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Improved: Remove useless ‘StringUtil#join’ overload
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‘List’ extends ‘Collection’ so there is no need to overload
‘StringUtil#join(Collection,String)’ with ‘StringUtil#join(List,String)’.

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mthl committed May 25, 2019
1 parent 90e70dd commit ab2fcbc
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Expand Up @@ -99,16 +99,6 @@ public static String replaceString(String mainString, String oldString, String n
return mainSb.toString();

* Creates a single string from a List of strings seperated by a delimiter.
* @param list a list of strings to join
* @param delim the delimiter character(s) to use. (null value will join with no delimiter)
* @return a String of all values in the list seperated by the delimiter
public static String join(List<?> list, String delim) {
return join ((Collection<?>) list, delim);

* Creates a single string from a Collection of strings seperated by a delimiter.
* @param col a collection of strings to join
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