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Initial import of Nutch to Apache.

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+Nutch Change Log
+Release 0.7
+ 1. Added support for "type:" in queries. Search results are limited/qualified
+ by mimetype or its primary type or sub type. For example,
+ (1) searching with "type:application/pdf" restricts results
+ to pages which were identified to be of mimetype "application/pdf".
+ (2) with "type:application", nutch will return pages of
+ primary type "application".
+ (3) with "type:pdf", only pages of sub type "pdf" will be listed.
+ (John Xing, 20050120)
+ 2. Added support for "date:" in queries. Last-Modified is indexed.
+ Search results are restricted by lower and upper date (inclusive)
+ as date:yyyymmdd-yyyymmdd. For example, date:20040101-20041231
+ only returns pages with Last-Modified in year 2004.
+ (John Xing, 20050122)
+ 3. Add URLFilter plugin interface and convert existing url filters into
+ plugins. (John Xing, 20050206)
+ 4. Add UpdateSegmentsFromDb tool, which updates the scores and
+ anchors of existing segments with the current values in the web
+ db. This is used by CrawlTool, so that pages are now only fetched
+ once per crawl. (Doug Cutting, 20050221)
+ 5. Moved code into org.apache.nutch sub-packages. Changed license to
+ Apache 2.0. Removed jar files whose licenses do not permit
+ redistribution by Apache. Disabled compilation of plugins which
+ require these libraries. (Doug Cutting 20050301)
+Release 0.6
+ 1. Added clustering-carrot2 plugin, together with introduction of clustering
+ api and modification to search jsp. (Dawid Weiss via John Xing, 20040809)
+ 2. Make a number of changes to NDFS (Nutch Distributed File System)
+ to fix bugs, add admin tools, etc.
+ Also, modify all command line tools so you can indicate whether to
+ use NDFS or the local filesystem. If you indicate nothing, then
+ it defaults to the local fs.
+ I've used this to do a 35m page crawl via NDFS, distributed over a
+ dozen machines. (Mike Cafarella)
+ 3. Add support for BASE tags in HTML. Outlinks are now correctly
+ extracted when a BASE tag is present. (cutting)
+ 4. Fix two bugs in result pagination. When the last hit on a page
+ was the last hit overall, the "next" button was sometimes shown
+ when the "show all" button should be shown instead. Also, in
+ certain cases, the "show all" button would be shown when the
+ "next" button should have been shown. (cutting)
+ 5. Add config parameter "indexer.max.tokens" that determines the
+ maximum number of tokens indexed per field. (Andy Hedges via cutting)
+ 6. Add parser for mp3 files. (Andy Hedges via cutting)
+ 7. Add RegexUrlNormalizer. This is useful for things like stripping
+ out session IDs from URLs. To use it, add values for
+ urlnormalizer.class and urlnormalizer.regex.file to your
+ nutch-site.xml. The RegexUrlNormalizer class extends the
+ BasicUrlNormalizer, and does basic normalization as well.
+ (Luke Baker via cutting)
+ 8. Added Swedish translation (Stefan Verzel via Sami Siren, 20040910)
+ 9. Added Polish translation (Andrzej Bialecki, 20040911)
+10. Added 3 more language profiles to language identifier (ru,hu,pl).
+ Other changes to language identifier: Porfiles converted to utf8,
+ added some test cases, changed the similarity calculation.
+ (Sami Siren, 20040925)
+11. Added plugin parse-rtf (Andy Hedges via John Xing, 20040929)
+12. Added plugin index-more and more.jsp (John Xing, 20041003)
+13. Added "View as Plain Text" feature. A new op OP_PARSETEXT is introduced
+ in text.jsp is added. (John Xing, 20041006)
+14. Fixed a bug that fails cached.jsp, explain.jsp, anchors.jsp and text.jsp
+ (but not search.jsp) with NullPointerException in distributed search.
+ It seems that this bug appears after "hits per site" stuff is added.
+ The fix is done in, making sure String site is never null.
+ Hope this fix not have bad effetct on "hits per site" code.
+ (John Xing, 20041006)
+15. Fixed a bug that fails fullyDelete() in for
+ This bug also exposes possible incompleteness
+ of, where a few methods are not supported, including
+ delete(). Nothing changed in though. Leave it for future
+ improvement (John Xing, 20041022).
+16. Introduced option -noParsing to and added
+ A new status code CANT_PARSE is added to
+ Without option -noParsing , no change in fetcher behavior. With
+ option -noParsing, fetcher does crawls only, no parsing is carried out.
+ Then, should be used to parse in separate pass.
+ (John Xing, 20041025)
+17. Added ontology plugin. Currently it is used for query refinement, as
+ examplified in refine-query-init.jsp and refine-query.jsp. By default,
+ query refinement is disabled in search.jsp. Please check
+ ./src/plugin/ontology/README.txt for further description.
+ Ontology plugin certainly can be used for many other things.
