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Curated list of awesome OpenWhisk things
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Awesome Apache OpenWhisk Awesome openwhisk

Awesome Apache OpenWhisk resources and tips.

Apache OpenWhisk is a cloud-first distributed event-based programming service. It provides a programming model to upload event handlers to a cloud service, and register the handlers to respond to various events.

Learn more at or try it on IBM Cloud Functions.



Articles, tutorials and blogs on building serverless applications using Apache OpenWhisk.

Sample Applications

Sample open-source projects built using the OpenWhisk platform

  • openwhisk-emoting - Capture audience feedback with a serverless app 😄 😡
  • alexa-skill-watson-conversaion - Alexa Skill using OpenWhisk, IBM Watson Assistant and Weather Channel Data
  • keynuker - nuke AWS keys accidentally leaked to Github
  • skylink - Connect and control a DJI drone aircraft over the Internet with OpenWhisk.
  • BluePic - Photo sharing application for iOS using Swift Actions for the backend.
  • Conference Plan Bot - Conference planning bot built using serverless functions.
  • Project OpenFridge - Improving customer service with IoT and event-driven computing.
  • Project OpenChecks - Processes the deposit of checks to a bank account with object storage and OCR.
  • openwhisk-slackapp - Serverless Slack app built with Slack Events API and OpenWhisk.
  • openwhisk-visionapp - Image tagging and face detection iOS app built with OpenWhisk.
  • openwhisk-darkvision - Discover dark data in videos with IBM Watson and IBM Cloud Functions
  • openwhisk-jq - OpenWhisk Action wrapping the JQ command-line utility for JSON filtering.
  • Personality Analysis - Analysing political speeches using IBM Watson.
  • smsbot - SMS Bot for Slack using Twilio and OpenWhisk
  • alexa-project-name-generator - Alexa skill to generate a codename for your next project



Podcasts, videos, presentations and other content about Apache OpenWhisk.





Tutorials and other material to help you learn OpenWhisk


Links to samples, libraries and projects for running Actions using different languages.

Platform Runtimes

  • JavaScript - OpenWhisk runtime for Node.js (v6 & v8).
  • Java - OpenWhisk runtime for Java 8.
  • Python - OpenWhisk runtime for Python 2.7 & 3
  • Swift - OpenWhisk runtime for Swift 3 & 4.
  • Docker - OpenWhisk runtime for Docker Actions using SDK.
  • PHP - OpenWhisk runtime for PHP 7.2 and 7.1
  • Go - OpenWhisk runtime for Go lang.
  • Ruby - OpenWhisk runtime for Ruby lang.

Community Examples

  • Scala - Example article with Github code for running OpenWhisk Actions in Scala.
  • Haskell - Haskell-based OpenWhisk services
  • Docker Examples - Run Clojure, Erlang, Ruby and Rust Actions on OpenWhisk using Docker.
  • Rust - Blog post and library for building Rust language Actions.
  • COBOL - Run serverless COBOL programs on OpenWhisk
  • QBASIC - QBASIC on OpenWhisk
  • Kotlin - IBM Functions (OpenWhisk) runtime for Kotlin Actions
  • Prolog - OpenWhisk Runtimes for SWI Prolog
  • Ballerina - Apache OpenWhisk runtime for Ballerina
  • Blue Cloud Mirror - Fun game built with Vue.js, TensorFlow and IBM technologies

Feed Providers

Examples of integrating OpenWhisk with external event sources.


Tools and utilities to help you be more productive with OpenWhisk

Client Libraries

  • Node.js - JavaScript client library for the OpenWhisk platform.


Got stuck with Apache OpenWhisk? Find help here…

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