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Apache Mynewt Documentation

This is the project documentation for the Apache Mynewt project. It is built using Sphinx.

Each component of Mynewt contains its own specific documentation in its repo under docs. At build time these are combined to create the full document set for publication.

The Apache Mynewt source code also contains inline comments in Doxygen format to document its APIs.

Writing Documentation

Sphinx use reStructuredText.

Embedding Doxygen generated source documentation is through the Breathe bridge. This bridge embeds source documentation using Sphinx's C domain. For example: .. doxygenfile:: full/include/console/console.h

Documents can then refer to code elements using the C domain syntax: For example: :c:func:`console_read()` or :c:data:`console_input`.

Linking to other files should be relative for ease of deployment and multi-version support. For example :doc:`../../newt/install/newt_mac`.

Preview Changes

make clean && make docs && (cd _build/html && python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080)

Setup (MacOS)

Note: This build toolchain is known to work on MacOS 10.11.


$ brew --version
Homebrew 1.1.7
  • python
$ python --version
Python 2.7.10
$ pip --version
pip 9.0.1 from /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages (python 2.7)

Toolchain Install:

$ git clone sphinx

$ cd sphinx && sudo -E python install && cd ..

$ git clone breathe

$ cd breathe && sudo -E python install && cd ..

$ brew install doxygen

$ sudo pip install recommonmark

Setup (Linux)

Most Linux distributions provide necessary packages in their repositories.

Ubuntu/Debian .. code-block:: bash

sudo apt-get install doxygen python3-breathe python3-recommonmark

Fedora .. code-block:: bash

sudo dnf install doxygen python3-breathe python3-recommonmark

Deploying the latest docs

NOTE: These instructions assume that your workspace has all the mynewt repos cloned under the same parent directory.

  • Ensure that all changes are merged into master and that the master branch is checked out.
  • Repeat for any mynewt code repo that has documentation changes.
  • Follow the steps at Site Docs to release the docs.

Creating a versioned set of docs

When the master/latest documentation is deemed representative of a Mynewt version, it is time to create a versioned set.

  • Make sure all your mynewt-* repos are up to date and that all changes are merged and committed.
  • Add the new version to mynewt-documentation/docs/themes/mynewt/versions.html
    • Also add the new version to any existing archived set.
    • i.e mynewt-documentation/versions/*/mynewt-documentation/docs/themes/mynewt/versions.html
    • Make sure the 'selected' flag is correct for the archived version
  • Make a versions/vX_Y_Z directory
  • Copy mynewt-documentation/* (except versions!) into versions/vX_Y_Z/mynewt-documentation
  • Copy the mynewt-core repo into versions/vX_Y_Z/mynewt-core
  • Repeat for other mynewt-* repos with doxygen docs and a /docs folder
  • Update the version fields in
    • docs/
    • and versions/vX_Y_Z/mynewt-documentation/docs/
  • Add a warning that this is not the most recent documentation to:
    • mynewt-documentation/versions/vX_Y_Z/mynewt-documentation/docs/themes/mynewt/layout.html
    • see an existing older version for example

To preview the changes:

cd mynewt-documentation/versions/vX_Y_Z/mynewt-documentation
make clean && make docs && (cd _build/html && python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080)


Apache MyNewt Documentation




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