is needed.
  • [METAMODEL-179] - Ensured that HdfsResource is not closing a shared HDFS file system reference.
  • [METAMODEL-171] - Made integration tests for Cassandra module function properly in all environments.
  • [METAMODEL-177] - Fixed a bug pertaining to the serializability of HdfsResource.
  • [METAMODEL-172] - ElasticSearch Date types should be converted properly.
  • [METAMODEL-184] - ElasticSearch querying with "IS NULL" and "IS NOT NULL" now uses MissingFilter and ExistsFilter.
  • [METAMODEL-190] - Improved decimal number support in Excel module.
  • [METAMODEL-187] - Improved memory consumption of Excel module by passing random-access-file handles to POI when possible.
  • [METAMODEL-191] - Resolved a number of dependency conflicts/overlaps when combining multiple MetaModel modules.
  • [METAMODEL-157] - Fixed an issue in DELETE FROM statements with WHERE clauses requiring client-side data type conversion on JDBC databases.
  • [METAMODEL-182] - Improved HdfsResource and FileResource directory-based implementations by adding also getSize() and getLastModified() directory-based implementations.

Apache MetaModel 4.3.6

  • [METAMODEL-161] - Upgraded HBase client API to version 1.1.1
  • [METAMODEL-160] - Added support for Apache Hive via the JDBC module of MetaModel.
  • [METAMODEL-162] - Made HdfsResource Serializable and added property getters
  • [METAMODEL-163] - Made FileResource and HdfsResource work with folders containing file chunks instead of only single files
  • [METAMODEL-104] - Added 'hadoop' and 'hbase' modules to dependencies of 'MetaModel-full'.
  • [METAMODEL-164] - Fixed a bug in data type parsing of ElasticSearch mapping document.

Apache MetaModel 4.3.5

  • [METAMODEL-148] - Added a 'hadoop' module with a HdfsResource class to allow CSV, Excel and Fixed-width file access on HDFS.
  • [METAMODEL-152] - Fixed an issue of not clearing schema cache when refreshSchemas() is invoked.
  • [METAMODEL-149] - Added support for COUNTER data type in Cassandra.
  • [METAMODEL-151] - Added support for DOUBLE data type mapping in PostgreSQL
  • [METAMODEL-154] - Use embedded Cassandra server for integration tests.

Apache MetaModel 4.3.4

  • [METAMODEL-136] - Added LIKE operator native support (using conversion to regex) for MongoDB.
  • [METAMODEL-138] - Allow empty characters before AS keyword in query parsing.
  • [METAMODEL-141] - Improved mapping of ColumnType to SQL data types for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2 and PostgreSQL
  • [METAMODEL-142] - Ensured that JDBC schema refreshes in an UpdateScript is using same Connection/Transaction as rest of operations
  • [METAMODEL-133] - Improved query parser support for multiple JOINs in same query.
  • [METAMODEL-140] - Fixed support for ElasticSearch mappings with additional property attributes.

Apache MetaModel 4.3.3

  • [METAMODEL-123] - Added compatibility with ElasticSearch version 1.4.x
  • [METAMODEL-93] - Added compatibility with Apache HBase version 1.0.0
  • [METAMODEL-124] - Invoked ElasticSearch cross-version incompatible methods via reflection
  • [METAMODEL-125] - Added support for comma-separated select items in method argument.
  • [METAMODEL-128] - Fixed bug in DataSet ordering when aggregation functions are applied to non-JDBC modules.
  • [METAMODEL-131] - Added support for composite primary keys in JDBC CREATE TABLE statements.

Apache MetaModel 4.3.2

  • [METAMODEL-78] - Fixed a bug that caused SELECT DISTINCT to sometimes return duplicates records on certain DataContext implementations.
  • [METAMODEL-106] - Improved handling of invalid or non-existing index names passed to ElasticSearchDataContext
  • [METAMODEL-79] - Added update execution support on ElasticSearch module. Increased capability of pushing down WHERE items to ElasticSearch searches.
  • [METAMODEL-115] - Improved query parsing to allow lower-case function names, operators etc.

Apache MetaModel 4.3.1

  • [METAMODEL-100] - Fixed bug when having multiple columns of same name. Added column no. comparison when calling Column.equals(...).

Apache MetaModel 4.3.0-incubating

  • [METAMODEL-77] - New module 'elasticsearch' for connecting and modeling ElasticSearch indexes through MetaModel.
  • [METAMODEL-18] - New module 'cassandra' for connecting and modelling Apache Cassandra databases through MetaModel.
  • [METAMODEL-83] - Added new operator types: GREATER_THAN_OR_EQUAL ('>=') and LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL ('<=').
  • [METAMODEL-92] - For JSON, MongoDB and CouchDB: Made it possible to specify column names referring nested fields such as "name.first" or "addresses[0].city".
  • [METAMODEL-76] - Query parser improved to handle filters without spaces inbetween operator and operands.
  • [METAMODEL-95] - Fixed a critical bug in the module which caused all number values to be interpreted as '1'.
  • [METAMODEL-74] - Fixed a bug related to skipping blank values when applying an aggregate function (SUM, AVG etc.)
  • [METAMODEL-85] - Fixed a bug that caused NULL values to be evaluated with equal-sign in JDBC update and delete statements instead of 'IS NULL'.

