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adaptive-mimetypes.txt NUTCH-1024 Dynamically set fetchInterval by MIME-type
automaton-urlfilter.txt.template NUTCH-1043 Add pattern for filtering .js in default url filters
configuration.xsl NUTCH-400
domain-suffixes.xml NUTCH-786
domain-suffixes.xsd NUTCH-439 - Top Level Domains Indexing / Scoring. Contributed by Enis.
domain-urlfilter.txt commit to address NUTCH-1066 - very trivial update of domain-urlfilte…
domainblacklist-urlfilter.txt NUTCH-1210 Domain Blacklist Filter
elasticsearch.conf add license header to elasticsearch.conf
host-urlnormalizer.txt NUTCH-1319 HostNormalizer plugin
httpclient-auth.xml.template NUTCH-559 - NTLM, Basic and Digest Authentication schemes for web/pro… hostdb rules have double dots in class path
nutch-conf.xsl Initial import of Nutch to Apache.
nutch-default.xml NUTCH-385 Improve description of thread related configuration for Fet…
nutch-site.xml.template NUTCH-193: MapReduce and NDFS code moved to new project, Hadoop. See …
parse-plugins.dtd NUTCH-140, parse-plugin.xml can now use extension-id and plugin-id
parse-plugins.xml NUTCH-888 : Remove parse-rss
prefix-urlfilter.txt.template Adding a template config file for urlfilter-prefix.
regex-normalize.xml.template NUTCH-706 (applied correct patch)
regex-urlfilter.txt.template NUTCH-1043 Add pattern for filtering .js in default url filters
schema-solr4.xml NUTCH-956 solrindex issues
schema.xml NUTCH-956 solrindex issues
solrindex-mapping.xml NUTCH-1232 Remove site field from index-basic
subcollections.xml.template NUTCH-400
suffix-urlfilter.txt.template NUTCH-513 - suffix-urlfilter.txt does not have a template.
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