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Apache OpenWhisk runtimes for Node.js

License Continuous Integration

This repository contains sources files needed to build the Node.js runtimes for Apache OpenWhisk. The build system will produce a series of docker images for each runtime version. These images are used in the platform to execute Node.js actions.

The following Node.js runtime versions (with kind & image labels) are generated by the build system:

  • Node.js 18 (nodejs:18 & openwhisk/action-nodejs-v18)
  • Node.js 20 (nodejs:20 & openwhisk/action-nodejs-v20)

This README documents the build, customisation and testing of these runtime images.

Do you want to learn more about using Node.js actions to build serverless applications? Please see the main project documentation here for that information.


If the deployment of Apache OpenWhisk includes these images in the runtime manifest, use the --kind parameter to select the Node.js runtime version.

Node.js v20

wsk action update myAction myAction.js --kind nodejs:20


All the runtime images are published by the project to Docker Hub @

These images can be used to execute Node.js actions on any deployment of Apache OpenWhisk, even those without those images defined the in runtime manifest, using the --docker action parameter.

wsk action update myAction myAction.js --docker openwhisk/action-nodejs-v20

If you build a custom version of the images, pushing those an external Docker Hub repository will allow you to use those on the Apache OpenWhisk deployment.

Runtimes Manifest

Available runtimes in Apache OpenWhisk are defined using the runtimes manifest in this file: runtimes.json

Modify the manifest and re-deploy the platform to pick up local images changes.


Dockerfiles for runtime images are defined in the core directory. Each runtime version folder has a custom Dockerfile and package.json. If you need to add extra dependencies to a runtime version - modify these files.

The core/nodejsActionBase folder contains the Node.js app server used to implement the action interface, used by the platform to inject action code into the runtime and fire invocation requests. This common code is used in all runtime versions.


  • Run the distDocker command to generate local Docker images for the different runtime versions.
./gradlew core:nodejs18Action:distDocker
./gradlew core:nodejs20Action:distDocker

This will return the following runtime images with the following names: action-nodejs-v18, and action-nodejs-v20.


  • Install project dependencies from the top-level Apache OpenWhisk project, which ensures correct versions of dependent libraries are available in the Maven cache.
./gradlew install

This command MUST BE run from the directory containing the main Apache OpenWhisk repository, not this repository's directory.

  • Build the local Docker images for the runtime versions (see the instructions above).
  • Build the custom Docker images used in local testing.
./gradlew tests:dat:docker:nodejs18docker:distDocker
./gradlew tests:dat:docker:nodejs20docker:distDocker
  • Run the project tests.
./gradlew :tests:test