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This is mod_perl version 2.0
*** Prerequisites ***
Dynamic mod_perl (DSO): Apache 2.0.47 - 2.2.8.
Static mod_perl: Apache 2.0.51 - 2.2.8.
Newer Apache versions may work with this version of mod_perl. If
not, the svn version likely will, which can be obtained from:
Dynamic mod_perl (DSO):
+ prefork mpm:
- Perl version 5.6.1 or higher
+ non-prefork mpm:
- Perl with ithreads support version 5.8.0 or higher
Static mod_perl:
+ prefork mpm:
- Perl with ithreads support version 5.6.1 or higher
- Perl without ithreads support version 5.8.2 or higher
+ non-prefork mpm:
- Perl with ithreads support version 5.8.0 or higher
*** Status ***
mod_perl is currently considered beta.
*** Documentation ***
Documentation can be found in the docs/ directory. Currently they
don't get installed on 'make install'. Certain API documentation can
be found in docs/api/. The online version is at
*** Todo ***
mod_perl-2.0 is not 100% feature complete with the 1.xx version.
See the files in the todo/ directory for what remains to be done. Some
of those features will be implemented after 2.0 is released. The goal
is to empty the file todo/release and document/test/verify the API
that's going to be supported by 2.0. More API will be supported post
2.0 release.
*** Support ***
For comments, questions, bug-reports, etc., join the mod_perl users
list by sending mail to
When reporting bugs please follow the instructions at:
For announcements join the mod_perl announce list by sending mail to
*** Developers ***
Development discussion takes place on dev (at)
*** Authors ***
mod_perl-2.0 was designed and written by Doug MacEachern, with
contributions from many others (see Changes files).
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