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Open-source projects using nano

  • barnyrd-dash — HTML5 Animal Racing and Chat for Game Addicts (live)
  • couchbase-channels — Couchbase Sync for apps where each user has many mobile devices
  • imagenie — RESTful image hosting
  • photoshare — Photo sharing application on CouchDB Mobile (Android)
  • node-telemetry — Simple telemetry server written in Node.js
  • cloudq — A high performance/persistent http job queue
  • xcouch — couch [x] lightweight
  • futoncli — command line futon
  • CouchTTY — A console application for interacting with CouchDB
  • sharedconfig — For sharing application configuration across a network of machines

Open-source modules using nano

  • banzai — Document Processing Pipeline for Document Databases
  • steelmesh — A Node.js + CouchDB deployment platform
  • nanoid — An ORM built on top of nano

To see the comprehensive list you can consult the npm nano page

Companies using nano