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Apache OpenWhisk API Gateway service for exposing actions as REST interfaces.
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OpenWhisk API Gateway

Build Status License

A performant API Gateway based on Openresty and NGINX.

Project status

This project is currently considered beta stage, Large swaths of code or APIs may change.

Table of Contents

Quick Start

docker run -p 80:80 -p <managedurl_port>:8080 -p 9000:9000 \
            -e PUBLIC_MANAGEDURL_HOST=<managedurl_host> \
            -e PUBLIC_MANAGEDURL_PORT=<managedurl_port> \
            -e REDIS_HOST=<redis_host> \
            -e REDIS_PORT=<redis_port> \
            -e REDIS_PASS=<redis_pass> \

(Optional) The redis password can be passed in encrypted using the aes-256-cbc encryption algorithm. To do so, pass in the following environment variables, in addition to the encrypted password:

  • ENCRYPTION_KEY=<32 Byte hex string that was used for encryption>
  • ENCRYPTION_IV=<16 Byte hex string that was used for encryption>


Syncing configuration from a remote source

The Gateway can sync its configuration with a remote folder in the cloud such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, IBM Cloud Object Storage, Dropbox, and many others. The configuration is monitored for changes, and when a file is changed, the Gateway is reloaded automatically. This is very useful to gracefully update the Gateway on the fly, without impacting the active traffic; if the new configuration is invalid, the Gateway doesn't break, running with the last known valid configuration.

This feature is enabled by configuring a few environment variables:

  • REMOTE_CONFIG - the location where the configuration should be synced from. I.e. s3://api-gateway-config . The remote location is synced into is /etc/api-gateway. The default configuration is found in this project's root folder.
  • (optional) REMOTE_CONFIG_SYNC_INTERVAL - how often to check for changes in the remote location. The default value is 10s
  • (optional) REMOTE_CONFIG_RELOAD_CMD - which command to execute in order to reload the Gateway. The default value is: api-gateway -s reload

Syncing is done through rclone sync. rclone has a rich set of options such as what to exclude when syncing, or what to include. An important configuration is --config, pointing to the config file in /root/.config/rclone/rclone.conf. The Gateway should be started with /root/.config/rclone folder mounted so that rclone.conf is present. To generate a new rclone configuration simply execute:

docker run -ti --rm --entrypoint=rclone -v `pwd`/rclone/:/root/.config/rclone/ openwhisk/apigateway config

This runs an interactive rclone config command and stores the resulted configuration in ./rclone/rclone.conf file.

To test this locally, simulate a remote folder using a local location, by mounting it in /tmp folder as follows:

docker run -ti --rm -p 80:80 \
    -v `pwd`:/tmp/api-gateway-local -e REMOTE_CONFIG="/tmp/api-gateway-local" \
    -e REDIS_HOST=redis_host -e REDIS_PORT=redis_port openwhisk/apigateway

Then make changes to any configuration file ( i.e. api-gateway.conf ), save it, then watch as the Gateway reloads the updated configuration automatically.

Developer Guide

Running locally

To build the docker image locally use:

 make docker

To Run the Docker image

 make docker-run PUBLIC_MANAGEDURL_HOST=<mangedurl_host> PUBLIC_MANAGEDURL_PORT=<managedurl_port> \
   REDIS_HOST=<redis_host> REDIS_PORT=<redis_port> REDIS_PASS=<redis_pass>


First install the necessary dependencies:

 make test-build

Then, run the unit tests:

 make test-run
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