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Stateless NiFi

Similar to other stream processing frameworks, receipt of incoming data is not acknowledged until it is written to a destination. In the event of failure, data can be replayed from the source rather than relying on a stateful content repository. This will not work for all cases (e.g. fire-and-forget HTTP/tcp), but a large portion of use cases have a resilient source to retry from.

Note: Provenance, metrics, logs are not extracted at this time. Docker and other container engines can be used for logs and metrics.


mvn package -P docker

Docker image will be tagged apache/nifi-stateless:1.10.0-SNAPSHOT-dockermaven


After building, the image can be used as follows: docker run <options> apache/nifi-stateless:1.10.0-SNAPSHOT-dockermaven <arguments>

Stateless NiFi flows can also be run using ./bin/ stateless <arguments>

The dictate the runtime to use:

1) RunFromRegistry [Once|Continuous] --json <JSON>
   RunFromRegistry [Once|Continuous] --file <File Name>   # Filename of JSON file that matches the examples below.

2) RunYARNServiceFromRegistry <YARN RM URL> <Docker Image Name> <Service Name> <# of Containers> --json <JSON>
   RunYARNServiceFromRegistry <YARN RM URL> <Docker Image Name> <Service Name> <# of Containers> --file <File Name>

3) RunOpenwhiskActionServer   <Port>


1) ${NIFI_HOME}/bin/ stateless RunFromRegistry Once --file /Users/nifi/nifi-stateless-configs/flow-abc.json
2) docker run --rm -it apache/nifi-stateless:1.10.0-SNAPSHOT-dockermaven \
    RunFromRegistry Once --json "`cat /Users/nifi/nifi-stateless-configs/flow-abc.json`"
3) docker run --rm -it -v /Users/nifi/nifi-stateless-configs/kafka-to-solr.json:/home/nifi/flow.json apache/nifi-stateless:1.10.0-SNAPSHOT-dockermaven \
    RunYARNServiceFromRegistry apache/nifi-stateless:latest kafka-to-solr 3 --file /home/nifi/flow.json
4) docker run -d apache/nifi-stateless:1.10.0-SNAPSHOT-dockermaven \
    RunOpenwhiskActionServer 8080


1) The configuration file must be in JSON format.
2) When providing configurations via JSON, the following attributes must be provided: nifi_registry, nifi_bucket, nifi_flow.
3) When running in docker, the configuration can either be provided as a string or by localizing the file into the docker container such as through the "-v" option.

JSON Format

The JSON that is provided, either via the --json command-line argument or the --file command-line argument has the following elements:

  • registryUrl : The URL of the NiFi Registry that should be used for pulling the Flow
  • bucketId : The UUID of the Bucket containing the flow
  • flowId : The UUID of the flow to run
  • flowVersion : Optional - The Version of the flow to run. If not present or equal to -1, then the latest version of the flow will be used.
  • materializeContent : Optional - Whether or not the contents of the FlowFile should be stored in Java Heap so that they can be read multiple times. If this value is false, the contents of any input FlowFile will be read as a stream of data and not buffered into heap. However, this means that the contents can be read only one time. This can be useful if transferring large files from HDFS to another HDFS instance or directory, for example, and contains a simple flow such as ListHDFS -> FetchHDFS -> PutHDFS. In this flow, the contents of the files will be buffered into Java Heap if the value of this argument is true but will not be if the value of this argument is false.
  • failurePortIds: Optional - An array of Port UUID's, such that if any data is sent to one of the ports with these ID's, the flow is considered "failed" and will stop immediately.
  • ssl: Optional - If present, provides SSL keystore and truststore information that can be used for interacting with the NiFi Registry and for Site-to-Site communications for Remote Process Groups.
  • flowFiles: Optional - An array of FlowFiles that should be provided to the flow's Input Port. Each element in the array is a JSON object. That JSON object can have multiple keys. If any of those keys is nifi_content then the String value of that element will be the FlowFile's content. Otherwise, the key/value pair is considered an attribute of the FlowFile.
  • parameters: Optional - Key-value pairs (or objects if sensitive) that will be passed to the NiFi Flow as parameters.

Minimal JSON Sample:

  "registryUrl": "http://localhost:18080",
  "bucketId": "3aa885db-30c8-4c87-989c-d32b8ea1d3d8",
  "flowId": "0d219eb8-419b-42ba-a5ee-ce07445c6fc5"

Full JSON Sample:

  "registryUrl": "https://localhost:9443",
  "bucketId": "3aa885db-30c8-4c87-989c-d32b8ea1d3d8",
  "flowId": "0d219eb8-419b-42ba-a5ee-ce07445c6fc5",
  "flowVersion": 8,
  "failurePortIds": ["f25c9204-6c95-3aa9-b0a8-c556f5f61849"],
  "ssl": {
    "keystoreFile": "/etc/security/keystore.jks",
    "keystorePass": "apachenifi",
    "keyPass": "nifiapache",
    "keystoreType": "JKS",
    "truststoreFile": "/etc/security/truststore.jks",
    "truststorePass": "apachenifi",
    "truststoreType": "JKS"
    "absolute.path": "/tmp/nifistateless/input/",
    "filename": "test.txt",

    "nifi_content": "hello"
    "absolute.path": "/tmp/nifistateless/input/",
    "filename": "test2.txt",

    "nifi_content": "hi"
  "parameters": {
    "DestinationDirectory" : "/tmp/nifistateless/output2/",
    "Username" : "jdoe",
    "Password": { "sensitive": "true", "value": "password" }


  • Provenance is always recorded instead of waiting for commit. Rollback could result in duplicates: -StatelessProvenanceReporter.send force option is not appreciated -StatelessProcessSession.adjustCounter immediate is not appreciated
  • Send logs, metrics, and provenance to kafka/solr (configure a flow ID for each?)
  • Counters
  • Tests
  • Processor and port IDs from the UI do not match IDs in templates or the registry
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