+ (Michael J. Pan via John Xing, 20041129)
+18. Changed fetcher.server.delay to be a float, so that sub-second
+ delays can be specified. (cutting)
+19. Added plugin.includes config parameter that determines which
+ plugins are included. By default now only http, html and basic
+ indexing and search plugins are enabled, rather than all plugins.
+ This should make default performance more predictable and reliable
+ going forward. (cutting)
+20. Cleaned up some filesystem code, including:
+ - Replaced BufferedRandomAccessFile with two simpler utilties,
+ NFSDataInputStream and NFSDataOutputStream.
+ - Fixed the bug where SequenceFiles were no longer flushed when
+ created, so that, when fetches crashed, segments were
+ unreadable. Now segments are always readable after crashes.
+ Only the contents of the last buffer is lost.
+ - Simplified the FSOutputStream API to not include seek(). We
+ should never need that functionality.
+ - Simplified LocalFileSystem's implementations of FSInputStream
+ and FSOutputStream and optimized
+ (cutting)
+21. Fixed BasicUrlNormalizer to better handle relative urls. The file
+ part of a URL is normalized in the following manner:
+ 1. "/aa/../" will be replaced by "/" This is done step by step until
+ the url doesn´t change anymore. So we ensure, that
+ "/aa/bb/../../" will be replaced by "/", too
+ 2. leading "/../" will be replaced by "/"
+ (Sven Wende via cutting)
+22. Fix Page constructors so that next fetch date is less likely to be
+ misconstrued as a float. This patches a problem in WebDBInjector,
+ where new pages were added to the db with nextScore set to the
+ intended nextFetch date. This, in turn, confused link analysis.
+23. In ndfs code, replace addLocalFile(), putToLocalFile() with
+ copyFromLocalFile(), moveFromLocalFile(), copyToLocalFile() and
+ moveToLocalFile(). (John Xing, 20041217)
+24. Added new config parameter This is used
+ by the Http protocol. When this is one behavior is as before.
+ When this is greater than one then multiple threads are permitted
+ to access a host at once. Note that fetcher.server.delay is no
+ longer consistently observed when this is greater than one.
+ (Luke Baker via Doug Cutting)
+Release 0.5
+ 1. Changed plugin directory to be a list of directories.
+ 2. Permit Plugin to be the default plugin implementation.
+ 3. Added pluggable interface for network protocols in new package
+ net.nutch.protocol. Moved http code from core into a plugin.
+ 4. Added pluggable interface for content parsing in new package
+ net.nutch.parse. Moved html parsing code from core into a
+ plugin.
+ 5. Fixed a bug in NutchAnalysis where 16-bit characters were not
+ processed correctly.
+ 6. Fixed bug #971731: random summaries on result page.
+ (Daniel Naber via cutting)
+ 7. Made Nutch logo transparent. (Daniel Naber via cutting)
+ 8. Added file protocol plugin. (John Xing via cutting)
+ 9. Added ftp protocol plugin. (John Xing via cutting)
+10. Added pdf and msword parser plugins. (John Xing via cutting)
+11. Added pluggable indexing interface. By default, url, content,
+ anchors and title are indexed, as before, but now one can easily
+ alter this to, e.g., index metadata. A demonstration is provided
+ which extracts and indexes Creative Commons license urls. (cutting)
+12. Add language identification plugin.
+ The process of identification is as follows:
+ 1. html (html only, HTML 4.0 "lang" attribute)
+ 2. meta tags (html only, http-equiv, dc.language)
+ 3. http header (Content-Language)
+ 4. if all above fail "statistical analysis"
+ 1 & 2 are run during the fetching phase and 3 & 4 are run on
+ indexing phase.
+ Currently supported languages (in "statistical analysis") are
+ da,de,el,en,es,fi,fr,it,nl,sv and pt. The corpus used was grabbed
+ from and the profiles were
+ build with tool supplied in patch.
+ After indexing the language can be found from field named "lang"
+ It's not 100% accurate but it's a start.
+ (Sami Siren)
+13. Added SegmentMergeTool and "mergesegs" command, to remove
+ duplicated or otherwise not used content from several segments and
+ joining them together into a single new segment. The tool also
+ optionally performs several other steps required for proper
+ operation of Nutch - such as indexing segments, deleting
+ duplicates, merging indices, and indexing the new single segment.
+ (Andrzej Bialecki)
+14. Add the ability to retrieve ParseData of a search hit. ParseData
+ contains many valuable properties of a search hit.
+ This is required (among others) to properly display the cached
+ content because it's not possible to determine the character
+ encoding from the output of the getContent() method (which returns
+ byte[]). The symptoms are that for HTML pages using non-latin1 or
+ non-UTF8 encodings the cached preview will almost certainly look
+ broken. Using the attached patch it is possible to determine the
+ character encoding from the ParseData (for HTTP: Content-Type
+ metadata), and encode the content accordingly. (Andrzej Bialecki)
+15. Add a pluggable query interface. By default, the content, anchor
+ and url fields are searched as before. A sample plugin indexes
+ the host name and adds a "site:" keyword to query parsing.
