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Improved: Added multiple "es" and "es-MX" values. Added Mexican Feder…
…al Holidays

Fixed: Mexican States Abbreviations

In GeoData_MX.xml abbreviations of the Mexican States were wrong and
"Mexico City" state was labeled as County, which is not.

In CommonUiLabels.xml and CommonEntityLabels.xml were added some missing values
to "es" and "es-MX" languages

In ServiceDemoData.xml were added the Mexican federal holidays under the
temporal expression "MX_FED_HOLIDAYS"

Thanks: Zottacko WallyMan
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JacquesLeRoux committed Nov 18, 2020
1 parent 5e6f537 commit 17de4f6
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Showing 4 changed files with 438 additions and 49 deletions.
@@ -19818,6 +19818,8 @@
<value xml:lang="ar">بيزو مكسيكي</value>
<value xml:lang="de">Peso Mexiko</value>
<value xml:lang="en">Mexican Peso</value>
<value xml:lang="es">Peso Mexicano</value>
<value xml:lang="en-MX">Peso Mexicano</value>
<value xml:lang="fr">Peso du Mexique</value>
<value xml:lang="it">Peso Messicano </value>
<value xml:lang="ja">メキシコ・ペソ</value>
@@ -20863,6 +20865,7 @@
<value xml:lang="de">Dollar Amerika</value>
<value xml:lang="en">American Dollar</value>
<value xml:lang="es">Dolar EE.UU.</value>
<value xml:lang="es-MX">Dólar Americano</value>
<value xml:lang="fr">Dollar américain</value>
<value xml:lang="it">Dollaro Americano</value>
<value xml:lang="ja">米ドル</value>

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