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Openwhisk Package Template

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This package is a template for Openwhisk Packages, it can be used to build, test and integrate new packages.

├── actions
│   └── hello_world.js
├── feeds
│      └── ...
├── LICENSE.txt
├── tests
│   ├── credentials.json
│   ├── credentials.json.enc
│   └── src
│      └── TemplateTests.scala
├── tools
│   └── travis
│       └──
├── TriggerProvider
│      └── ...

How to install and uninstall this package?

Install the package using ./ $EDGE_HOST $AUTH_KEY $WSK_CLI where :

  • $EDGE_HOST is where openwhisk is deployed
  • $AUTH_KEY is the authentication key
  • $WSK_CLI is the path of Openwhisk command interface binary

This will create a new package called packageTemplate as well as a hello world action.

To uninstall the package, please use ./ $EDGE_HOST $AUTH_KEY $WSK_CLI

##Testing You can test your package using the test cases you provided within tests/src, it is highly recommended to use Scala in writing test cases. To execute the test cases locally ( local deployment of Openwhisk), please copy your test files into openwhisk/tests/src/packages and then by using gradle within Openwhisk gradle :tests:test this will execute all test files of openwhisk, to execute a specific test class you can use gradle :tests:test --tests "packages.CLASS_NAME

credentials: You may need credentials during testing, you can put whatever credentials you need in tests/credentials.json (use tests/template_ceredentials.json as an example). In case of travis deployment for continuous integration, you can encrypt credentials.json file by using travis CLI.

Caution: Do not forget to include tests/credentials.json in .gitignore.

##Package contents

Entity Type Parameters Description
/namespace/packageTemplate package - Openwhisk Package Template
/namespace/packageTemplate/helloWorld action details A simple hello world action

###Feeds List here Feed actions ...

###Actions ####Hello World This action is a simple hello world, ######Parameters

Parameter Type Required Description Options Default Example
name string no A name to greet - - "Openwhisk"

######Usage To use this action, you need to pass the required parameters (refer to the table above)

wsk action invoke /namespace/packageTemplate/helloWorld -p name 'Openwhisk' --blocking


  "message": "Hello, Openwhisk!"


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[DEPRECATED] - This is a template to be use when creating new packages for OpenWhisk




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