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NetBeans Events

Apache NetBeans Days

An "Apache NetBeans Day" is a class of event that happens regularly, with a clear definition of what makes an event be part of that class:

  1. Have its opening keynote focus on the current state and roadmap of NetBeans.

  2. Have all demos done throughout the event in NetBeans.

  3. Must be approved, via a lazy vote thread, on the Apache NetBeans dev mailing list.

Note: From an Apache point of view what’s important (besides trademarks being respected) is that all organizations are treated fairly and that it’s clear that they cannot "own" the event or project. We need to make sure we don’t favor commercial entities or organizations over others is a strong requirement of the ASF’s 501c(3) status, so we’re very picky about that. And besides this legal requirement, it’s what makes the ASF a unique place where companies which might compete in the market can collaborate in a fair way, due to our very neutral status.

For publicizing NetBeans events, the Apache News posts at can mention those events, best is to contact for that. Apache has an Event Listing (, that we’d also like to make use of.

16-19th September 2019 Oracle CodeOne conference is Oracle’s big developer conference for Java and other languages. You have to pay to attend but there are lots of excellent talks. It takes place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, USA. CodeOne Website Here are the NetBeans related talks NetBeans specific talks

27th September 2019 Apache NetBeans Day 2019 UK is a free one day conference in London, UK. free tickets and more details

10th January 2020 Dawscon is a one day software development conference in Montreal, Canada. It will have several NetBeans enthusiastists speaking and at least one dedicated NetBeans talk. link:

This is a link to the next Apache Community major events:


Apache Software Foundation Resources For Events And Conferences

The Apache Software Foundation provides different resources for events and conferences:

Be sure to also check the Apache Software Foundation Apache Community Development page.