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FIXME comment. No functional change.

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commit 9591c0ff86459d7640c454114e680f4eb12c46ba 1 parent 718659d
@adrian-crum adrian-crum authored
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  1. +2 −0  applications/party/entitydef/entitymodel.xml
2  applications/party/entitydef/entitymodel.xml
@@ -2506,6 +2506,8 @@ under the License.
<view-link entity-alias="PTY" rel-entity-alias="PTYGRP" rel-optional="true">
<key-map field-name="partyId"/>
+ <!-- FIXME: This relationship does not make sense. There is no one-to-one relationship from PARTY to PARTY STATUS,
+ so this relation will cause duplicate values for parties with multiple statuses. -->
<view-link entity-alias="PTY" rel-entity-alias="PS" rel-optional="true">
<key-map field-name="partyId"/>
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