+16. Added support for "lang:" in queries. For example, searching with
+ "lang:en" restricts results to pages which were identified to
+ be in English.
+17. Automatically optimize field queries to use cached Lucene filters.
+ This makes, for example, searches restricted by languages or sites
+ that are very common much faster.
+18. Improved charset handling in jsp pages. (jshin by cutting)
+19. Permit topic filtering when injecting DMOZ pages. (jshin by cutting)
+20. When parsing crawled pages, interpret charset specifications in
+ html meta tags. (jshin by cutting)
+21. Added support for "cc:licensed" in queries, which searches for documents
+ released under Creative Commons licenses. Attributes of the
+ license may also be queried, with, e.g., "cc:by" for
+ attribution-required licenses, "cc:nc" for non-commercial
+ licenses, etc.
+22. Relative paths named in plugin.folders are now searched for on the
+ classpath. This makes, e.g., deployment in a war file much simpler.
+23. Modifications to
+ 1. Make sure it works properly with regard to creation and initialization
+ of plugin instances. The problem was that multiple threads race to
+ startUp() or shutDown() plugin instances. It was solved by synchronizing
+ certain codes in and
+ (Stefan Groschupf via John Xing)
+ 2. Added code to explictly shutDown() plugins. Otherwise FetcherThreads
+ may never return (quit) if there are still data or other structures
+ (e.g., persistent socket connections) associated with plugins. (John Xing)
+ 3. Fixed one type of Fetcher "hang" problems by monitoring named
+ FetcherThreads. If all FetcherThreads are gone (finished),
+ is considered done. The problem was: there could be
+ runaway threads started by external libs via FetcherThreads.
+ Those threads never return, thus keep Fetcher from exiting normally.
+ (John Xing)
+24. Eliminate excessive hits from sites. This is done efficiently by
+ adding the site name to Hit instances, and, when needed,
+ re-querying with too-frequent sites prohibited in the query.
+Release 0.4
+ 1. Http class refactored. (Kevin Smith via Tom Pierce)
+ 2. Add Finnish translation. (Sampo Syreeni via Doug Cutting)
+ 3. Added Japanese translation. (Yukio Andoh via Doug Cutting)
+ 4. Updated Dutch translation. (Ype Kingma via Doug Cutting)
+ 5. Initial version of Distributed DB code. (Mike Cafarella)
+ 6. Make things more tolerant of crashed fetcher output files.
+ (Doug Cutting)
+ 7. New skin for website. (Frank Henze via Doug Cutting)
+ 8. Added Spanish translation. (Diego Basch via Doug Cutting)
+ 9. Add FTP support to fetcher. (John Xing via Doug Cutting)
+10. Added Thai translation. (Pichai Ongvasith via Doug Cutting)
+11. Added Robots.txt & throttling support to (Mike
+ Cafarella)
+12. Added nightly build. (Doug Cutting)
+13. Default all link scores to 1.0. (Doug Cutting)
+14. Permit one to keep internal links. (Doug Cutting)
+15. Fixed dedup to select shortest URL. (Doug Cutting)
+16. Changed index merger so that merged index is written to named
+ directory, rather than to a generated name in that directory.
+ (Doug Cutting)
+17. Disable coordination weighting of query clauses and other minor
+ scoring improvements. (Doug Cutting)
+18. Added a new command, crawl, that constructs a database, injects a
+ url file and performs a few rounds of generate/fetch/updatedb.
+ This simplifies use for intranet sites. Changed some defaults to
+ be more intranet friendly. (Doug Cutting)
+19. Fixed a bug where didn't construct correct relative
+ links when a page was redirected. (Doug Cutting)
+20. Fixed a query parser problem with lookahead over plusses and minuses.
+ (Doug Cutting)
+21. Add support for HTTP proxy servers. (Sami Siren via Doug Cutting)
+22. Permit searching while fetching and/or indexing.
+ (Sami Siren via Doug Cutting)
+23. Fix a bug when throttling is disabled. (Sami Siren via Doug Cutting)
+24. Updated Bahasa Malaysia translation. (Michael Lim via Doug Cutting)
+25. Added Catalan translation. (Xavier Guardiola via Doug Cutting)
+26. Added brazilian portuguese translation.
+ (A. Moreir via Doug Cutting)
+27. Added a french translation. (Julien Nioche via Doug Cutting)
+28. Updated to Lucene 1.4RC3. (Doug Cutting)
+29. Add capability to boost by link count & use it in crawl tool.
+ (Doug Cutting)
+30. Added plugin system. (Stefan Groschupf via Doug Cutting)
+31. Add this change log file, for recording significant changes to
+ Nutch. Populate it with changes from the last few months.
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+ * Copyright 2004 The Apache Software Foundation
+ *
+ * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
+ * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
+ * You may obtain a copy of the License at
+ *
+ *
+ *
+ * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
+ * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
+ * WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
+ * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
+ * limitations under the License.
+ */
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