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Renamed some ant tasks for consistency, improved descriptions, removed 2 redundant tasks

Summary of changes:

improved descriptions (unified style)
renamed: run --> start
renamed: run-batch --> start-batch
renamed: run-debug --> start-debug
renamed: run-pos --> start-pos
renamed: run-install --> load-demo
renamed: run-install-multitenant --> load-demo-multitenant
renamed: run-install-* targets -> load* (for example: run-install-seed --> load-seed etc...)
enhanced load-file (was run-install-file) to accept an optional 'delegator' argument and removed run-install-file-in-delegator and run-tenant-install-file
renamed: run-create-tenant --> create-tenant
renamed: run-single-test --> run-test
renamed: run-single-test-suite --> run-test-suite
the main old tasks (mentioned in documentation etc.) have been kept and now inform the user of the new syntax
updated README and main screen of Webtools with the new task name

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@@ -9,11 +9,11 @@ You can load the demo data (strongly advised) with the following
command on the command line from the OFBiz home folder (in Unix-like
operating systems type "./ant" rather than "ant"):
-ant run-install
+ant load-demo
Then start OFBiz with the following command:
-ant run
+ant start
(or "java -Xms128M -Xmx512M -XX:MaxPermSize=128m -jar ofbiz.jar")
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