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Reporting issues

If you have found a bug in the application, please help Apache NetBeans by reporting this problem to our bug tracking system. Click View Data button, copy the exception and submit it together with detailed information about what you were trying to achieve before the problem occurred in JIRA.

Thank you for helping us make Apache NetBeans better!


Please provide the following information to reproduce your issues when you submit them.

  • Example code (Attachments or Description)

  • Example project (Attachments)

  • Screenshots (Attachments)

  • Exact steps e.g. 1. Create an empty project, 2. Write the following code, 3. Something…​ (Description)

  • Actual results (Description)

  • Expected results (Description)

  • NetBeans version (Affects Version/s)

  • JDK version (Environment)

  • OS (Environment)

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