Apache MetaModel 4.2.0-incubating

  • [METAMODEL-38] - New module 'json' for handling json files (containing JSON arrays of documents or line-delimited JSON documents)
  • [METAMODEL-54] - ColumnType converted from enum to interface to allow for further specialization in modules.
  • [METAMODEL-57] - Changed the column type VARCHAR into STRING for the modules: CSV, Fixedwidth, Excel and XML.
  • [METAMODEL-56] - Made separate column types for converted JDBC LOBs - "CLOB as String" and "BLOB as bytes".
  • [METAMODEL-46] - Improved row-lookup by primary key (ID) in CouchDB
  • [METAMODEL-58] - Fixed a bug related to using CreateTable class and primary keys not getting created.
  • [METAMODEL-3] - Improved writing of Byte-Order-Mark (BOM) for various encoding spelling variants.
  • [METAMODEL-70] - Made the build compatible with both JDK versions 6 and 7.
  • [METAMODEL-59] - Fixed a bug related to handling of date/time literals in MS SQL Server queries.
  • [METAMODEL-60] - Fixed a bug related to DISTINCT and TOP keywords in MS SQL Server queries.
  • [METAMODEL-45] - Improved and standardized way of handling integration test connection information towards external databases.
  • [METAMODEL-62] - Fixed a bug related to fault-tolerant handling of malformed CSV lines when reading CSVs in single-line mode
  • [METAMODEL-68] - Made it possible to create a CSV table without a header line in the file, if the user configures it.
  • [METAMODEL-67] - Upgraded Jackson (JSON library) dependency from org.codehaus namespace to the newer com.fasterxml namespace.
  • [METAMODEL-69] - Fixed issue with deserialization of ColumnType into the new interface instead of the old enum.

Apache MetaModel 4.1.0-incubating

  • [METAMODEL-13] - Added support for Apache HBase via the new module "MetaModel-hbase"
  • [METAMODEL-41] - Added a parser for SimpleTableDef objects (SimpleTableDefParser). It parses statements similar to CREATE TABLE statements, although without the "CREATE TABLE" prefix. For example: foo (bar INTEGER, baz VARCHAR)
  • [METAMODEL-11] - New module "MetaModel-spring" which adds a convenient FactoryBean to produce various types of DataContext objects based on externalizable parameters, for Spring framework users.
  • [METAMODEL-32] - Fixed thread-safety issue in Excel module when tables (sheets) metadata is updated.
  • [METAMODEL-47] - Fixed issue in Excel of loading schema if query is fired based on metadata from a previous DataContext instance.
  • [METAMODEL-35] - Improved query rewriting for DB2 when paged queries contain ORDER BY clause.
  • [METAMODEL-44] - Added an optional method for QueryPostprocessDataContext implementations to do a row-lookup by primary key value.
  • [METAMODEL-43] - Made CSV datastores skip empty lines in file instead of treating them of rows with null values.
  • [METAMODEL-39] - Added pooling of active/used Connections and PreparedStatements in JDBC compiled queries.
  • [METAMODEL-34] - Updated LICENSE file to not include bundled dependencies' licenses.
  • [METAMODEL-33] - Ensured that Apache Rat plugin for Maven is properly activated.
  • [METAMODEL-37] - Removed old site sources from project.

Apache MetaModel 4.0.0-incubating

  • [METAMODEL-9] - SalesforceDataSet is throwing exception for insert sql of record having date/time.
  • [METAMODEL-4] - Use folder name as schema name for file based DataContexts
  • [METAMODEL-5] - Faster CsvDataContext implementation for single-line values
  • [METAMODEL-26] - Provide endpoint URL with SalesforceDataContext
  • Upgraded Apache POI dependency to v. 3.9
  • Improved fluent Query builder API by adding string parameter based methods for joining tables
  • Added a utility ObjectInputStream for deserializing legacy MetaModel objects
  • Performance improvement to CSV reading when values are only single line based
  • Setting up the project on apache infrastructure
  • [METAMODEL-10] - Exclude Jackcess dependency (Access module) from MetaModel
  • Renaming the package hierarchy from org.eobjects.metamodel to org.apache.metamodel
  • [METAMODEL-29] - Fixed issue in CreateTable builder class, causing it to only support a single column definition
  • [METAMODEL-30] - Fixed issue with count(*) queries on CSV resources that does not provide a byte stream length
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